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  1. You were clearly watching a different game to me. Cornwall bombed 2 if not 3 dead certs.
  2. Home from the game. Another extremely wet game. The forecast was for decent weather!! Cornwall deserved more than a nilling and in reality the game was very closely fought. Credit to WWR, they played the conditions very well. I felt Cornwall were pushing the pass and looking for that perfect cut out ball. Not the way to play the conditions, instead of just simplifying the attack. Perhaps a little naivety. The lack of discipline cost in the end. I don't know the official attendance but it looked similar to a couple of weeks back. I'd say around 8 or 900.
  3. Big game in Penryn this afternoon. Looks set for decent weather, so let's hope for a decent crowd to match it! Will be a good guage to see where Cornwall really are vs the Raiders. A benchmark game. A few more loan signings coming in to boost the squad. I'm going for a Cornish win today. I think it will be scrappy and tight with a couple of long range efforts due to gaps in defence from turnovers/lack of experience in both teams. BTW, great result again for Cru. It would be lovely to see them get promoted.
  4. I was saying to a mate on Sunday, if Cornwall could make it through the first couple of rounds of the cup next year and draw a Leeds or Wigan home-tie, I could see a really big crowd at Penryn. Capacity perhaps. Why? There is ###### all else going on in the sporting world down here. It would definitely generate a lot of headlines and media coverage in the build-up. Will be interesting to see if there are any big names for a pre-season friendly in Cornwall next year. Bradford might be interested with the dual-reg agreement and test-out some of their youngsters in the Cornwall squad.
  5. West Wales Raiders v Keighley Cougars - mauling again Rochdale Hornets v Midlands Hurricanes - Rochdale but within 18points Doncaster v North Wales Crusaders - Struggling to see Cru getting beat Hunslet v Cornwall - Cornwall to really push them close, within 18 points Swinton Lions v London Skolars - mauling again
  6. Thanks @Yorks Tim. Sounds like a very close run game indeed. I must admit, I was very impressed with your boys in Penryn. I think there is every chance you could put a string of wins together and get in the playoffs. I've not been overawed with what I have seen of Hunslet so far this season. I'll be very intrigued to see how it goes this weekend. I'm hoping Cornwall can push them closer then their previous results and build then for the following week for the Raiders visit at Penryn. The Raiders visit is a must win for us!
  7. Definitely was an improvement defensively. Rochdale asked a lot of questions on the edges which had been weak in the first few games. They defended much better in those areas. Scrum defence had been woeful and that was much improved. The conditions were shocking and Rochdale played an experienced contained game going through the middle and dominated the ruck. That experience was the difference. Definitely an improvement.
  8. Another enjoyable afternoon in Penryn. The weather was shocking so to get 900 in the crowd was quite the achievement knowing full well most would be exposed to the elements. Some of us lucky folk had a protective seat! Rochdale clearly too much experience, but not doubt Cornwall are definitely improving. I think we will push Hunslet closer next week.
  9. Hunslet v Keighley Cougars - comfortably so. Hunslet haven't been great so far Rochdale Hornets v Oldham - Rochdale, just. Doncaster v Cornwall - Cornwall to get a bit closer than they have been, but still well beaten. Midlands Hurricanes v London Skolars - Midlands to kick on after last weekend. Swinton Lions v North Wales Crusader - Close but Swinton to edge it.
  10. Yep, he was at the game away at Cru and at Penryn on Sunday.
  11. Either way, he was clearly one of the best players on the pitch and a level above. Always looked dangerous with ball in hand and tore a few holes in a tired Cornish defence.
  12. For those not so familiar with the local RU attendances. Worth noting that Cornish Pirates opened their season in 21/22 with 1263 against Richmond and average around 1800 a game. 1500 is a great start!
  13. Great afternoon at Penryn. What a cracking start to semi-pro RL in Cornwall! 1473 in attendance and from everyone around me, they seemed to really enjoy it and I can see another good crowd in a few weeks time. No one was expecting huge results today or initially. Quite frankly everyone was just delighted to have live RL in Cornwall. Great to see some Bradford, Saints and Warrington shirts in the crowd too. Bring on 1st May for the next one.
  14. I'm hoping for a good close game in Penryn on Sunday. Would be great for the new supporters. Lots of local media coverage from the weekend just gone. BBC sport and local news are taking interest. I have seen Eric Perez and team have been announcing scores of corporate sponsorships and Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Visit Cornwall (tourist board) are all pumping the interest too. The Chamber announced they have 60 corporate hospitality tickets available in June. They are generating a lot of noise in the business community locally. Let's hope that turns into long term crowds and a strong home support!
  15. After a positive start yesterday evening... BBC Spotlight (local news for those not in the SW) quoted over 1k tickets sold for next weekend in the segment ahead of the game at NWC. Looks like we should get a very good gate next weekend with over a week of sales to add to that. It sure looks like a party in Penryn next week. Largest attendance in L1 next weekend you'd expect...
  16. Absolutely! Small and steady positive steps forward. I'm most looking forward to the Hunslet games having been involved in the youth set-up many years ago.
  17. I'd agree with you. I suspect the heartlands teams will have too much for us initially. A couple of wins and a respectable showing would be good for the first year.
  18. Up the Choughs! Really looking forward to seeing how the first outing goes. Season ticket at the ready for the first home game next week. It would be lovely to see a game of it with Cru, but not expecting miracles in week one. I'll say Cru by 32.
  19. I see! Got where you are coming from. There's no doubt it struggling to get any real momentum. The Chancellor effectively shot it to pieces with no central gov. support. It seems like Truro FC are really in a mess with this unless they find some sort of miracle. At this rate, they will find themselves at Penryn or Penzance permanently soon enough! Cornwall RL should be fine at Penryn for the time being. Although, if (and a big if yet) they do start to gain some momentum to the point they were maxing out capacity. There isn't too many other options for further growth without serious capital investments on their part.
  20. Out of interest, what insight to the planning have you had? Last I heard, the land was allocated and the conversation had moved to funding it. With the lack of central government commitment in the Autumn budget, it meant they were back at the drawing board for funds.
  21. From the conversations I have had, my understanding is that it will be for free.
  22. Bit presumptuous on the Cornwall front given they are yet to play a game. What gives you such a concrete gauge on future Cornish demand at this point in time? Out of interest, how are you defining "demand" to support your statements of "there is no demand"? It sounds like quite a binary concept reading above. I'd argue "demand" is far from a binary concept...
  23. Penryn is a perfect fit in terms of it being a small (no doubt affordable) ground situated in the middle of Cornwall's bigger population sizes. In the long term, it would be great to see S4C progress (both for Cornwall RL and others). Although, things have gone quiet on that front recently. I don't think its the end of the world, or by any means cataclysmic for Cornwall RL if S4C doesn't progress as per the current plans. No doubt it would be good to have a "guaranteed" home for RL in Cornwall. I know of other initiatives at play in Cornwall that could potentially be mutually beneficial too. Albeit, not on the same scale or size of S4C. Either way, a first season, proof of concept is exactly right. Build from a simple strong base and see where RL goes in Cornwall.
  24. I think that would go down quite well with a fairly new audience. If Cornwall managed to compete well and possibly even finish ahead of some of the above teams, I'd argue it was a positive start to the new club. It provides a platform for further growth the following year.
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