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  1. Mark

    Next season

    See you have signed another player that played for us last year, catching us up now
  2. Mark

    2022 squad

    Be an interesting team that’s picked first game
  3. Mark

    Next season

    And we too your players as you didnt offer them a contract or enough money
  4. Mark

    2022 squad

    Look a bit short on backs, half backs certainly
  5. Mark

    2022 squad

    I thought he looked good, fast around dummy half. probably needs to beef up a bit for his tackling. Not given a fair chacne, good signing for you
  6. Mark

    2022 squad

    Liam Forsyth announced tonight
  7. Mark

    2022 squad

    Jordan Case ex Rochdale plus Ben Hayes and surprisingly Nick Gregson added
  8. Mark

    2022 squad

    Mitch Cox signed, thought he was really solid last year
  9. Mark

    2022 squad

    Louis brogan, good re-signing that. Looked good last year in a beaten team
  10. When I first started watching Swinton in the late 70's and early 80's we had Danny Wilson and Green Vigo, you could probably write a book about them two
  11. Good news that, think his dad played for us previously
  12. I thought Ridyard got a lot of ###### from our fans last year when it wasn’t his fault. Him and Hansen didn’t click in the halves and were playing behind beaten pack every week, I reckon he’ll be a good signing for you guys
  13. Mark

    2022 squad

    And Mike Butt, huge signing
  14. Mark

    2022 squad

    Will Hope added
  15. We had him last year at Swinton. He improved as the season went on but I think with his experience and talent we were expecting a pack leader, which he didn’t seem to be
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