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  1. Mark

    Ben Morris

    Ha ha, just like a big player swap midseason. Yes he was 4 how are our ex players doing? Shelford always tries his hardest but wasn’t quite big enough and Thomas was an enigma. Didn’t really see Williams play for us
  2. Mark

    Ben Morris

    Looks like he has signed for us over at Swinton, any good?
  3. Cheers everyone, we will try them both out and have a few drinks. If we survive I’ll see you at the ground
  4. On another note, I’m coming on the train from Swinton, do I get off at castleton and are there any decent pubs on the way in
  5. Wow, I’m over in Toulouse for the weekend, just woke up still drunk after celebrating last night. What a performance from the lads, quite a few will be playing at a higher level next season I think
  6. Broken a bone in his back so out for the season, was playing really well before that
  7. Mark

    Game on

    Hope to see you all today at Heywood Road, pitch just passed inspection. Safe driving
  8. Our chairman says he doubts the game will be on, hopefully will play it on a free weekend if postponed and not midweek
  9. Thornley was announced by Leigh last Friday
  10. Played for Swinton season before last, was excellent although needed to work on his fitness with joining us half way through the season
  11. Mark

    Online shop

    I think Andy Mazey said kits released this week
  12. Thanks for your replies on Adam Jones. Was disappointed when he left us but hopefully will come back a stronger player. Youre much more helpful then the rochdale lot were??
  13. Adam Jones signed for Swinton again, how did he go for you guys last year?
  14. He has signed for Swinton alongside Billy Brickhill, are they any good?
  15. We have a full coach of 65 leaving a local pub at 10.30 (opens at 9.30?) a couple of hours drinking in Ulverston then onto the game. Looking forward to meeting up with your fans at the game, always some of the most knowledgable and good hearted in the league. See you tomorrow
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