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  1. Absolutely agree, Marriott was my MOM, played the full 80 minutes, never took a backward step, "what an engine"
  2. shadrak


    Just been reading info regarding the up and coming A.G.M. Can someone enlighten me as to why the membership is now closed. surely this is premature, the candidates have not yet been announced, and we could be losing revenue from potential new members.
  3. I also agree, both of them not only disrespected the chairman, but Durant showed a complete lack of respect for the guy who has bankrolled the club for the last ten years, commenting "WHO'S HE"
  4. Just wondering if Jordan Case is still training with the squad. He would be a great addition, can play in a number of positions.
  5. Glad to see Jordan Case back in training. Good player, who didn't get a proper run in the side under Kilshaw.
  6. Absolutely brilliant second half performance, because of the injury to Cookson and the walking wounded I didn't hold out much hope at half time. Whatever Killer said to the lads at half time worked a treat. Great commentary edge of the seat stuff. Well done to everyone at Hornets.
  7. Sorry Ornit, I think you were watching a different game from me. The performance was embarrassing and worse than dreadful. Barrow played with passion and aggression, and scored with vertually every attack when in Hornets 22. Easy tries!!!! No defence !!!!! On the other hand Hornets were woeful in attack, lacking ideas in Barrows 22. Do we have any planned moves when in scoring positions?
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