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  1. "Sing Something Simple" in the car on Sundays. Sounded very like the Black and White Minstrels - I suspect they were the same singers.
  2. How could I have possibly forgotten rap on my list, it's just shouting. I'm not having Free though, how can you not like "Wishing Well" ???? You're bang on with Gracie, though.
  3. Bruce Springsteen Prince Guns 'n Roses (and most US attempts at hard / heavy / rock / metal) Oasis, Stone Roses, etc (I think the only Manc band I liked was The Smiths) What Americans call "R and B" nowadays, too many whiny, grating voices
  4. Very interesting point about teachers. I've never known it brought up before, but obviously a major factor in how things have declined.
  5. You sure it wasn't leaving Fartown that did the damage, Johnny? I could go on at length about losing Watersheddings (won't - still hurts). Suffice to say that the number of fans that used to walk five or ten minutes from home was phenomenal. I wasn't a "local" as such, living where I do. I worked with a bunch of guys who went regularly and bent my ear about how good it was. I went to my first match with them against Hull KR and was hooked (a low scoring war of attrition). The following Monday, I was offered a ticket for the Tuesday night against Wigan in the Lancs Cup. We won. I was proper hooked after that one!
  6. It's nice that Herbie has decided to do one after his Clouseau like deduction. I'm weary of lefties clutching their pearls at the most innocuous comments.
  7. Culture. Not race. Don't twist things.
  8. Yup, the demographic is certainly changing. Don't you just love how "vibrant" our society has become. Not.
  9. Change in regulations regarding controlled substances. Pain in the backside to be honest if you just want a can of flea spray. (Bit like signing the "Poison Book" at the chemists years ago).
  10. It isn't to do with gathering information or marketing, it's to do with the fact that numerous animal treatments are highly toxic controlled substances. If you're buying from a vet, they will often insist that they have to have seen the animal in the last twelve months (ours does, even though we have been with them for donkeys years and they have all the animals previous medical records). Anyway, moving swiftly on, is it just me? Is it? If I buy a bottle of beer, I expect to be offered a glass. Drinking from bottles is for oiks and slobs.
  11. Bit harsh lad. Better to be playing in a ###### ground than having no club. There but for the grace of God...
  12. Glenlivet obviously let the cat out of the bag early with this press release. Long time until 1st of April. What in the name of God were they thinking? Recently graduated "marketing whizz" by any chance - anything to do with Alan Sugar d'ya think? I suppose they'd make a nice change from my cod liver oil capsules in the morning...
  13. Interesting comment. I've found over the years that the "interviews" that were just an informal chat turned out to be jobs that I actually enjoyed doing. The ones with numerous layers of "competency based" interviews, aptitude tests, etc all sucked in a big way without exception (including my current one).
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