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  1. Top 3 all time: WCC @ Melbourne - Getting the wife out to Aus for a few weeks combined with Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne takes some beating. In the ground talking to folks from RL country now plying their trades in HK, Singapore and Aus was quite special and showed just how wide the reach of RL is. It also defied all logic of what a 'typical' RL fan was. Ryan Hall going in for the first try in front of us was pretty special. The next 74 mins of the match was unfortunately one way traffic. Catalan: Cant beat a boys trip for a few days. Too much alcohol, too much
  2. Taking a very different angle (and in very simple terms), the latest annual reports for 2019/20: RFL Total Assets: £20.7m RFU Total Assets: £380.7m Based on their ability to acquire wealth/assets over the 125year time period, the fact the RFU's assets are x18.4 times larger *should* help to in taking stock off the pitch.
  3. If the RFL have their data and systems together, they can do some of the market research themselves to shortlist areas for support. Their systems should be able to provide them with the data to at least start looking at this. Such is the importance of their data management (CRM) in terms of revenue, but also in terms of focused efforts on grass root expansion to supply the basics as you describe above: Where are the hotbeds of fans? Do they have an amateur offering at the mo? If not... How engaged are these groups with RL content/clubs/England etc? Can they bring small grou
  4. Completely agree. There is ample accommodation at all levels if you fancy bringing the family. Yet is completely doable in a day if you so wished, just like a Perpignan trip. I did the day trip "up-country" from NQY regularly pre-pandemic. Looking at some of the other live event attendances such as Eden Sessions/Food festivals etc. shows that the locals do turn out for quality entertainment. Albeit, this is a completely different genre of entertainment. Truro literally came to a stand still a couple of years ago because the bloody CocaCola truck turned up and it had never been this f
  5. It is interesting to hear your perspective on this as a fellow northerner now in Cornwall. I must admit that for the very reasons you state are Cornwall's weaknesses re. sports clubs, I have always perceived as a positive oppurtunity for RL in Cornwall. There is no local football foothold in the county with RU dominating, albeit with just the Pirates and some clubs at a much lower level. Cornwall has a multitude of towns in the central belt of Cornwall (Truro, Falmouth, Newquay, Camborne, Redruth) that are the core of the counties 500k population... Yet at the moment the Pirates
  6. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/easyjet-announces-new-routes-manchester-4992118 There has been regular flights from Manchester, Leeds, London, Doncaster (in seasonal heights that coincidentally match most of the RL season) amongst others for years now. It is just part and parcel of how you get around for business if living in Cornwall. Flybe went bust. Now we have a mix of Easyjet, EasternAir and Logan flying right across the north and to London several times a day. Flying in and out of Newquay is about as easy as it gets in terms of air travel in the UK. Straight i
  7. There is also no reason the same policy couldn't be adopted across all selected squad players in SL.
  8. Completely agree Paul. The short term focus has to be on securing domestic RL both playing but importantly, generating revenues as best as possible in the circumstances. No doubt that it is going to be a very tough financial year yet again.
  9. "There is also a balance to be struck between having enough games in the calendar to help fill clubs' empty coffers and satisfy TV demands, but not playing too many matches and potentially damaging England's World Cup campaign in the autumn." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/55619672 Or perhaps, we could name an England squad towards the back end of the season, whereby they aren't forced to play 5 fixtures in 18 days then back that up with an intense world cup shortly afterwards. i.e. keep those players slightly more fresh for a world cup year. I highly doubt the clubs
  10. The money that has come into Snooker from Asia is incredible. Really changed the dynamics of the sport and driven significant investment. Kudos to your efforts! I wish you all the success!
  11. I work in higher education and have the data showing me where they are domiciled and where they eventually go to university, what courses they study etc etc. Northern students travel shorter distances on average. They are far less likely to travel south vs. southerners to go north. There is also the deprivation levels in many northern towns/RL towns that also show they are much less likely to get into Russell Group universities/high tariff universities than the average student. Participation rates at universities (i.e. those that go to university vs. those that dont) are also much lo
  12. That makes absolute sense given the types of students you describe above. Quite an international cohort and certainly far more geographically and socially mobile than the average student. Really refreshing to hear that you are introducing the game to these students who likely wont have heard of RL before. Some great evidence with Fran Goldthorp you described too. Sounds like the facilities are brilliant and quite the envy of many RL clubs/schools. If only we had the cash in the game to support this on a wider scale! Would be interesting to see how this develops with alumni in fu
  13. Out of interest - wondering why you have just looked at Russell Group uni's? In my experience, northern students have a much lower propensity to move out of the north of England and are far more likely to be attending universities that are not Russell Group. Particularly when compared to their southern English equivalents. I'd recommend you look at this geographically, rather than just at university rankings. They are a very poor judgement on university quality.
  14. Insular? Yes. Disappointing? Yes (not a reflection on Leigh, they are a solid, well run club that no doubt score well in all categories). Sensible? Most probably. Exciting? Not in the slightest. Opportunity for growth missed? Without a doubt. Risk levels? Low. In a nutshell, I can totally understand this choice. Although I cant shake off that genuine feeling of disappointment. That feeling of losing ground. Losing momentum. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a strategic vision for the game that is more than a list of numbers in a hidden pdf. Something we can all u
  15. The single most agreeable post I think I have ever seen on this forum. You hit the nail on the head @whatmichaelsays It's all about understanding audience types, their psyche and how to tap in to generating revenue out of them over the course of their (customer) lifetime. What particularly jumps out to me, is the increasing income growth for young people, combined with the evidence that increasing wealth in recent years has lead to increased geographic mobility. i.e. more young people than ever before are being educated to a higher level. With that comes higher level skills, inc
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