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  1. A few selected comments from the MSM regarding the current deification of the NHS:- It is clear from many of these comments that people are getting sick - no pun tended - and tired of this fiasco. I just want to know why the BBC now report death as being WITH the coronavirus and not FROM the coronavirus. I suppose it gives them plausible denial when the difficult questions start being asked. The BBC very cleverly use linguistics to twist issues and confuse the public. Their use of the word “migrant” at the start of the Brexit campaign was astoundingly effective in drumming up defensi
  2. You might want to give this one a go, they are better than restaurant naans. https://www.food.com/recipe/madhur-jaffreys-naan-bread-446809 Hot pizza stone under a very hot grill gives perfect results.
  3. Very good. Now I'll let you get back to your pearl-clutching.
  4. No, it's not a hoax. When did I say it was a hoax? The "statistics" (and I use that word as loosely as it's possible to use it) are being engineered to show the "correct" outcome.
  5. Sorry to burst your little bubble Bob, but sadly you ARE all being lied to. (I was speaking to an acquaintance in the cadaver trade on Friday). I'm sure it will all become public knowledge once the current censorship and suppression measures have become a thing of the past. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud.
  6. Fantastic though, how this virus has totally eradicated cancer, heart disease and virtually all other fatal conditions. Gullible doesn't even begin to cover it.
  7. Nobody care to comment? By the way. Same person takes the same three weeks off fer t'lambing for the last five or six years. I repeat. Care to comment? Thought not. Want to join in clapping on Thursday? Jesus Christ, what's WRONG with you people??? One thing's for certain. When the smoke clears, the only people / jobs/ pensions will be unaffected are the public sector and the "holy of holies" NHS. God help the rest of you and may the devil take the hindmost. I wish you luck, but sadly feel that so many of you will need it. Don't bother to reply
  8. I'm aware of one NHS worker who is currently on the sick and is helping with lambing on the family farm. They are not all "angels".
  9. Pretty predictable responses. Firstly, to answer a question with another question. How stupid does somebody need to be to be unable to understand that if somebody dies of heart failure, then they die of heart failure? The fact that they also have this virus doesn't mean that Covid-19 was the cause of death and they should not be included in the fatalities statistics. As I have stated before, it's a very convenient way for doctors to get death certificates knocked off sharpish. The fear factor of all these "thousands of deaths" also suits the other agendas. Bob8 - Rather than any "mac
  10. Firstly, my earlier deleted post was just a wish that the ex-military on here would just "bore off" (in the modern vernacular), with all their forces reminiscences. I realise that it was disappointing that the majority of "the usual suspects" never actually fought in a war, but really, we're not interested in self-propelled guns, NBC suits, et al. By the way, ckn, you recently promised to "ignore" me. I expect you to keep your word. Moving on. It is PROFOUNDLY disappointing that so many of my countrymen cannot distinguish between died "WITH" Covid-19 and died "OF" Covid-19.
  11. Can't say much on here without a wrist slap. (Or a deleted post, for that matter...) I'll leave you lot to compare notes on your pretty graphs and ludicrous "statistics" with the fount of all knowledge. I'm sure he'll be along on his "tea break".
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