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  1. I thought that was something I’d missed , Peter v Landys
  2. He’d be a good appointment . I thought he may be in with a shout at the Dragons if Mary went . Of course it unravelled at Manly but all kinds was going on there . He’s getting big raps with the Penrith attack , and that’s a glaring deficiency at Belmore . They obviously want more with the ball . He’s more than worth another shot . Of course he needs an improved roster in key spots to make big strides , or it doesn’t matter if it’s Bellamy with Bennett as assistant
  3. He just totally peed off whenever we saw him in the box . I have some sympathy for him , he can’t go out and play for them . They’re a basket case . But ultimately the coach carries the can .
  4. I think that’s right . You can’t throw blokes on the scrap heap and scrub them out , they’ve paid a big price you’ve got to give them a second chance chance to get back into the environment and earn a living imo
  5. That’s how I’m reading it tbh . These things often work like that . Is it a snapshot or a general assessment .Either way they’re chip paper in a few days
  6. I don’t know about better or best , but imo if it’s a measure of form this season I’d have him second to Tedesco
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