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  1. Kaz

    Haven V Crusaders

    I would yeah as I am one of the die Hards unfortunately!! I know what you are saying but would still have expected a lot more than that.
  2. I know it’s only a friendly, but a crowd of 346. really??
  3. Kaz


    Brilliant Win that. Well done everyone.
  4. Would love to see another Jimmy Pickering signing ??. He was amazing ?
  5. Any ideas?? James pickering.?Seriously,fui fui moi moi.Uncertain.The fella from Distington..Thats all from me Kaz..?
  6. Kaz

    Ollys back

    Brilliant news, getting a great squad together again this year .
  7. Great news, excellent player for us last year.
  8. Hi Scott, I saw this and just wondered as a club could we fo a collection. He was a great player for us, but a lot of supporters wouldn’t know about the just giving page or how to do it !!
  9. I’ve messaged the on twitter to ask .
  10. Do you know how I tag the club in to suggest this?
  11. Just wondered if the club could maybe do a collection at the game on Sunday to donate to the just giving page??
  12. Kaz

    Newcastle away

    It was on Radio Cumbria in the build up to the Haven game David.
  13. Kaz

    Newcastle away

    Yeh I agree, I think it was said out of frustration! There were some poor performances yesterday, but I think it was just a bad day at the office all round! Hopefully once Leon has calmed down. He will see we don’t have much options as to who can play!
  14. Kaz

    Newcastle away

    Wow, just heard Leon’s interview! Says a number of players won’t be playing for the club again !!!! Not good with the play offs just round the corner!!!!
  15. Kaz

    Newcastle away

    Oh give over. Every team has a bad day. I have supported the team home & away for over 30 years and have seen some absolute hammerings & not once would I ask anyone to subsidise it!!i I do it because I love my club!!!
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