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  1. ASKED TO SHARE ON BEHALF OF ST MARYS HOSPICE Ged Mcdermott has 2 Corporate tickets for the Wigan v Brisbane game tomorrow night. Due to unforseen circumstances he is now unable to go but would like the tickets to go to someone. He is asking for a suitable donation to St Marys Hospice. He will deliver them to whoever wants them. I would have them myself but am waiting to find out if Children can go on the tickets. 1st come 1st served I guess. Geds No 07979413106. If you buy them please post on here Cheers Gary
  2. Ulverston A.R.L.F.C have resumed Pre Season training and are looking to welcome new players to our squad. Our 1st team will be competing in the NWML Premier Division in 2014 and our A-Team will be hoping to capitalise on a decent 2013 season. We already have a decent sized squad but are looking to further challenge our existing players and create a competition for places atmosphere. Experienced players & new players are always welcome regardless of ability. Are you up for the challenge?? Training is on Monday 18:30 - 19:30 and Wednesday 18:00 - 19:30 We have a challenging Pre Season planned and lots of sessions booked with outside experts.
  3. Can someone please provide me (via PM) the attendance figures for last season 2013. Cheers
  4. Does anybody have any recent NRL or SL games on DVD that I could borrow please? Thanks in advance Gary
  5. Have to say well done winning the league leaders shield (you won't be caught IMO). Under the old system you would now be looking forward to playing in Super League for being consistently the best team over the course of the season. Unfortunatly you 'could' still choke and loose out on the Grand Final which would be a travesty thanks to the idiots running the game. Problem with all this is that the RFL will no doubt give the Franchise to the 'average' cup side and sheeiite league side Widnes, despite Barrows efforts last season and yours this season. Still, well done though........the best team won the comp in the end.
  6. Bomb the sh*t out of him. Can't catch a high ball for toffee. Quins exploited it last week loads of times !
  7. On Saturdays form I would say you are where you belong.............Don't get to comfortable though
  8. Its a difficult one this Robin. You were outstanding last night, of that there is no questioning. Barrow were dire at best (although I think that was down to Fev's defence). Can you do it consistently ? that is the question. On paper we should have won comfortably last night - But that is why I love Rugby League. I have always been a big believer that regardless of skill levels and reputations, the team who wants it more will usually end up with the result they want. Fev last night were outstanding. I actually had to tell a Barrow supporter to shut up moaning about offside and explain that your line speed was what was giving the illusion of offside. No complaints about the ref from me, he got most calls bang on and only gave 1 or 2 poor decisions (for both sides). Ian Smith didn't knock on, head tackle, stray offside or kick the ball directly into touch did he ? We gave you far to much field position and when you give that away to a side playing as well as you lot then that is suicide end of. I actually had the same conversation with the people around me as you had with 'little Gaz'. Fev controlled the game and apart from 10 mins after half time when we managed to get a couple of repeat sets we didn't look interested. Delusions of Grandeur maybe ?? Good luck for the rest of the season. On last nights display you may be inline for a season to remember.
  9. Agreed. I've said my piece and that is it now. Would love to talk about the rugby but apart from Fev I don't recall any being played
  10. It went beyond a craic, especially at halftime. Very classy using that language infront of children ! If you are the one singing obsenities as you walked through the crowd at halftime then you probably got that pint thrown at you for a reason. Im not condoning it either, just making an observation. I was stood with a few lads when you walked through and due to the people around us and the families you were lucky not to get a beer shower. Be humble when you are winning and you get respect. You let down your fellow supporters last night who I gather (from reading posts on here) are a decent bunch. Its a veeeeeeery long season ahead and the Grand Final isnt won on the 20th March is it ? I have some photos from 2 finals last year if you would like to see them though
  11. Rob Were you with the young lad who had the shaven mohican style haircut ? He was trying to stir all sorts at halftime and at the end - went well beyond banter ! By the way I was very impressed with Fev last night. Played to your strengths and totally outplayed us. Well done !
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