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  1. Surprised this hasn't got more replies, fantastic effort by the new board
  2. Dwyer as class for Swinton previously till we stopped paying him mid season and he went back to amateur rugby, gutted he's not coming back but good luck to him
  3. That doesn’t include friendlies, only official matches
  4. Pop up shop announced for Saturday 1-6 in the white swan
  5. I read somewhere there will be a pop up shop in Swinton next Wednesday with the new kit available to purchase on the day, still with Supro as per last year
  6. Oldham with 251, followed by hornets and Salford
  7. I’ll ask on Facebook and let you know
  8. Salford, used to play them every season in pre season friendly plus 2 a year in the old one division.
  9. Harry Aaronson put on his Facebook page he has signed for you guys on a permanent basis
  10. Mark


    Announced against Swinton. Supposed to be playing at your place (Crown Oil), enjoyed playing at mayfield last year against you so wouldn’t moan if it’s changed to there.
  11. Played 3 times for Swinton first team, first game on 14/9/57 and last game on 23/11/57. Is listed as a second rower in the swinton lions book
  12. Board have guaranteed money for next season. It’s 2021 where the questions lie
  13. Unless they artificially inflate attendances like they tried to do when Swinton first moved to Gigg Lane they will found out next year, our pridebuilder have already said most of the donations come from M27
  14. We have basically just become a franchise for a Leigh supporting chairman who believes his own hype. People at the meeting where he is quoted saying 80% were for it are basically saying it was 50/50 at best and no proper vote took place. If he wants to create a new club, that’s fine but at least be honest about it.
  15. I’ve been attending Swinton games since I was 3, I’m not 44. This year I’ve brought 3 replica jerseys for myself and one for my 2 year old daughter plus T-Shirts, season tickets, etc. I, like a lot of Swinton fans will not support a new club, basically they have just raped us of our history and used it as a vassal for a ego driven chairman to become manchester. We may not be many but we put our hearts and souls into the club, it feels like they have been ripped out today.
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