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  1. Bucs, Titans, Jags Chargers Bengals, Panthers Falcons Bills, 49ers, Seahawks Chiefs , Broncos, Saints, Dolphins Rams, Ravens Good luck to one and all
  2. Week 1 Date Time (ET) Away Team Home Team Thu Sep 9 8:20 pm Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sun Sep 12 1:00 pm Arizona Cardinals Tennessee Titans 1:00 pm Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans 1:00 pm Los Angeles Chargers Washington Football Team 1:00 pm Minnesota Vikings Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 pm New York Jets Carolina Panthers 1:00 pm Philadelphia Eagles Atlanta Falcons 1:00 pm Pittsburgh Steelers Buffalo Bills 1:00 pm San Francisco 49ers Detroit Lions 1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks Indianapolis Colts 4:25 pm Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs 4:25 pm Denver Broncos New York Giants 4:25 pm Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints 4:25 pm Miami Dolphins New England Patriots 8:20 pm Chicago Bears Los Angeles Rams Mon Sep 13 8:15 pm Baltimore Ravens Las Vegas Raiders Week 2 Apologies for delay first game thursday night. Prize to be decided
  3. Thank you for all your work on this Graham. Looking back I was going well the dizzy heights of 10th at one stage, up until origin , then fell away and then my interest declined in the NRL. Thanks again.
  4. NRL 360 report that Scott was also involved in a fight with John Bateman last year. In the affray Scott injured his hand and was sidelined for a few weeks. Canberra kept it internal and police were not involved. " Buzz" also stated that Scott was now attending A . A .meetings. Good luck on your road to recovery.
  5. So who remembers Tim Tebow, the Heisman trophy winning quarterback had his year in 2012 if I remember correctly leading the Broncos to their first AFC West title since 2005. That was the highlight for him, although somewhat of a cult figure in the game there was no success afterwards,as he was traded from team to team, leaving some without even playing a game. Finally, he drifted away from the game in 2016. This year Tim tried to make a comeback as a tight-end with Jacksonville sadly for him he was cut after their first pre-season game. All was not lost as he has now been chosen to appear in television adverts for a drink named Clean Juice, the company stating Tim's lifestyle reflects their product.
  6. Think it is time for a Saw Doctors song " oh the green and red of Mayo.... "
  7. Rest in Peace Nanci thank you for all your concerts in Belfast during those years when very few others included Belfast on their tours.
  8. A happy roster? Mr Rodgers wants the GM sacked and wants them to acquire certain wide receivers, the previous year it was the coaches's fault. Perhaps Mr Rodgers needs to look in the mirror.
  9. Imo best Saints shirt since they linked up with O'Neills but could never wear a Saints shirt with the current sponsors name.
  10. In other NFL news is Aaron Rodgers the Phil Gould of the NFL and why havent Green Bay traded or even better cut him.
  11. Josh Reynolds has become nothing but a grub since he left the Bulldogs.
  12. The indigenous teams are the genuine teams. Their lands were stolen by a bunch of convicts
  13. Due to my team not having a holiday in Sorrento or Palmanova this last two years. Gus Vlandys wanted to withdraw them from the comp. I have informed him the 8 subs can go but current 13 and 4 interchange will remain unchanged for the rest of the season.
  14. Congratulations to Railway End on his win this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  15. Looked to me as if Shaun Wane moonlighting as the Iranian volleyball coach.
  16. Ivan Cleary has come out and stated he will talk to his players about not participating in the World Cup. Obviously, those Wests Tigers fans were only being honest about him a few weeks ago. On the other side of the coin Wayne Bennett has stated he would not stand in the way of any of his players wanting to represent countries in the competition. Respect sir respect.
  17. At the end of tonight's game Carney said the word he was getting from Australia was the decision will not be reversed.
  18. Phil at the moment I feel the same but is it only the NRL,their clubs and pompous blokes like Gould I watched him on youtube a couple of days ago. Has anyone asked the players now if they come out and say no then that's it. Hilariously on NRL.com's news page there is a push to have Rugby League included in the Brisbane Olympics. I take it that will be another Eastern Seaboard comp between two states.
  19. To unashamedly quote a post from the main forum. In the spirit of 1895 #### em Theres an NRL l feedback page l.et them know time and time again.
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