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  1. Dear diary , it’s my birthday . Hurrah !
  2. I don’t want to do British clubs so I’ll do other NRL clubs BRISBANE : Kotoni Staggs CANBERRA : George Williams. BULLDOGS : Josh Jackson SHARKS: Toby Rudolf. TITANS : AJ Brimson. MANLY : Tommy Turbo STORM : Josh Addo The Fox. KNIGHTS : Kalyn Ponga. COWBOYS : Josh Maguire. PARRA: Nathan Brown. PENRITH : Villiame Kikau. SOUTHS : Cam Murray ROOSTERS : Victor the Inflicter Radley. WARRIORS : Jazz Tevaga. WESTS : David Nofoaluma
  3. Honesty is the best policy , well usually ... it didn’t work when I went out with someone and said ‘ you don’t sweat much for a fat lass ‘. Some folk just can’t take compliments
  4. A propos nothing in particular , I like watching Manly ...
  5. I don’t see why . If they want to do it , it’s more PR and outreach for the clubs . Probably do community stuff to in Oz so I don’t see the problem . Why stop people doing something without asking those involved .
  6. I’ve been musing on my side ... about my side . 1) James TEDESCO. 2) Josh ADDO-THE FOX. 3) Joey MANU. 4) Stephen CRICHTON. 5) Daniel TUPOU. 6) Jack WIGHTON. 7) Nathan CLEARY. 8)James FISHER HARRIS 9) Cam SMITH. 10) Josh PAPALI. 11) Williame KIKAU. 12) John BATEMAN. 13) JT 14 ) JWH. 15) David FIFITA. 16) Angus CRICHTON 17) Luke KEARY Coach : Me Ive rang the players omitted and they understand
  7. My brother lives in Penrith but I guess it’s not him
  8. Should have done this days ago , but Pat Smullen , 43 . It’s impossible to overemphasise his status in Irish and indeed european racing
  9. Ice age came and went faster . Not sure whats happened there
  10. Probably the biggest underachiever and disappointment after early promise going about
  11. Very difficult . Top wingers there . I was a big fan of Nadruku , he had that edge of the seat quality when he got it . I don’t know the stats but he scored lots of tries in a great side . I’ll go with him and Radradra but it’s cigarette paper stuff .
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