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  1. There’s talk of Farnworth being the Broncos full back in the longer term. With Adam Reynolds at halfback, this time next year young Herbie could be a superstar, as they like to say Down Under.
  2. What’s this got to do with Salford?! We see here the romantic self-deception about P&R in British rugby league, that it’s like football and dreams of glory can come true. Even though they don’t. Batley are better off out of Super League and chasing futile dreams.
  3. If we must make football comparisons then Batley are probably closer to a National League North non-league club than anything. Part-time semi-pros etc. Helluva jump…
  4. I'm pretty sure the Batley chairman is on the record as saying they don't want to go up. Or they didn't when in the Middle 8s a few years back.
  5. 4000 is the limit. To be fair, 4000 at Leigh will look and sound better than 4000 at Wigan, Leeds, Huddersfield, Notlob etc.
  6. It’s just my personal view but I’m increasingly of the opinion that only FT clubs with U19 Academies (or, in the case of Catalans and Toulouse, feeder clubs in the French system) should even bother trying with Super League. Having Batley in Super League would be a sort of waste of everybody’s time, not least Batley themselves.
  7. It would be mildly embarrassing because Batley is a part-time outfit without an U19 Academy, and even if they went FT in Super League would be highly likely to be soundly beaten most games. The Huddersfield Town, Bournemouth and Wigan comparisons aren't really valid. In Batley's case, it would be more like non-league Stockport County being in the Premier League.
  8. No, and recent comments by boffins give confidence that we won't have to have another lockdown during the autumn either.
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