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  1. The Premier League is about twenty clubs. There are about forty clubs who would be decent sized Premier League clubs and they choose which ones by promotion and relegation. Super League is twelve of fourteen clubs. There are about seven clubs who can be decent sized Super League. The problem is not how we choose them.
  2. I see this is all about the pro-game. Of ourse, the real fans are involved in amateur rugby league.
  3. I actually answered this in the post immediately above yours.
  4. Because you require players to undertake huge amounts of travel, either leaving their families or relocating them for a few months. All for no extra money.
  5. For years, I have been pro-Toronto, but concerned with how they could employ for Super League. These signings have two functions. The publicity is one, but having big names will hopefully make recruitment for the rest of the squad easier.
  6. To save me confirming, it was a tie between Predator and Paddington 2?
  7. Congratulations! These things really are gratifying. I not only told a German man, in German, but we proceeded to argue about it in German.
  8. Sounds good. Plenty of yoga videos for that too.
  9. Whatever you find works! Good luck
  10. Thursday was generic fighting, Friday was an hour of boxing, then light sparring today. Boxing tomorrow. I do not think I can get much fitter.
  11. I was trying to imply the music was foisted upon you. That might be partial chore or torture, that it was not voluntary is key.
  12. I was at a wedding in Patras. It was great. A very old local lady approached me with concern during the wedding. I seemed very nice, but she had seen the Englishmen on the islands, especially the wild Salford supporter on Crete. She was happy I was enjoying a beer, but asked me to promise I would not go crazy and drink all 330mL.
  13. That is simply untrue. I answered his questions for years and he claimed I had not. I am not going to persevere as I am not that stupid.
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