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  1. Crikey. I assumed no news was good news, just thought I would check. Horrible thing to be going through.
  2. Food is not really national that much, despite the best efforts of the C19th. Scouse in Hamburg looks different to Liverpool but tastes the same. In Denmark it looks the same as Liverpool, but has pretty much no flavour (as the Danes prefer much of their food). Yorkshire puddings are known as Dutch to the Americans, but are clearly a roasts rather than fried pan cake. Even faggots are pretty similar to frikadeller. Pork scratchings are found in Denmark as Flaeskesvaer (again with the flavour removed).
  3. We can compare the top flight in the UK to that in France for some comparison.
  4. Often one party will see it as straight forward them gettin everything they want is self-evidentally reasonable. It is why there is more need for a solicitor. It is tough and I certainly hope never to go through it again. Being married again, I can seen know how unreasonable my first try was by contrast.
  5. Yes. @Mumby Magic, what would you think of a woman on this board who was thinking of going into a divorce without a solicitor hoping her ex would be unusually nice? Or agreeing to share her ex-husband’s solicitor?
  6. You would just be dragging it out. You have interests separate from hers whether you want it that way or not. You want to be the decent guy, then you need a good solicitor to arrange things fairly. Without that power, it will be arranged as she sees fit.
  7. I use a proper deep fat fryer. Like a God fearing real man.
  8. I choose my company car by giving her the list and waiting with indifference.
  9. Duck fat or goose fat is the way. I had not thought of adding stock.
  10. I give myself no more than one breath between press ups at the most, and try to do them all on consecutive breaths as the standard.
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