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  1. Yes, and you’d think ads during Emmerdale are a great way to reach people who are likely to want tickets.
  2. That’s great! Tell us about the ad.
  3. Huddersfield fans. Relive the pre-Covid home game atmosphere by sneaking into a behind closed doors fixture at the John Smith’s.
  4. Women - Convince neighbours that you are a top class dominatrix by shouting ‘Held!’, ‘Dominant!’, ‘Surrender!’, and ‘Moooooove!’ at night.
  5. Glad that he’s back coaching in the game. Could be a good move by Leeds. They clearly have lots of talented players but there’s a lack of creativity in their attack that makes it hard to warm to them. Long could get their attack firing.
  6. Have to say I’ve enjoyed having so much Super League on TV - two more matches on tonight, for example - but it does seem a bit mad for SL to flog itself during challenging circumstances in the North. Going top 4 instead of top 5 always seemed a mistake to me and I would have no issue if it reverted back. Even an 8-team NRL style playoff system could work for this season only.
  7. Here’s the rules: League Table and Play Offs a. At the end of the Regular Season, the Club with the highest Win Points Percentage shall be at the top and the Club with the lowest shall be at the bottom. The Win Points Percentage shall be the number of Matches won by a Club divided by the number of matches played by the Club multiplied by 100. b. Operational Rule B2:7 shall be further amended so that, where Clubs have an equal Win Points Percentage their relative positions shall be determined by Points Scored Percentage. The Points Scored Percentage is calculated by dividing the number of points scored by a Club by the number of points it concedes and multiplying by 100. If the positions are still equal, positions will be determined by the toss of a coin which shall be carried out at such time and place as the RFL shall direct and those Clubs concerned shall be entitled to witness the toss. NB – this drafting removes all of the usual options that would be impacted by the number of matches played. c. Subject to the exceptions in (i) and (ii) below, to qualify for the Super League Play Offs a Club must have played a minimum of 15 Super League Matches. If a Club in the Top 4 has not played at least 15 Super League Matches, the next highest rank Club that has played 15 Super League Matches shall take part in the Play Offs (with all Clubs finishing below the removed Club moving up one place to determine the order of Clubs for the purpose of home advantage etc). i. The above shall not apply and a Club that has played less than 15 Matches shall qualify for the Super League Play Offs where it is in the Top 4 of the League Table based on League Points (with its ranking in the Play Offs also determined by its League Table position based on League Points). ii. The above shall not apply where 4 or more Clubs in the Super League have played fewer than 15 Matches. In such circumstances, the RFL Board shall have discretion to determine whether there should be a minimum of Matches required to have been played to qualify for the Play Offs and, if so, what that number shall be. ———————— So, Catalans can still make the top 4 without playing 15 games if they have accrued enough competition points that would have placed them in the top four, ie as if it was a normal season with league position determined by competition points. As it stands, Catalans are fourth in the competition points table on 16 points, the same as Leeds and Hull, but with a better differential.
  8. Is it really any surprise that commentators up in the gantry get confused between Grace and Naiqama?
  9. Been interesting watching the two best sides play the two Cup finalists on the same evening. I’d still back Saints over Wigan due to their smart, incisive game but if Wigan’s pack get on top they have a lot of strike.
  10. Hands of a pianist, Naiqama. Which is funny, because he’s actually a pianist!
  11. I don’t mind the pastings tonight as the dominant sides have both been so good to watch.
  12. Coote won a Premiership but lost his way. French was one of the most exciting players in the NRL when he burst onto the scene but also lost his way. Hastings was always talented but had issues off the field. Sezer played in a GF last year. They weren’t the best players in the NRL granted, and their talent does stick out more in SL, but I think you’re being a bit harsh.
  13. Ominously good Wigan performance as we approach the pointy end of the season. Bevan French takes the glory but Jackson Hastings was doing that puppetmaster thing like it’s his ball and his game.
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