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  1. Only in the sense that it’s an almost 500-mile round-trip for an England A game. Glad I went, however. Jamaica games will be fun at the World Cup. Can’t wait for it, to be honest. Only two years to go!
  2. Must be mad but I’m on my way back from this. First half was all England and Jamaica barely had a PTB in the Knights’ 20. Second half was largely in England territory due to ill-discipline/a helping hand by Thaler depending on how you view it. If Jamaica can find a halfback from somewhere they could be dangerous at the World Cup. They will certainly give some of the lower tier nations a game. Danny Richardson was very good for England. Ran the show from the right side of the field where many of the tries were scored. Good turnout in the South Stand bolstered by c.2000 tickets given to the Jamaican community in Leeds. The steel band playing during the game was ace. The Jamaican anthem was hilariously overly long and hammy. Twice the crowd applauded before the singer launched into another verse! If today was a taste of 2021, I can assure you Jamaica will add some real flavour to the World Cup.
  3. Aye. Largest ever Super League TV audience for the GF too.
  4. Kangaroo tour in 2020 (details unveiled next month) Biggest ever World Cup in 2021
  5. As Samuel Johnson once said, when a man is tired of rugby league, he is tired of life.
  6. 12,528 on Friday night and 15,684 on Saturday declared https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/10/20/nines-here-to-stay-irl-boss-backs-format/
  7. We play three nations over four Tests and the players tour three countries. That’s a positive. Don’t worry about the money too much, we play the Kangaroos next year.
  8. I’m a realist and support this tour in the circumstances. Perfection is the enemy of good.
  9. With the 9s and the Oceania Cup it just wasn’t going to happen, sorry.
  10. We’ll never know. What I do know is the NRL/ARL has belatedly realised the importance of the international game and helped initiate the Oceania Cup. So the reality is England/GB needed to tour this year.
  11. 25k for England v Tonga Invitational at Wigan, eh? Highly doubtful.
  12. Do you think if England were playing Tonga instead of GB it would have made any difference, Scubby?
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