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  1. Tough luck today I thought. Lost the ball twice in the act of scoring. Ultimately didn't make all the ball and territory count in in the first half. Thought we should have took 2 points on a few occasions. Thunder are a full time outfit looking at the play offs. Using that as a measure I'm confident we won't be the whipping boys some make us out to be. Few strong performances from Oscar Thomas, Jake Lightowler and Evan Simmons I thought. Hope Matty is back soon and Jake can recover from what was a clear high tackle! Producing that effort every week will see us fine
  2. Town +12 on the handicap. About what I expected. Is golden point in this year?
  3. Good luck picking a 17 from that.
  4. Absolutely gutted for the lad. These guys have to think about their family and life after rugby. Been a brilliant player for the club, loved by the fans and players. Thank you Ell.
  5. I see it as he's assembled a pack that are all capable of playing in multiple positions. With injuries playing a big part and the way the match review panel now see things, I anticipate the 17 looking different week on week. Having the big bopper, although useful, only has one string to his bow? It's got us this far.
  6. When do squads get announced now? Friday or Saturday?
  7. Wright? Matty Wright.
  8. I agree with everyone on here. I'd like to see us bring one in. Just pointing out chris has said more than once how he doesn't see the need.
  9. Having Dec back on board is brilliant! Great player, great lad and sure the lads are happy to see him back round the place. Be surprised to see us get a 'battering ram' prop. Chris has said multiple times he doesn't see the game that way anymore.
  10. Cant disagree with anything. Its frustrating seeing the whole town have a carrot dangled in front of them and not seeing any progress. Im sure there's been plenty going on behind the scenes. But an update would be nice
  11. John Pleasants takes up the chairman role full time. Thank you and good luck. Sure all townies will give their full backing in what will hopefully be a successful period for the club
  12. I fully understand there is the need to get this right but its been about two years now since the initial plans were scrapped and we seem to be no further on? Part of the winning bid for the £25m town fund was to be put towards the new community stadium. Where is this cash? And how is it being spent?
  13. Played a blinder to be fair. Made it look easy
  14. Our summer bash fixture vs haven at Leed announced. Sunday 31st July 5.15pm k.o
  15. Just read the attached interview with Chris. Looking positive for 1 addition before the Newcastle game. Overseas one still ongoing. https://cumbriacrack.com/2022/01/20/workington-towns-man-of-the-match-last-minute-call-up/
  16. Gonna be difficult to pick a 17 which is exactly what you want. We have alot of guys who are very similar in the pack. Thomson has been my surprise so far. Been brilliant. Can also see Teare getting in ahead of Brown. Hope Olstrom can retain a wing place in front of young also? Either way, we have a consistent squad what have proved they are all capable of this level.
  17. And potentially Fitzsimmons
  18. Just said it's a good job it was our 2nd pre season friendly and not our first, good job we had 456 substitutes to use, good job we utilised all Walker's experience at this level and we're gonna win the league.
  19. On a other note. Anyone notice Oscar Thomas was wearing number 1 with Gabe Fell's name on the back? Is he returning? This was our new strip so why would he be given number 1???
  20. I'm judging it by matching a side that finished in the play offs last year and have a squad that is vastly more experienced than town. Yes. Shouldn't I be optimistic? That town side had Oscar Thomas - haven reject Ethan Bickerdike - Played amateur 2 seasons ago Zac Olstrom - handful of league 1 games last season Ciaran Walker - MOM and has nursery in the morning Malik Steele - Never played this level and will be in the sand pit with caiman tomorrow Lee Postlethwaite - again, handfull of league 1 games Jordan Thomson- haven reject Curtis Teare - Debut Ryan Wilson - handful of league 1 games. Purely and simply, they were better on the day and are coached by one of the best
  21. Just back in from the game. chuffed to bits but not getting carried away. Bookies had us +16 and to be honest I thought that was fair and what I was expecting. Yes, haven had their 1st hit out. But that side, plus their new aussie additions were meant to be 'stronger'than last seasons squad and we matched them plus some. A good yard stick for everyone that we won't be cut adrift from the rest this season and will be able.to compete with the bottom half of the champ. Special mention to young walker! Excellent game. Reminded me of the debut callum phillips had against haven years ago. Very encouraging. Liked how Simmons went and I love seeing how bickerdike has come on in a short space of time. Don't envy chris having to pick a 17! Havens best was the new half back by a country mile. Referee we shocking
  22. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Dog ate our homework Sun was in my eyes
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