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  1. Two things , well done Pickford who was the best player tbh …. And how the hell did Stones not score ? Well three things , i hope they get mullered by Croatia
  2. Honestly that was so bad i would barely believe it if i hadnt seen it numerous times before in tournaments . We consistently play below the sum of our parts and are just ###### to watch …. Slow , ponderous , no invention , no creativity , no cutting edge . Please drop the two midfield defenders system its utterly tedious watching them pass sideways and backwards very slowly . Weve seen before this has stymied us so southgate does it again . No drive or energy or forward passes there at all . Kane looks half an hour off the pace , Sterling was horrendous . The only guy looking lively was foden
  3. I thought the Cowboys - Sharks game was a good watch , and Penrith back to full strength just got back in their groove . Once they get into their stride they’re a juggernaut to stop . But really , two instances I found really irritating and quite depressing . The Reece Robson yellow card where Tolman basically tunnelled into a tackle at knee height … I mean what’s the bloke meant to do ? That is plain ridiculous , so there’s no such thing as an accident now ? The clampdown has removed all nuance , common sense and empathy with the game and is fast becoming counter productive in some ways . You
  4. Yes that’s right they did . Isn’t that when they took Lineker off ?
  5. Nope , dunno what you’re talking about
  6. Well he should be ahead of Gale for sure
  7. When I’ve seen him he looks a pretty good player but wouldn’t go overboard on him tbh
  8. Wow that turned on it’s head very quickly . The beauty of test cricket , that can happen
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