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  1. Marvellous exhibition of rugby league by Salford. All angles, creativity, precision and incision. Super impressed. Hull taught a rugby lesson. The power game is dead.
  2. It’s important to remember why they are playing (in front of practically nobody). No fans, no game.
  3. He’s an enigma. Has a science degree and a successful business but you’d never think it from the moronic stuff that comes out of his month on telly.
  4. I’m not sure Clarke is as dumb as he looks. Clarke will have noted the response when he moonlighted as a fish finger enthusiast and fancied wearing similarly comment-worthy garb.
  5. It’s not. We have a stratified society with class divisions - less so than in the Victorian era - but so does every nation. I’m sure Pulga would take offence if an Englishman suggested the Aussie RL fraternity is a ‘caste’. Of bogans.....
  6. All part of his carefully cultivated tw@ttish TV persona, you suspect.
  7. Sorry but we don’t have a caste system in England and, if I may say so, it’s rather arrogant of you to claim to know my country better than I do.
  8. Errrr. No caste system here, dude. Rugby league is seen as a Northern game for Northern people. And, to be fair, it mostly is. That’s why it’s at a disadvantage, particularly when England is so London-centric. There is a lot of ignorance and I daresay preconceptions about rugby league in this country but ‘actively prejudiced’ is not really accurate.
  9. Great to hear Jon Wilkin on commentary. Makes Terry O’Connor seem like Wilkin’s thick uncle.
  10. Do Ottawa have a flight partner for next year? Will they even play at ‘home’ next year?
  11. “Like ourselves, all potential ownership groups share a genuine appreciation of how a North American team enhances the global attraction of the Betfred Super League.” Not necessarily in Toronto....
  12. I’d be more sympathetic if Toronto didn’t have the appearance of a tax write-off scheme for which there is no further need.
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