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  1. Could be. It’ll be cheaper to use Brooks as she’s already on the payroll. Inside Super League was a bit if truth be told.
  2. Is this a brand new show starting this week or have I missed previous episodes? https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/11994834/rugby-league-show-preview-greg-inglis-justin-holbrook-john-bateman-robert-elstone Will be broadcast at 2pm on Sky Sports Main Event and Action on Wednesday (27th), then repeated on Sky Sports Main Event and News at 6pm and again on Action at 7pm. https://www.skysports.com/watch/tv-guide/27-05-2020
  3. Owen Farrell to London? No, a New Zealand-born State of Origin Queenslander and Samoa international who played kick’n’clap for England after considering Ireland signs for Brisbane. Meh.
  4. Yes, ‘Longy’ is very entertaining. Makes most other autobiographies seem dull in comparison (which, to be honest, they often are).
  5. Can’t claim expertise but I think I’m right in saying they come from a mix of local-ish schools and Southern junior clubs under their development ‘umbrella’ https://londonbroncosrl.com/london-junior-clubs/
  6. Huddersfield’s production line is really churning them out now. Good to see. Do these players all come from within the Kirklees district or do Huddersfield recruit from further afield?
  7. Yes, Michael Carter for one. Gives the impression he’d step over his grandmother for a shiny penny. I’d be wary of trying to make a buck out of this situation. If it blows up in our faces there won’t be another emergency loan.
  8. Told you! My gut feeling is we need to get this season over and done with ASAP while meeting contractual obligations. Playing until January, it seems to me, increases the risk that the season doesn’t get completed. We’ve got the £16m loan, we don’t need to get greedy.
  9. I listened to that interview and thought Burrell sounded ever so slightly miffed with the way it’s gone for him at Wire. I don’t think Steve Price rates him.
  10. Option 3 has got Leeds written all over it. Desperate for the cash. Let’s hope there isn’t a second spike in the winter...
  11. Done deal https://www.torontowolfpack.com/kallum-watkins-joins-the-pack/
  12. Wasn’t playing at Christmas Martyn Sadler’s idea? No, ta. We’ve already had one season disrupted through no fault of our own, why make it two on purpose ?
  13. Super League clubs have drawn up plans for the possible return of top-flight action by mid-August.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/rugby-league/52755175
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