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  1. Travelling down on coach with family for the game. Anybody know what time the coaches from st Helen's normally arrive? Can any local pubs etc be recommended for a pre match pint got a 7 and 15 year old in tow
  2. Always put off by buying online rugby shirts are so hit and miss size wise. Are these true sizes or all over the place.
  3. I have just been to the Widnes fund raiser and Marwan turned up what a lovely guy. Gave away fortunes in prizes, made everybody smile, a great host. I am a Saints fan but really enjoyed the night. If you read this Marwan I would love a visit to your stables and would donate happily to the Widnes fund or injured jockey fund. I dont have Twitter so not sure how to contact you. Thank you for your rugby support and a nice evening.
  4. Pathetic defence wakey. No chance of them winning by 22. Awful
  5. Wakey -22 3s at ladbrokes great bet as was Salford at 2/1 If wakey win by 23 or more won a lot this weekend
  6. The bet of the weekend is wakey -10 I think they could put 50 on London. I am doing them -18 at 7/4
  7. Rumours fage 1st choice over Richardson in which case coote would be our kicker at 16s for top season point scorer. If true about Richardson could be a snip. Noticed betting gone on top Huddersfield try scorer now mcgilvry injured they were quick with that
  8. Weird 20s with one 66s another big difference
  9. Clare 5 trys in 2 friendlies is he a good bet at 66s on sky top Try scorer 20s on betfred. Also where is Eden??
  10. Yes he looked good yesterday looked trimmer too. He played long minutes. But after such a long time out just makes me a bit nervous
  11. After going the saints game yesterday hull were awful they look very very poor. If I could get a bet on Radford to be gone 1st I would the squad is a joke if they are at full cap compare them to st helens for example it's a farce. I see markets for top metre maker, top points scorer etc are now on betfred. Any thoughts?? It's difficult to tell who will kick for some teams
  12. Who will be top tryscorer in your mind then.... i don't think he will but he could be e/w value
  13. Clare 20s and Betfred and 66s at Sky big difference!!!
  14. I did know you were a cas fan! I've ne we been to cas away but I'm going this year just like knowsley road I've heard. You must know a lot about edens chances? Faraimo is a good price but I think hull will be poor. Nearly fainted when they signed Matty Dawson!
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