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  1. For people who like cold beer, rather than cool, craft beer is great. The coldness means that there is no place for subtle flavours, you need a strong whack. Belgian or British ales are wasted at that temperature, but craft beers do well. It is perfect for former lager drinkers.
  2. I visited Alnwick in about 2002 when it was unknown, and we were really impressed. That has changed a lot since.
  3. I went back to the boxing gym, after deciding to give the sprain in my wrist time to recover for a week or two. I was a mess. Sweating hard after five minutes and so exhausted at the end that I dreaded the walk home. Good to be back though. 81.7kg.
  4. Some sites that had relaxed over here are getting stricter again. My meeting at a client site tomorrow has been cancelled and masks are now compulsary on their site. It think it is a sign that it is not containable in Denmark.
  5. I cannot say that I have seen it in Europe, but I have been lucky perhaps.
  6. Even as an engineer working a couple of years ago, we would look at the original workings of people from a few decades ago and it felt like people from the dark ages looking at the works of the Roman Empire.
  7. Just learn Swedish and come over.
  8. Tom, old chap, I can only assume you do not follow the news from Malmø. The place is abuzz with talk of Rhondda.
  9. I confess, I do not like the idea. I have not been involved for a while, so I could well be an old fogey here! The logisitics of travel are huge and also we must consider what fixtures are cost effective and will appeal to people. Red Star Belgrade have name recognition, and are huge to a soccer audience. However, if you are going for a snobby, foodie audience, an obscure Spanish or French side would be better. What I am suggesting is that the sport come second to the event.
  10. We had a similar issue in Oxford. On the other hand, it has very nice pubs.
  11. I was lucky enough to know Simon. He drove from Hamburg to Copenhagen to referee a game of rugby league. He paid his own parking and my dog loved him. He was a big fella back then. He was not the most confident of men, nor that comfortable in his own skin. I remember the transformation in him when he ran over the whitewash though, the weight came off his - even though he was the ref rather than a player. I suspect for years he had only felt truely at home on the rugby pitch. He seemed a quiet sensitive man. I suspect his happiest years were his last years. He found a wife who truely cared for him and they had a daughter who brought him more to life than he had before. I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit him last year. He was a gracious host and it was great to see him with a very loving wife and daughter. Probably happier than he had ever been. It was the only time my wife met him and she is affected by his death. We had been planning on visiting him in March, but coronavirus prevented it. His wife has been remarkable through this period.
  12. I have started using light weights instead of press ups or the heavy bag, and that strained wrist of a few weeks is starting to recover. More boring though. 80.4 kg
  13. I have enjoyed refined company and a nice drink in Portsmouth.
  14. It has been quieter since about 2015. A few people left, leaving the remain people with a great deal to do.
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