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  1. Sorry In my mind Rovers ARE league Champions and that is that, simples !
  2. The Rovers rollercoaster! Still, we are the league Champions and compared to last season it was a mighty fine effort. Roll on Feb when it all begins again !
  3. Let's show them how pathetic super league teams are. Rovers, Rovers and Rovers
  4. Never been so scared, Lets do it. Marching on together. Blue and white, The ROVERS, cummon !
  5. Just got my ticket and I'm on bus no 15. Been told that they are using the over spill car parl at the back to park cars . Leaving space for the buses in the main car park.
  6. This would be a good idea if we had some type of poster to down load. At liest they would be up for a week, ( unless you put them up in C@s). I managed to get 8 into pubs last time. Even one in Old Snydale.
  7. Oh, didums was the poor little Halifax fan upset.-- TOUGH !
  8. A Halifax fan !! Well that says it all. What a Smeg head.
  9. Funny, thinking about this season and fans, ( especially at away matches ) The 4 Worst set of fans all suppoert clubs with stadiums !
  10. And my prediction is - Rovers 32 Barra 16 MOM Tonka First try Zak Att 2100
  11. Certainly the best DVD this season, Well done to all. And I'm sure Vic, that even you might excuse the passionate language.
  12. Stopped back at the club house to welcome the players back and the fans were superb. Sat on my own in the corner and just reavilled in the atmospher MINT !! God it's great to be a FEV fan !!
  13. May 12, 1973 A sprite of a lad ,Dad took me to Wembley and I've still got the programme ..... Ten pence !
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