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  1. 12-10 Maori HT. Great stuff. Played in exactly the right spirit. Competitive and swashbuckling.
  2. Yawnion will resort to anything to get people watching their dud sport! Looks a close one, eh? And a sell out!
  3. Interesting to see how the new ‘pick where you pack’ scrum rule is being used. First couple in own territory have been moved centrally. Will scrums in the attacking red zone be moved wide or central?
  4. Good Maori routine that. Like the 12 inch version of New Zealand’s Te Iwi Kiwi
  5. Bradford, really? They don’t have a pot to urinate in, surely?
  6. Oh, I thought you were a fan. FWIW I think Toronto are a poor side but they might just have enough to finish above Hull KR, possibly Wakefield too. And if Wakefield and their practically derelict ground went down, I’d shed no tears.
  7. No doubt the binning was pivotal but it was probably the right call, even if Ollie Holmes flung himself like an Italian striker.
  8. Not at all. I’m enjoying it very much, especially the new-found humility from our Canadian cousins.
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