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  1. Oh yes, I agree. But it doesn't revolve around England/GB, we're not going back to the Ashes every two years etc. We've grown as a sport, fortunately.
  2. Haven't listened to it but there does seem to be recognition from the powers that NRL can/will trump AFL via the international game, and that there is a strategy to grow it. Depending on how you look at it, fortunately/unfortunately it doesn't revolve around England or Great Britain.
  3. Whoever wins the GF, Leigh are the club of the year. If we’re being honest, Leigh were a little bit of a joke going into this season but nobody’s laughing at them now after finishing 5th and winning the Challenge Cup.
  4. Wasn’t the VR trying to ascertain whether the contact was “flush” and ended up giving the try after being unable to find conclusive evidence either way?
  5. We all know there was no actual obstruction. My issue is with the way the VR hid under the on field decision like a frightened lamb under a ewe.
  6. As it’s my Grandad’s, I’m going to say a carton of Silk Cut and a copy of the Birmingham Evening Mail.
  7. Somebody call the police. Phil Clarke has stolen my grandad’s clothes.
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