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  1. Which one is related to betting? Like a punt on nrl
  2. Are the NRL games ok sky?? Is it every game on tv or just some?
  3. Nobody can see this, do you have to be on Instagram to bid? Looks like nobody will see these items so they will be very cheap!
  4. Hoping might be something of interest at a good price
  5. Can you let me know how to do this if not got twitter or how to view items? Thanks
  6. Any recommendations for a good read? Read Morley, Hock, Briers, Longy etc any good ones people know of? Fancy buying one to read.
  7. I watched him in his final few games for leeds he looked shot so slow I thought he was finished. Holbrook probably made up he has gone. On that note I'm surprised Holbrook hadn't moved for some of the saints players for gold coast
  8. Cant see any season happening and it states 27 regular season games they wont happen so I will hold out thank you
  9. I have placed 2 big bets on regan grace and ratu naulogo to be top try scorers in the super league regular season. What will likely happen to these bets? Will I get the cash back??
  10. What will happen to the regular season top tryscorer bets now? Hoping for a refund with grace and naulogo doing poorly!!
  11. What has he done it's just been removed very quickly from the saints forum. Hes awful hope he gets removed from the club
  12. You would have to lump on this heavily to win anything. I back heavy on RL upto £500 on a bet, i had £250 on leeds -20 last night and £30 at 9s on Leeds to win by 50 or more in play at 12-0 up. The bookmakers aren't experts on Rugbby and they can be caught out. However my bet on top try scorer Grace and Naulogo looks shot lumped £75 eway on both.
  13. Is this between French and Lomax already? The bookmakers think so
  14. I did him £50 eway 25/1 and grace £50 eway 20/1
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