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  1. We had Simon Knox play in an admittingly poor team at Swinton and he was like a machine all season and earn't himself a move to Leigh
  2. I remember Norm Brown telling me a story where someone said to Alva "your not the quickest player in RL you know" and Alva said "I know, our kid is!"
  3. For swinton in the 80’s it was Danny Wilson and Green Vigo, both on and off the field you never knew what was coming next!
  4. Thought you played the conditions better and didn't make silly mistakes. Your half backs kicked better then ours as well. We never win at your place so didn't have it down as a must win game, was hoping to have beaten Dewsbury last week to have 2 wins going into the game but never mind.
  5. Mark

    Sunday drinks

    I think we went in the one under the stand. Didn’t realise there was another one, thanks everyone. Hopefully see you Sunday
  6. Hi, we have a full coach coming over on Sunday and I’m a bit worried that the bar might not be able to accommodate us if we all decide to go straight in the ground for a drink. Is there anywhere else around near the ground?
  7. Cracking win, never easy to go up there anytime in the year, even more so in winter. I said I would be happy with two wins in the first three games so hopefully can turn over Dewsbury at home this weekend
  8. If you are struggling o get rd of the memorabilia I will take it from you?
  9. Believe Scott Moore is signing back on for you guys
  10. Pro Carrier had a 2 year contract, virtually all the others are new sponsors. The old board did a lot of good, I don't think anyone is denying that but Mazey gambled when he thought he had enough support and it failed. Now is the time to unite and move on
  11. Surprised this hasn't got more replies, fantastic effort by the new board
  12. Dwyer as class for Swinton previously till we stopped paying him mid season and he went back to amateur rugby, gutted he's not coming back but good luck to him
  13. That doesn’t include friendlies, only official matches
  14. Pop up shop announced for Saturday 1-6 in the white swan
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