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  1. For reasons that escape me and are lost in time, I wanted to send a postcard from St Helens. Back then, this was a challenge and I could not find a picture postcard of St Helens until I finally found some for sale at the library. I commented to the librarian that the landscape pictured looked very pretty. She said, "Yes, but it's in Runcorn"- That was pretty damning. It is actually a bit better than that.
  2. Clearly, the game today was not equal to the one I missed last weekend (well, I assume not), but I was also impressed at the coverage. Respectful, which is what we have asked for in all the time I have been alive.
  3. Actually, would you pm me. I would like to tell you a lot more about it.
  4. Not much in all, but I will tell you the story if we catch up ever!
  5. Following great thought, I will just be going to the car dealership up the road from me and buying one. Basically, because of this.
  6. Happened to notice Dickie Davies is still going. Young than I thought, b. 1933.
  7. Had a slurp of NyQuil. Sweet baby Jesus, it is good. I am looking forward to tongiht's fix
  8. I have a cold. I have written about how when people compare Covid-19 to the flu, they seem to forget how serious flu is. Presumably because people think of flu as like a cold. Well, I forget, that while hardly life threatening, a cold has stopped me in my tracks. I cannot work, as I cannot concentrate, I am hot and shivery and rather pleased it will all be over within a week.
  9. I expect a contract to come through in the next week or two, then hand in two months notice. With that, I hand in teh company car and will need to have one ready for mid March. New ones are better value right now, because they are not an option for people like me
  10. I am likely to be changing jobs and giving up the company car. Oddly enough, Gubrats face, an Audi. I changed my key ring recently, from the slight impractical Audi one to a more practical cheaper key ring. It really showed I am not an Audi man and will be going for Skoda or Dacia.
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