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  1. Thanks for that! At the age of thiirty one, he is still a relative novice compared to golden age fighters.
  2. I fear, without expertise, that AJ became champion too soon. Rather than building up his skills, he had to preserve his title very soon back in 2014. He could have been a great champion, but has ended up being a so-so one. The main names he has beated are Wladir Klitschko, the weaker brother long after his prime. A disappointing defeat against Ruiz and a few pople whom he was expected to beat. He does not have that many miles on the clock and can still come back a lot better.
  3. He was a reverse one. I thought he was South African and he was brought up there, but was actually born in Ipswich.
  4. Fights are so rare that there is little to base it on.
  5. The ref does not matter either way. If either team was dominant, it would not be an issue. Congratulations to Les Catalans, pleased to see it even as a Saints fan.
  6. There was a study I fear that showed emotional impact helped you learn languages better. Unfortunately, the Danish language services seemed well aware of this. There was a dialogue that involved a man asking a woman out and her saying no and him not getting the message, so she kept spelling out how much she did not want to see him in her life. In any way. Ever. Then there were the story books: An older lady starts to struggle and it turns out it is dementia. Everything is getting worse and will continue to do so. An immigrant man brings his wife to Denmark, but she is struggling to settle, he goes to buy her a gift and is wrongly arrested for shop lefting. A girl is cruelly bullied. And that is it. The problem when you are struggling with the language is you would have to pour hours into this sort of thing.
  7. Congratulations to Ann, who has been tireless from the start.
  8. I see no plan that is both: - Feasible - Not terrible
  9. They are good at swimming. We made up for it by throwing money at it, as they had done before.
  10. As a chap who was much more Chuck Wepner than Muhammed Ali, I am against this.
  11. Denmark is doing rubbish. Not that rubbish, but worse than usual and terribly for a nation of their "confidence". I would like to see them do better,but I sympathise with fellow Brits here who arae enjoying this fall from hubris after the childish to nasty reaction after the Euro semi-final.
  12. Yes. Swimming is rather niche on a global scale, running is universal. It is the former where a huge variety of medals are contrived. The pentathlon is a medaly of upper class pass times. The whole amateur ethos is based on upper class pass times. Were darts a posh sport, it would have been in from the beginnning.
  13. The sculpture of Henry Moore set to the music of Thomas Beecham would be another approach.
  14. How about the -ous ending changing from meaning a cause of to a feeling of? And, the real monsters of the Covid-19 epidemic, those who have used "epicentre" for "centre". Bill Gates really should inject microchips if it is necessary to correct them. I will help.
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