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  1. If you are looking at reducing the infection rate, logarithmic makes sense. But, people die and ICUs are overwhelmed in absolute terms. People will mistake the infection rate going down for the number of people being infected going down.
  2. In terms of understanding, there has been an invisible plus side. As it has been imported from ski-ing holidays to the Alps and international business people, it is something of a rich man's flu. This does seem to mean there is no stigma attached. Had it been imported by poor immigrants, I imagine there would be nastier BS going around.
  3. Indeed. In a true serious pandemic though, Smudger would be vital with his HGV licence and keeping the supply chain going.
  4. Yes, but I really would not want you to be concerned with this. The E. coli bacteria are found throughout your gut, it is a very particular strain that the immune system has to react against, and as the bacterium is extraordinarily complex compared to a virion, the specific recognition is very different. A more likely concern is the proteins on the outside of this coronavirus are very variable, like flu. Both are RNA based and so prone to mutation. But they are not related and there is no strong reason to think that is the case beyond speculation. Again, this is rough knowledge rather than expert insight into this virus.
  5. That would make sense. If there are a little over a million employed by the NHS in total, with a large minorty in frontline service, t would take a while before the relatives and those on this forum would be reached.
  6. I was quote proud of how I was adjusting to working from home. My wife said it was less impressive as I had been working from home for over a year.
  7. Firstly, viruses and bacteria are very different. We are more closely related to E. coli than this coronavirus is. So, it is not really relevant. Secondly, clearly anything is possible. As I did make perfectly clear. It is a novel virus, but we can consider likelihood.
  8. I did not see the date on this. It seems like another age.
  9. Indeed, and I do not know the figures that she was looking at nor the advice she was taking.
  10. My discussion was specifically about the speech of the Danish PM, which was surprisingly optimistic.
  11. They will be estimating/guessing and those assumptions will be used to make best guess. Everything is uncertain. It is the rate of infection that the ICU wards being able to cope. It is not pretty.
  12. It is a reasonable assumption, I would think, that you cannot catch it twice. Unlike a bacteria or parasite, the immune system will have recognised the viral pathogen (i.e. have immunity) to no longer have the virus. Certainly, that is not to say it is known for certain, but it is improbable that it is otherwise. Of course, this will not be 100%, but it should be a general rule. In the case of flu, the virus has specific proteins/antigens that mutate, effectively as mask. But, we see that young people are more vulnerable to flu and tend to gain resistance, until the immune system starts to weaken in later life.
  13. I think they are just look at the rate of cases. Denmark was a hotspot before the UK, as many middle class Danes go ski-ing in the Alps. The testing here has not been that comprehensive enough for a full picture (though it seems far more than the UK).
  14. The Danish PM has been on live TV. Things are looking good (i.e. they can cope with the level of illness and enough people have contracted it), that they can ease the restrictions in two weeks. This is dependent on people not taking the mick and the numbers remaining stable.
  15. Quite. It is not straight forward, as with many of these things. The other side is that if a few of these places go bankrupt, it has a major impact on the area. Again, I do not know the answer, just that these things are a horrible complex balance.
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