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  1. I did him £50 eway 25/1 and grace £50 eway 20/1
  2. I just cant see him playing all through the season to much competition with Dawson, Swift, naulago, Farimino list goes on Swift hasn't gone there to be a sub
  3. How did feki get on today? I know he scored? Is he a contender for top try? I've done handley I'm looking for 1 more player then I have 2 good each way bets on. I'm thinking grace or feki
  4. The problem with Gale is will he ever play.... he seems to get a lot of niggles and can't be relied upon. But he got no service at all yesterday. Briscoe looks 2 stone over weight to what he used too. I don't think he has the pace to be topscorer. Regan Grace is a good shout he doesn't get any injuries. 20/1
  5. Looking at Leeds yesterday Handley didn't see the ball it was all up the right. He seemed frustrated. Newman looked good but can't see odds for him.
  6. Who is left winger for cas yet do we know? is Feki value?
  7. I am taking handley at 16s also tempted by bevan french hearing he is playing full back still 18/1 anyone any more thoughts before I place bets? Any thoughts on man of steel?
  8. Thanks guys in some ways Xmas is great but for others it is a bad time. Appreciate peoples comments. The fact he has young children and is such a hero looking back at him dancing through the Saints line. Have a good Friday.
  9. By the interview hes clearly got issues already I'm surprised it has been unknown for this long
  10. I've got a few issues myself with my mother suffering awful depression and going through a very bad time with my partner. I feel very low lately and not sure where to turn but hearing this has somehow made me feel like it can be fixed. Just had a few tears writing this such a top player and bloke made me really think today. I so hope somehow he can be treated.
  11. This has blew me away. Sat at work i am a Saints fan but it has hit me hard this news. Nobody should have to battle this. I will certainly attend any fund raising events for him.
  12. Hi gates, thoughts on feki?? I think eden is done I thought his day was done when Powell walked across pitch. Looks could kill.......... I do think Richardson will do well
  13. No value, in it as far as I can see handley was the only good price at 20s. Grace wont score enough saints always favour naiqaima and makinson. On the left percival hasn't been the best at providing assists and zeb taia is 1 year older (his last year).
  14. Tried to put £850 on saints to win regular season with skybet at 11/4 they will take £181 what a joke. I tried to put £75 each way ash handley 16s top try scorer they rang through offered me £19 ew. It's a farce
  15. Handley into 16s missed the boat
  16. swift could be a good ew at 50/1 he will play all the games and he can certainly score trys.
  17. Hi Gates1, i went with Claire last year he was ok but not quite good enough. Is Feki likely to play? what about Eden? he was 6s last year as you know. Cheers
  18. Looking at regular season try scorer odds with Betfred, like the look of Ash Handley at 20/1 and also Bevan French at 18/1 anyone have any other fancies?
  19. Does anybody know of any Rugby League Index accounts like Football Index to buy and sell player etc? missing a trick
  20. Hi is anybody aware of any deals anywhere?? Used to see them on groupon etc etc
  21. If anybody has any signed shirts ideally framed or any rare St Helens memrobilia i am happy to pay good prices. 07450 255366 or colin81harris@gmail.com
  22. To be honest I'm very scared of Wigan they just have that habit of strangling teams when it matters. I can see a Wigan win I'm not betting on tomorrows game no value. Watts is a machine. I would love to bin amor and Douglas and have him spelling Thompson and walmsley but we cant have it all!!!!! Or can we????
  23. Cheers pal. I always cheer cas on they are like saints of old throw the ball about with all that talent on the sidelines. I thought 3/1 was unbelievable value with a form team and out of form team. That CC win was a fraud. Anyone wins a one off game.
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