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  1. Head's up and onto next week, we was never going to win at Hull KR.
  2. Daz H

    London Sunday

    Oldham 19-12 London Att 628
  3. Good luck to the Oldham lads tomorrow, I think we could sneak a win, shhh ?
  4. Being allowed to reform in the Championship with a 12 point deduction apparently
  5. I will be shouting for the Kiwis but i just can't see them beating the Aussies, The Aussies by 10 for me.
  6. Changing the name of the club will do nothing in attracting new supporters, keep to what we have been known has Oldham Rlfc and Roughyeds has our nickname, what is needed is what everybody has been screaming out for god knows how long, proper marketing, there is a huge area for potential new supporters in both Tameside and Oldham, get into the local schools and sell the great name of this club.
  7. Fantastic news, happy days
  8. Fantastic news, hoping we keep the famous hoops.
  9. Daz H

    A million thanks

    Great post chaddy, great to late You back and also great to be back myself after 9 long years.
  10. Quite confident of a win, it has taken a long time for Oldham to get to were they are now and a lot of heartache, i will go for a Oldham win by 12.
  11. Daz H

    Summer bash

    Had a fantastic time at the summer bash with great company, got to meet up with some old friends who i had not seen in many years, it is never good to lose but we did nothing we can do now,no point keep dwelling on the past we have to move on and start picking points up, onwards and upwards c'mon the yeds we can do this.
  12. Daz H

    Summer Bash

    Been and purchased 6 tickets today c'mon the Yeds.
  13. Daz H


    Down 66-1 now
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