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  1. I am just over and frankly you do not have to worry. Great pubs everywhere. Meltons is recommended for a meal.
  2. 4-8 coming to half time. I have taken the missus to this as part of our honeymoon.
  3. No need. I am satisfied that Oxford are doing much better.
  4. We can focus on the result, but at the end of the day, sport is the loser.
  5. Great news, congratulations!
  6. That you took the question seriously does show you had been working in the NHS
  7. Yeah...no bother.... Just, y'know, got excited for a moment.
  8. Fair enough. But, there is a TRL colony in Denmark of increasing size.
  9. Good stuff. Fitness is more important. Being your size and doing lots of walking will mean you have some serious leg muscles.
  10. This is Fitness Thread, not weight. How has the walking been going?
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