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  1. Will Perry isn’t a very generous host. If she was allowed to get a word in she would add something. I had reasonable hopes for this but it falls flat. Perry is better being an agent provocateur as his bratty, posh Southerner natural self as on Out Of Your League than the best-behaviour tone he adopts for this. And I think that’s why this show falls flat. The serious tone. It’s kind of like Rugby AM with a straight face and it doesn’t really work. It’s got to be either an analytical show or a chat show. It’s trying to be a bit of both and falling short. With the wrong hosts.
  2. Is SBW a true convert? What a waste of money, by the way. Still, eyeballs.
  3. Why oh why oh why is the RFL spaffing money on a team in Paris? They don’t even play rugby league there.
  4. If you wanted to sort out a structure to take the whole game forward then now is the time. But, with the greatest will in the world, it will need the Michael Carter’s of the world - who do good work for their clubs but not necessarily for their sport - to step aside from blocking progress.
  5. Wakefield talking about doing up their stadium, eh. Is licensing back on the agenda?
  6. Are you sure that’s right? League Express reported the other week that Dec Patton is on £85k and they don’t get much more average than him.
  7. BBC Sport website showing 1 May, but you could be right. I’m hoping for June in line with the 12-week thing.
  8. Just had a load of postponement notices come through via the BBC Sport app. Extension until 1 May?
  9. Guardian piece on why this is so bad for the NRL https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/24/squandered-money-and-a-lack-of-planning-puts-nrl-on-precipice
  10. RFL/Super League update: https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/1361/update-season-suspension Not a lot other than acknowledgement the 3 April suspension will have to shift.
  11. Hell awaits: Coughers in the face of the elderly Lickers of excess permitted food items so that others can’t buy them Hoarders of quilted bog roll so that others must bear the burden of cheap stuff that cuts your ringpiece. Gay pangolins
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