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  1. Traditions ... gotta start at 11 , gotta take nye on three quarters of an hour out for luncheon even when we’ve been sitting around for days , gotta have drinks every hour even when it’s 15 degrees etc etc . The games under threat big style , and until they speed the game along and are more flexible and reactive it will be
  2. How do we play this now ? Half a sniff here with smith out . Hopefully we push on and at least give them a sweat later on
  3. Maybe play in a new league more suited to their level .
  4. You may have to take the top half of league one and add it to the championship to get one viable league
  5. I just want to win . Any sport you like . I’m not thinking archer is from Barbados if he gets a bagful . You’ll always get criticism , usually hypocritical if it’s from the ANZACS , but winning is everything in top level sport . You’re doing nothing wrong , this is how international sport is .
  6. Not sure we want Buttler batting 50 odd balls for 12 . This is a runs game as much as a time game
  7. I get your general point Harry , but their fullbacks were/ are guys like Slater , Tedesco , Munster , Ponga etc etc . Ours are Lomax and Rashford , and he’s better than them and will most probably be the fullback . He’s eligible , there on merit so I see no problem
  8. Yes . Argue the structural set up , but overall yes one league . League one is dying a slow death
  9. What’s going on here , can’t recall seeing this rain on my forecast until this morning
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