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  1. Can’t profess to having any inside knowledge but David Hughes has said publicly he prefers spending money on youth development than expensive imports etc
  2. Agreed. Winning in Toronto 4-2 was incredible but staying up would be miraculous.
  3. Wonder if Trinity would still sign Danny Brough if they had their time over again. Good player but I just get the impression he’s a corrosive character for team spirit
  4. Wigan 46-16 Wakefield FT. Proper Wigan performance. Aggressive in defence, crisp in attack.
  5. I’m sure Bill Arthur is a lovely bloke but he’s dull as ditchwater behind the mic
  6. Ethan Harvard sounds like my granny would have said ‘Eden Hazard’ without her false teeth
  7. Very fair point. Half the Wakefield lads look like the team bus made a diversion to the Drive-Thru
  8. Could be funding from central government, quangos, local government, charities/NGOs or the private sector. There’s lots of government, statutory and non-statutory funders out there!
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