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  1. I think that’s a good move for both . He’s obviously on the outer at Canberra and West’s need that experience and hooker to guide them round . Even past his best he’ll do that for them
  2. He’s already done that , a very good signing .
  3. Interesting strip Spurs are wearing today. If it’s for a bet they’ve certainly collected
  4. My mam worked in M&S all her working life . Everything was about how you were presented ( someone would come round inspecting how you were dressed) and customer service . You should hear here when we go in a supermarket , and especially in M&S … ‘ they’d never get a look in here in my day ‘ . So many just aren’t interested .
  5. Amazing story . I read Ben Macintyre’s book on the SAS and watched the TV series and Mayne came across as a scary guy , heroic to the point of recklessness but also pretty psychotic . It was very controversial that he wasn’t awarded a VC . He scared his mates so must have terrified the Germans. Stirling felt it necessary to rebuke him for over callous execution of the enemy in cold blood !
  6. No doubt , on the pitch he was just the complete modern player and athlete with all the attributes you want . I think from a selfish perspective it’s a shame he went to Union , but in terms of his career he amassed some CV
  7. Yes I do that . That’s a good feature on the app
  8. Someone puts a wad of cash under his nose and he wakes up
  9. I used to do this when I was buying mags and a paper in my younger days , but we won’t go there
  10. Dinosaur alert , but I just totally prefer a paper , magazine or book to hold and read .
  11. Strange considering what he’s done , but SBW has never been predictable . And Jacinda Ardern after a few protein shakes would have a chance of winning the New Zealand heavyweight title
  12. Good luck to Dec , he’ll always be well thought of here . I think we’ll be alright there though , and in general . Chris will be a good draw for players and I honestly think we’ll be competitive
  13. I see Barra signed Danny Langtree , that’s a good signing . Remember watching him at Oldham against us and we struggled to get a grip on him
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