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  1. This is correct, the Knights wanted him for 2022 and we’re going to pay him 600k for the season. However he asked for a release which they granted.
  2. While Cust is not a big name signing he is a good player. I think Cust is the type of NRL player more SL clubs should sign. Young, has talent and wants to prove a point. Didn’t get an opportunity with Foran/DCE as the halves last year. But Cust is a good running half and. Strong defender. He would be a good 6 with a ball dominant 7 who can lead the team and around and handle most of the kicking. I’m not sure if Wigan is the right team for him but he is a good player.
  3. As a Newcastle fan watched a lot of Pearce over the last few years. I think it’s a really good signing for Catalans. Pearce is an on field leader. Plays with awesome effort and determination. He leads a team around really well and is a good defender. Really good habit of making a clutch play, be it a key 40/20 or match winning field goal. The downside is his kicking game is poor. Short kicking struggles to find the in goal and his long kicking game results in lots of aimless bombs landing around the 20m mark. His running game has also suffered as he gets older and he been injured the last few years. Overall a good halfback, who will lead the team around really well and make others better.
  4. One thing I liked about it being Great Britain was that it is a unique brand. What I mean by that is the England rugby league team looks and is branded very similar to the England rugby union team. I like how the Great Britain Lions is unique and think it creates a lot of opportunities for the game in Wales and Scotland (Ireland should be left out of it). The point has been made that Great Britain never played in Wales and Scotland. While this is true, I don’t see why they couldn’t in the future. I’m a believer that you need big events to attract interest and help the grassroots. An Ashes test against Australia in Cardiff would be a great example. I think you need to give aspiring Welsh and Scottish players who have multiple sporting options somethings to strive for. The ability to play in big games in Ashes series and World Cup finals is an attractive option for young Welsh and Scottish players to choose our code.
  5. As a Knights fan, Pearce is along way from his best. However he still has value and would be a good replacement for Maloney (albeit a small downgrade). Pearce has a decent running game (although not as quick as he used to be) and is a good defender. He can lead a team around the park and has played in a lot of big games. His biggest weakness is his really poor kicking game. Lot of aimless mid field bombs and his short kicking has been bad for a few years. He does however come up with the big play fairly often, a good 40-20 or a clutch field goal. He would be a good signing for Catalan imo and a step above most halves in super league.
  6. I would pair 20 year old Trueman with 24 year old Williams in the halves. There isn’t a ton riding on this series all throng considered. May aswell give the younger players an opportunity to gain experience. Put Widdop and Hodgson with the in the spine so they have plenty of experience around them and get them ready for the 2021 WC. 1. Widdop, 6. Williams, 7. Trueman, 9. Hodgson
  7. If full time then yes. No point splitting up for 1 tournament. If they did I guess u would either go with a smaller World Cup (quality over quantity) or the likes of Serbia, Jamaica and Cook Islands would come in
  8. This is an excellent point. If it gets to the stage where Reagan Grace and the other young welsh players feel they need to switch to England to play in big international games then that is a big reason to go back to Great Britain. Big difference between regular test against AUS and NZ with good crowds vs 1000 people against Serbia, Scotland and Ireland Worst case they end up going to union
  9. As an Aussie I’ve always thought the biggest advantage of being Great Britain is it’s a point of difference from union and other sports. I personally feel like England rugby league can be overshadowed by England rugby union. As much as people ###### on the jersey argument here. People knew Great Britain and the jersey was a rugby league brand. It stood out I do agree with many here that it should be one or the other all the time, not switching between the 2. I do sometimes think International rugby league is so focused on having quantity over quality in terms of number of teams and there makeup
  10. Waiting for some official news before I get to upset. But this would be a disaster, atleast you guys will get to watch some test matches, Australia arent even palying a home test this year and I have no idea what they will do next year if there not playing the Lions
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