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  1. Told the mrs, kids all being well trip to Toulose nice weather 5 min from airport...... I dont think they will fancy Bradford!
  2. after seeing that Toulose video i was very excited about going there. Joke that it is Bradford how does Odsal get a safety certificate if they play there? i presume they will play at another ground
  3. Great. No ground (which is a dump Odsal) Far more better choices
  4. I like him. By the way what's Radfords next move?
  5. Saints fan here, watched this guy for a couple of months I love his enthusiasm he deserves the job the players clearly love him. Do the right thing give him a 1 year deal for next season to have a go. Good luck Andy
  6. I made a framed picture of all the tickets for all the finals i have been too and put that in the home office. I also have just bought a acrylic painting of Paul Wellens which is hopefully making its way in there and i have a signed saints shirt waiting to be framed. I got a cabinet from Ikea and displayed some signed balls and kids rugby trophies in it too. It is a nice feature in the house. Form some reason the Mrs doesn't like all the rugby stuff on the walls!
  7. There are already companies that do this with football and rugby shirts. There will be a facility for people to sell ones they dont want on the website. Let's say some has 4 old shirts they dont want I will offer them a price and sell on. Its works well with football.
  8. I am thinking of starting a business selling old rugby shirts going back 30 years. These will be used but in excellent condition. Is there a market for this? What are peoples thoughts? I know of a few very successful businesses doing it with football shirts obviously that has a lot bigger audience. Thanks
  9. that is a very strong salford team. i think they will win easily
  10. Any bookies on here? Surely all bets on the above void? Some teams played a lot more games than others so unfair
  11. Looks massively out of shape to me. A joke of a signing
  12. I suspect they will need to start releasing them very soon with xmas around the corner. I also expect a lot of cheap gear about from all teams trying to clear it for the new range. Some teams must have mountains of kits unsold.
  13. Want my money back! How can it be fair when some teams are playing more than others and it states 21 game season it is less so to me it will be void
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