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  1. Mine I traced to Sligo on my family tree
  2. Tatie hash . All boxes ticked . Similar variation on a theme in many areas
  3. I’ve had mine mispronounced most of my life and if I’m in a bad mood when someone rings and asks for me I’ll say ‘ sorry no one here of that name ‘
  4. 20 games is better than what we were looking at but ideally you’d still want more league fixtures . 24 would be playing each other three times . Four of those extra games would be home I guess
  5. David Berglas , who was absolutely huge back in the day . This is what i thought of first and foremost
  6. I love the Fiji pregame hymn by the way . It’s such a contrast to the other Hakas and it’s variations , but just as striking
  7. Wow , great by New Zealand. The Aussies were never in it and were very lucky to get nil . They need a turnover of players and a Thankyou and goodbye to some aging players they’ve been very loyal to
  8. I couldn’t see them winning the series at all . I thought they may get one test at best but 3-0 is a great result . It would be great to go into a NZ or Aus series here after that to test ourselves with those
  9. Overall I’d have Smith man of the series , he pulled the strings and contributed some very skilful moments to
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