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  1. This could be the future..? https://bigthink.com/technology-innovation/protein-from-air
  2. Please stop with the the "TGG" nonsense, it has become beyond embarrassing.
  3. I've emailed the editor at the Stalybridge Correspondent in the hope that they can raise the profile in the town. I'm sure a great many Stalybridge folk are totally unaware that this is happening, and more importantly, what a fantastic game RL is to watch live.
  4. I'm sure professional marketing people can easily come up with better ideas. It was just a suggestion, but it hopefully goes to show that it doesn't really matter what you do, just as long as you do something.
  5. I may be wrong, but I'm sure I've heard in the past that for one reason or another, only FCUM are allowed to play there. Have you ever thought of posting a positive comment? Try it, you might enjoy it, you little ray of sunshine. Interesting to read on the club website about the Quest Media link up. There are many rugby fans (both league and union) in the Tameside area and I'm sure that given the right incentives, some can be goaded through the turnstiles. RL is a cracking product and in a nice compact ground like BF, it can provoke a great atmosphere. There didn't seem to be much effort made to get new fans last time the club were in Stalybridge. An example, there is a local free newspaper, the Stalybridge Correspondent, also the Tameside Reporter and Glossop Chronicle (don't forget Glossop, it's only a 20 minute bus ride from BF). Maybe a cut out token for a £5 adult admission or two adults and two kids for a tenner, plug it on Tameside Radio. If you get twenty in the ground on a Sunday and four or five come back, it's a result. Just a thought... (Oh, and get into the local schools, whole new generation of fans out there).
  6. She does have two good points though...
  7. BryanC

    fixtures out

    Thanks for that, didn't realise. I'll give it a watch.
  8. BryanC

    fixtures out

    Think he does something with his "telling bone". (Catweazle lives on!)
  9. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/undertaker-michael-obrien-dukinfield-tameside-6807672
  10. Be wary if you take up an offer from a smaller independent. My late father (along with many others) was ripped off to the tune of £4500 by a loathsome crook who subsequently went to jail. I was in the process of leaning on the guy by turning up on his doorstep at regular intervals, when I was told to back off by the police and trading standards. He was raided the following week, it was found he'd been pocketing charity "in memoriam" donations and stockpiling remains in his garage in addition to the "funeral plan" scam.
  11. Allow me to translate. Alreet Pierre. Me and t'missus are coming to your place in February, it will be nice to si'thee.
  12. We all know that he was. There's a very special place in hell reserved for John Holdsworth, Jim Quinn and John Battye.
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