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  1. Sauce of any hue on bacon is the work of the Prince of Darkness.
  2. Funniest female impersonator of the Python crew.
  3. Sadly the world is full of people driving nearly new Audis, Range Rovers and so on, living in houses well beyond their real means who haven't really got a pot to pee in. Low interest rates, car PCP's and credit cards fuel the whole bubble. (Loads of them where I live, plastic card millionaires). Next debt crisis coming soon folks ! Not tarring the unfortunates who have lived within their means and have the rug pulled via redundancy or similar with that brush though. Been there myself a few times, not nice. Two sides to every coin, if the government helps the deserving, they'll have to help the feckless, reckless and greedy. No easy answers. Society needs to change.
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