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  1. Mark

    2023 squad

    Hopefully not Rush from Jamaica
  2. Swinton just announced DR with saints so we will see how that goes
  3. Mark

    2023 squad

    Be intersting to see who fills the last few places, from what I can see for next season I am not sure that its any stronger then the season just finished, as people are saying, we cant go with gregson in the halves again. I do like him in the back row though
  4. Had him at Swinton, he looked a world beater one minute and then a rank amatuer the next. If you can gethim fit and focused and can motivate him, he can go very well for spells
  5. We have signed a winger called Dyne from you. Any good?
  6. Mark

    2023 squad

    21 by my reckoning, might have missed a couple out on here. They said we were aiming for a squad of 25 plus loans I think
  7. Mark

    2023 squad

    J Hatton signed on again
  8. Mark

    2023 squad

    Bennion re-signed from Rochdale and Dyne from Keighley
  9. Mark

    2023 squad

    Spedding from Widnes and Openshaw tonight’s signings
  10. Gibson signs for swinton from NWC, any of their fans about to give us an opinion on him and Rodden?
  11. Mark

    2023 squad

    Gibson signed from NWC
  12. Else is a good signing for you guys if you can keep him on the pitch, disappointing from our view that he didnt want to challenge himself at the higher level but will be a cracking player in Div 1
  13. Mark

    2023 squad

    Badrock signed from Leigh Miners, sounds like he’s let out that Openshaw who played for Oldham on loan last year has signed as well, he was MOTM for me in the first 20 mins before going off injured when he played against us at sale
  14. Mark

    2023 squad

    Luke signed on again
  15. Someone asked for our opinion so I gave it, my thoughts on the people that moved on are:- Hatton - Big loss has been immense for us Roberts - Was in my top three for player of the year, really rated him Hanson - Had for me, his best season with us Meadows - Tried hard but not good enough, squad filler at best at league 1 level Willkinson - Found his level in league 1, was way behind Roby and Waterworth Charnock - loved him, always gave 100% and will be a big miss Jones - Fan favourite for his effort, always seemed to struggle with his fitness but good league 1 player Spencer - Got better as the league went on and had a really good last few months Hope - Did all the rubbish most people miss, cleaned up other players missed tackles and ran some excellent lines. Big loss Else - Gutted he has left, thought he had real potential although seemed a bit injury prone. You seemed to rate Wilkinson, I don't. The players will get a good send off on presentation night and a thank you from the fans. Players move on, not many players now in the Butt, Waterworth or Lloyd mould who have turned down better offers previously to stay loyal.
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