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  1. That was genuinely one of the best games of rugby league I’ve seen all year. Until Leeds started to pull away towards the end of the second half, it was utterly compelling stuff with some beautifully executed tries. I’ll be going to a Test match v France in November.
  2. This is a sensational game so far. If you’re not watching, do yourself a favour and watch the wheelchair GF.
  3. Good interview with the RFL’s Simon Johnson on the Forty20 podcast. Ever more clear the plan is for 2x10 and the interesting bit for me was Johnson did not deny the suggestion that the 20 might be selected. Audio only: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/forty20-rugby-league-podcasts/id1434352450
  4. Can’t beat Headingley on a Friday night for atmos. Could have done with KR scoring that try at the end of the half but can’t complain with the quality.
  5. Just published https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/03238540/filing-history Nothing earth-shattering in there, it just spells out the financial hit from Covid in 2020 - particularly TV revenue and ticket sales - although perhaps surprisingly Super League sponsorship rose by £380,000.
  6. 1. Good thing I’m not a gambler. 2. Glad Hull KR made it. 3. Powell seems a bit of a nearly man. 4. He’s perfect for Warrington.
  7. Surely a nailed-on win for Cas for four reasons: 1. Cas have something to play for. 2. Warrington don’t. 3. Powell’s final home game at Cas. 4. Warrington are his next employer.
  8. The rationale from the RFL seems to be concentrating talent (and I daresay resources) in fewer teams, more P&R interest for TV and less of a cliff-edge between the top two tiers. As I say, it’s not a done deal. Rimmer doesn’t seem convinced he knows what he wants.
  9. Rimmer seems pretty sold on 2x10 but it’s not “over the line” yet while Johnson says he’d prefer not to have private equity but some sort of external investment seems highly likely.
  10. RFL CEO Ralph Rimmer and RFL Chair Simon Johnson discuss the future of UK rugby league. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p09vz50x
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