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  1. Jordan Weir @jordan_weir14 · 4h HALF TIME @BarrowRaiders 10 - 0 @WorkingtonTown I'll be honest that will probably be the worst 40 minutes I'll watch all season but the Raiders have scored two tries in the final 10 minutes to take a 10 point gap into the break. somehow I doubt it marra ...
  2. I’m really young , I just like old films and 80s music . That’s my story and I’m sticking to it
  3. Unless you’re playing at Batley PS I know they’re not in SL but it was an open goal
  4. He popped up on darts for a short while and he was the number one fan of that ...
  5. I’d agree with this . And with the none TV games , they’re all filmed so at worst I guess you could have a paired down system of a VR watching the coverage in comms with the ref ?
  6. Big three weeks or so now for us . We just must hit the ground running with the fixtures we have so we need to be a squad that’s as strong and deep as possible . There’s blokes over recent times carrying a huge load there and we’ve got to be able to share the burden more and have a good rotation . I’m not saying we will , but I just do not want another season of struggling for troops and giving a good effort in defeat against the odds , because apart from a pat on the back that isn’t getting you anywhere .
  7. Well at least preseason has shown we need deeper reinforcements and more grunt in the middle . We simply can’t repeat what we’ve been through before
  8. They just look completely broken . I’d say it was sad for a mighty and proud sporting nation if it wasn’t against us , but really I’m loving it as we’ve been on the receiving end many a winter . PS apparently Mark Wood’s dismissal of Malan was the second fastest ball ever by an England bowler to get a wicket . Although I don’t think the Speedo was around with Larwood , and Typhoon Tyson , who some old sages say was the fastest of all ( including the Don ) . Tom Graveney said he was so far back at slip he could barely see him start his run up
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