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  1. How much did you enjoy yourself at Town ... was there any particular highlight and will you come back please ?
  2. Well I’m going with Big Josh to box a bit more , be sharper and win on points or late stoppage . 20 stone and 6”2 is colossal , only Valuev has come in heavier apparently .
  3. Yep just the three million dollars . I’d be more in favour of a limited captains challenge similar to cricket , but just adding another layer in this mythical search for the perfect error free game is another step toward officiating by remote control , over analysis and totally changing the nature of the sport . Or the tip of it anyway from what everyone else watches
  4. Well well , what a difference . Big Josh is 10 pounds lighter and Big Big Andy is 15 pounds heavier ... over 20 stone . Now I know it was deceptive but he looked fat last time , so I’m not sure what his thinking is there . Josh being lighter is totally expected
  5. Get message carriers out of it , don’t need anyone on who isn’t treating an injured player - end of . Not a fan of the challenge at all unless it’s replacing the bunker system . There’s already to much reliance on the bunker we don’t need it infecting general play .
  6. Two games a week which are over before the weekend is pretty poor nowadays when you look at wall to wall coverage of other sports and the NRL
  7. Absolutely gutted by this news . Complete shock . I was waiting for his return to the verdict as was Charles . Just terrible news. Beefy and Bob in that famous test got me immersed in the game . Since then he’s just always been there ...
  8. It’s a little known fact that there were traces of honey found at each murder scene ..
  9. He’s being over bowled for sure . He’s you’re edge he’s needs to be short bursts and FAST from ball one . We’ve burned to many quick bowlers in our system by bowling them into the ground and the treadmill of cricket ends up with a plethora of 83 mph medium pacers . Also imo he needs to bowl fuller - full and fast is a hell of a weapon , with his short ball a shock tactic . To often it’s short then shorter , especially up top with a new cherry and slips in . We’re going to SA and if I were him I’d be looking at Steyn - fast but a lethal wicket hitting wicket taking length . And don’t forget this Yorker we keep hearing about . I’m a massive fan and it’s all part of the learning curve to adapt to different conditions ... and just as important a learning curve on root in how to utilise him . His workload is country productive to the assets he has , which will be blunted
  10. I always thought New Zealand had sporty pitches like here for good contests ... but deary me those two were dog doo doos . Apparently a lot of these drop in tracks are pretty lifeless and aren’t deteriorating to bring tweakers into it at all . Poor watch this series in general
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