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  1. Hope he makes a full recovery as gladly they are saying . He was the best prop in the world at his peak
  2. Lot of reaction already that this test is in the bag .... which is rather dangerous !
  3. I like the Curran boys but I agree Sam is not a first change with his lack of pace and needing it to swing to have a threat ( by the way I thought we picked these balls to swing - they’ve done virtually nowt ? ) . I can see him in though as a fourth bowler and bat down the line . Surrey seem to be trying to turn him into a batting all rounder without much success yet . Interesting mentioning Toblerone Jones . Did really well then got crocked so I wonder if he’s on the radar with bowlers dropping like flies . If Jofra goes down that’s it shake hands
  4. Don’t go back . Can’t see it and non starter anyway from Rush’s comments . Maybe wrong but it seems they’ve already got it sorted
  5. Who’s this , the Pope ?
  6. No surprise really . Heightened expectations there now with the cash they’ve splashed and Brown was always under pressure to deliver as a result . Good guy who steadied the ship but I felt they were always gonna be looking at someone else to take them on again
  7. You’re talking to yourself chief ... have a lie down
  8. Common sense decision with Smith .Can’t take any chances , and they know he’d get plenty more .
  9. Don’t try , you won’t uncross your legs or stop your eyes watering for a couple of days ...
  10. James Taylor sure stays close , although what his actual role or influence is i don’t know . Don’t mean to be disrespectful but it looked like they just wanted to give him a job after he had to retire
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