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  1. If a partner wants to leave for something specific, then it can be they are will co-operate fully with putting their past behind them. But, often a dovorice is tougher than a marriage. If two cannot make a marriage work, it is unlikely a divorce will work out nicely.
  2. This is the ideal that should be aimed for. It should certainly be the goal. But you are asking a lot of anyone to accept 50% of the blame and for them not to feel cheated in such an arrangement. Certainly, aim to do it this way, but find a good solicitor and be ready. Just in case.
  3. I agree. These things are gimmicks because they are add ons. It is not part of what they do. The BBL is not glamorous or elite within its sport. People will watch because they are huge fans fo the sport or feel a connection to the team. That connection has to be key, so work out what people will connect with.
  4. I used to help with a small amateur set up that had cheerleaders. One of the first things I did was scrap them. If you are trying to impress your audience with glamour, you need a flash stadium and cheerleaders. If you are trying to get the crowd to feel part of the occasion, you are far better off with a kid distributing sweets to the crowd. I would suggest there are few UK rugby league clubs who have a reasonable chance at being the epitome of glamour. In the case of the USA and perhaps Australia, cheerleading is more respected in its own right. I still think there is a case for the Oakland Raiders approach, if you cannot be glam, keep it local which is what they did.
  5. You are going into one of the hardest times in your life with someone you are likely to still love on some level, while she is likely to believe you are the devil. This is no time for advice from strangers on the internet. You can generally meet a solicitor for free and discussion of fees. Again, I am also an ignorant no-one on the internet.
  6. Sorry, Gav. DO you have a solicitor yet? That is always the first step. You can only play nice once you have that strength. It is a horrible time, the worst of my life even without kids.
  7. There are few better way of choosing. The old way is hte best. Give the job to your head, think about it deeply and then rely on the heart.
  8. To be fair, if you were genuinely going to do as strangers on the internet advise, I would be far more worried about you!
  9. I think we see what happens in the USA. Generally, what they do there arrives here. And that means fewer pro-clubs, and the ones that remain have to be bigger. And, we do not have room in the UK for that many big clubs.
  10. I think people often think the sport has to be as they grew up with it. Adult participation numbers are collapsing. We can bemoan and fail, or adapt. The future will probably see sport be more like North America, where serious sports are played mainly by kids and a few elite athletes with most people dropping team sport as they grow up. That is a shame. It is also inevitable. The UK is unusual in having as many pro soccer clubs as it does. The third rung has no business being full time.
  11. Further to this, we have Covid-19 going around. Lots of people are going to be redundant, the economy is buggered, but the money to ease the pain is being applied for a bit yet. This is not a time to upgrade your house. Prices will go down significantly next year, but more importantly you might not be as secure as it seems. The financial crisis of 2008 started in 2007 and people thought it would be over by 2008. This is different, but in a way more serious, the world is actually poorer rather than realising it is not as rich as it thought. Furthermore, the UK will have brexit too, making it worse off. If you are earning a saving good money, spend money on destressing and not much else. We are likely to need a bigger house, so we are looking to buy in the new year when prices drop ad buy a cheap one in the sticks. We have a place in central Copenhagen, so we plan let it out. This is a terrible time to upgrade.
  12. If your house is big enough (and at some point those kids will start to disappear), then a bigger house seems a terrible idea. But, it is a false question. This is not a voucher with two options. Other things include invest, have a bigger amount to spend and have the security. Invest in the kids' future (I would go for the bigger house first ) Generally, you do not know what will make you happy, so spend on security and what will make you grow as a person.
  13. Thanks for that! It is all best guess, the virus is simple but human beings are very complex. We are learning a lot about how it is transmitted, but how people actually get infected seriously is still unclear (as it is for flu).
  14. All RNA viruses will have different variants very quickly, as RNA is not very stable. Strains can be a bit misleading, as it brings to mind flu virus, and the different strains of that; but that is rare. Generally, the interest in variants is one of genology rather than pathology. Everything in biology is vague. Immunity is not a 100% thing. We see that most healthy forty years olds are effectively immune to the flu (the "youth" of this messageboard are in their forties and I suspect have not generally had the flu for many years), the elderly have been no less exposed but are vulnerable again. Equally, a re-infection will occur sometimes with an identical flu strain and reinfection with Covid-19 is likely to be with an effectively identical Covid-19 pathogen. The immune system is horribly complex and has a complex task, it will make mistakes (such as tragically killing someone who eats a peanut of giving them MS).
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