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  1. The last straw was the Mirror giving itself a plug and asking Raab if he’d back their campaign . They like a campaign . That bit of the press conference is becoming pointless . If it’s not asking something that’s already been said , it’s twisting what’s been said , asking something they can’t answer or just something for the sake of it
  2. I never said he didn’t , but he must still have been relatively young when he went off the scene
  3. Tom Learoyd - Lahrs was a talent who seemed to fade out of it
  4. Lady Helena and the lawyer she was having an affair with Yes all of them . Including bang up to date luminaries like John Sergeant Sue Pollard and Angela Rippon
  5. 1. Mulligan 2. Drummond 3. Kay 4.Kerr 5.Cocker 6.Byrne 7.Sammut 8. Pickering 9.Mckenzie 10.Armstrong 11. Williams 12. Stack 13.Hepi 14. Sione / Tuimavave ? 15.Limmer 16. Phillips 17.Oglanby Tough , could change it a few times with more thought . Clear memories of all those , more hazy memories of guys a few years earlier
  6. I watched celebrities on a murder mystery weekend on channel 5 . Yes , times are that bad
  7. Interesting answer there at the press conference about deaths and gathering all the data to be accurate , as I guess there’s a difference between dying of the virus and being ill and dying with it ?
  8. I guess so ... after 10 seconds of jamie oliver I have to knock him off
  9. No live rugby so I’ve enjoyed rewatching some classic old footage ...
  10. A few weeks ago 20,000 seemed a real ‘wow’ figure .... the sobering thing is at this moment you’re mindset has changed so much you’d probably think it’d now be a right result . We’ve gone from normality , triviality and saturation sports watching to waiting all day to see how many people have died today . It really is s**t , what else can you say
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