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  1. Good move for him . Lot of potential in this lad . Maybe plateaued out a bit but Cas looks a good place to try and kick on again.
  2. Very very good . Really enjoyed that. Looking forward to tomorrow . Long sesh of footy on sky plus but a rub down with a damp racing post and I’ll be sweet to go the distance
  3. No never . Just like people born in scorching countries are used to it , it’s just the same in reverse . Cold is just a state of mind . Folk wander round in shorts in mid winter , although it’s not compulsory
  4. Or a great white shark ... or poisoned by a massive snake ... or bit by a big spider ... or attacked by a , err , kangaroo . I’ll stick to cumbria , a daddy long legs isn’t lethal
  5. Both Capewell and Takairangi have good utility value for a club . I like Takairangi I can’t see him being short of options
  6. Id need a better reason that that to sign for the Titans
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