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  1. Obvious plea for the dragons to come and sign him there ... I’ll sign for any old rubbish
  2. Some wickets in these two games have been taken by spin and some have been taken by just slow bowling . We look scrambled on these pitches , a lot is between the ears . Poor old Jimmy’s face when he has to come out and bowl yet again tells a story ! On our team , when I saw it I needed a double take to actually take it in
  3. I’ve been watching the season preview from Fox on Watch NRL . Impressive stuff
  4. I was a big fan of his , I was disappointed when he left . Nine years is obviously a long time and he’s in for a lot of hard yakka but I wish him well, it’s a good story he’s back .
  5. Exactly . The number of Pakistani quicks is always good to watch
  6. Massive story in horse racing that is getting widespread attention in and beyond the sport . The picture in question is simply horrific , almost unbelievable ... but he’s confirmed it is real then came out with some Norman Fry like convoluted reasoning which has probably done him even further harm . In his statement he also apologises only for ‘ any offence caused ‘ . Elliott is a juggernaut trainer rivalling Willie Mullins in ireland and ready to deploy lots of weaponry at Cheltenham . Very interesting what the sanctions are from this , and interesting also how the racing media , which is ve
  7. 4 overseas a team , some big names & usual T20 circuit travellers ... Hales , Vince , Christian , Brathwaite , Nabi , Du Plessis etc . No big Aussies or superstars that will show in the IPL , but the most interesting thing is watching the Pakistani talent - which is numerous . All their top players are there . As ever their batting and bowling is great and their fielding and catching , err , isnt
  8. I’m enjoying the PSL on Sky . Good cricket and coverage , and excellent squeezing of every single sponsorship opportunity !
  9. Apologies . Note to self to engage brain!
  10. Ah first two columns . Sorry , yes you are correct
  11. Yes , is that what you asked or have I got that wrong
  12. I totally miss the fascination with Matty Johns and try to avoid him at all costs
  13. Good PR but old Gav should concentrate on getting through his first league game and take it from there
  14. Are Warrington and Catalans big rivals or were they just the 2 left over
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