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  1. I did. Bush Junior had a war that I suspect Trump would not have had. Afghanistan would have been enough.
  2. I suggest he has been the best Republican President since George Bush Sr.
  3. An actual justification could be that despite his terrible character, he is standing in the way of progressive forces that risk inadvertently undermining important aspects of society. Making stuff up and claiming being bullied seems pointless.
  4. Eastern Europe is the greatest achievement of the EU in my opinion.
  5. This is a video my a very Conservative Leaver, reporting that Magid Magid was apparently very naive. Were the Remain argument that the EU is a dynamic organisation bringing us to a strong federal future full of unicorns, then this really would be damning. For most Remain, the EU is a necessary organisation to help lots of countries very close to each other to work together, i.e., there is going to be lots of beaurcracy and the EU is there to do it. Instead, we will have lots of extra red tape and loss of free trade. So, thank you for posting the video, but I do not think it acknowledges more Remain arguments, let alone refute them. Indeed, that the EU was a bunch of single minded idealists forging specific vision for Europe was more a Leave argument and I am not sure showing it not to be true is good for the Leave argument.
  6. I think we can imagine what would happen if Corbyn said that some British Jews should go back to where they came from. I suspect most seeing nothing wrong with Trump's comments would be (rightly) horrified. As would most almost all on the board. Yet, there would be a poster or maybe two who would defend it.
  7. The people suggesting that fat people are just the worst, are not the same people who appreciate expertise.
  8. Indeed. I think the effect of the economy is often over stated, but Trump is not popular. He is merely popular within a party, and that party is popular, but he is not an asset. The economy has coped, so ordinarily he would be popular. Instead, he has on average been the least popular President in the USA since WW2 (when polling began). https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/ Because, people like you are I perceive the modern world to be reasonable compared to the old world. White, middle aged men with little educational qualifications do generally have lower status than forty years ago. To them, the modern world has taken away from them. Jacob Rees Mogg no doubt feels the modern world wants to take his status and wealth from him, so they have an unlikely alliance.
  9. He appears to be very much not that. He is very thin skinned, insecure and easily upset. That is very different to cold disregard.
  10. My younger brother is mentally challenged and loved dropping rubbish at the skip. All the workers there would stop the equipment when he was there and make him feel like a star.
  11. How long would it take on the streets of England to find someone who cannot find Scotland on a map? Even on this board, several members are barely sentient.
  12. No, that was not great. I suspect we could quickly find people as bad on the streets of England.
  13. We are aware of the USA, as much of the media is based there. They have a loud cultural voice. If you are in Europe, you cannot avoid learning about the USA, but you can avoid learning basic facts about Africa. We have smart people on this thread who did not know a basic fact about Africa. Should it shock us that people from the USA do not know basic facts about Europe?
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