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  1. Sad news, but the right decision. We'll be back bigger and stronger in the future
  2. @Whippet13 firstly, thanks for registering. At the minute, yes the videos are soccer based. As part of the focus club push, G2L have selected 5 teams from 15 sports. At the end of the 4 week push the best performing team from each sport will be selected to represent that sport and feature in their promo videos etc. I'd not actually noticed that there was no Storm branding within the app, so will certainly be feeding that back. I suppose all I can do is give you my word that the money does go to Storm. I've seen it go into the account. In each of the 4 weeks of the focus club push we have to complete 1 task. Week 1: Get 2 people per club member to sign up to the App Week 2: Get 1 person per club member to donate to the App Week 3: A repeat of week 2 - get 1 person per member to donate Week 4: Nominate 5 businesses per member - the G2L team will then engage with the businesses to see if they want to join / support. As the weeks go on different features of the app will be opened up, so when we can pdate things like the club news page, hopefully it will be come more apparent that the app is a 'Storm' app.
  3. Hi All, Long time reader, first time contributer... Not sure if this is the right place or whether it would be more suited to the Community Forum, so feel free to move it. Gateshead Storm CRLC have partnered with, and have been selected as a focus club for, GiveToLocal, an organisation who aim to raise £10m a year for grassroots sports across the UK. Its a great initiative which brings local people, businesses and community sports clubs together via an app. Businesses can advetise offers which users of the app can claim. Users can also choose to donate from as little as £3 a month that goes directly to the club, the idea being that lots of small donations can provide long term sustainable income to community clubs. If you'd like to help support the growth of Rugby League in the North East then you can sign up to the app here https://app.givetolocal.com/signup/gateshead-storm-crlc/2462 There's no pressure to donate as just increasing the numbers of people on the app will help raise the profile of the club. However, if you're the type of person who would like to support a community club with a few pounds a month then feel free. Also I'd encourage anyone involved in community clubs to take a look at GiveToLocal and attend one of their webinars. I think it could be a game changer for funding in grass roots sports
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