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  1. I have emailed the rfl got told this deal started in the Everton programme last Saturday! so it has been on for 7 days before the game. They won't give me a refund or allow me to receive a partial refund. Ripping there own fans off
  2. Am i missing something here? 3 games this year all very close. The bookies are giving Hull + 12 start at even money seems a very good bet if they score first it colud be 18-0 in affect after 10 minutes or so. Seems big to me very big
  3. Hi, i don't have a sky package but somehow watched the above game last week on youtube live for free? are all super league games on youtube now? i am looking for a way to watch saints v warrington tommorow Thank you
  4. As a Saints fan i thought we looked awful v Leigh. hands on hips after 20 minutes. With Knowles not playing i can see us struggling as Marshall has our card marked
  5. Who do you fancy for regular season top tryscorer?
  6. I strongly fancy Wigan to cover the 12 point handicap Leigh have played 2 tough friendlys v St Helen's & Warrington losing both by a big margin. Was it a good idea to play 2 big teams one week after another when new to super league? I think this will have done more harm then good. Leigh are several players down even needing to reinforce the team with loan signings. This game will be a arm wrestle then Wigan will pull away and win by a heavy margin. Hull Kr with a 8 point start seems a good bet. With no Catalan home advantage and the cold Yorkshire weather with a new blend of kids I can see Hull kr and tony smith fired up. They can run Catalan close if not win so the 8 points more than one converted try really appeals. Catalans have a few suspensions. Suggested double hull kr +8 and Wigan -12 both 10/11
  7. Thoughts? Saints -12 v Salford Leigh +12 v Wigan Wakefield +8 v Leeds Catalan -8 v Hull KR Hull fc (scratch) v Huddersfield Castleford +6 v Warrington I am thinking of starting a betting preview on youtube every week for rugby only. Would people be interested in this? Tips, information and facts.
  8. it looks like after behind closed games you then get some sort of refund, and so on
  9. I want to buy a season ticket for me and the kids and Mrs however i am not paying the £900 (decent seats) for this when the first games are lost and i may not want one next season. If they knock them off in advance i would happily go for it but it all seems so disorganized.
  10. I have just read on the Saints forum that they have only sold around 4000 season tickets!!!! surely this cannot be right when i am sure it was around 10000 before covid. Is this correct? how are other clubs doing in comparison?
  11. Problem with Grace is he gets no service and somehow when in the clear manages to find the nearest player and get tackled. He will go 4 games and do nothing then come up with a spectacular hat trick
  12. I can't see Johnstone getting the service or Wakefield doing well enough. If Makinson plays the full season it could be him
  13. Looking at the markets who do you fancy? i am struggling to see who it will be. Went for Grace last year.
  14. York................................... You must be joking everyone was saying Bradford. For me it has to be Toulose everyone else is a joke
  16. Told the mrs, kids all being well trip to Toulose nice weather 5 min from airport...... I dont think they will fancy Bradford!
  17. after seeing that Toulose video i was very excited about going there. Joke that it is Bradford how does Odsal get a safety certificate if they play there? i presume they will play at another ground
  18. Great. No ground (which is a dump Odsal) Far more better choices
  19. I like him. By the way what's Radfords next move?
  20. Saints fan here, watched this guy for a couple of months I love his enthusiasm he deserves the job the players clearly love him. Do the right thing give him a 1 year deal for next season to have a go. Good luck Andy
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