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  1. Great to see him back but how they affording is wage?
  2. Heard Wigan have offered is daughter 500k a year to be a ball girl and is Mum 350K to work behind bar on game days.
  3. Didn't want him at Cas to be honest ok player but does the same job as Blair. Money can be spent better.
  4. Be Salford Evalds is joining Cas in the next week or so.
  5. If the season starts they need to Play in UK or relegation I’m afraid. If they is chance we can get it on we can’t be ending season just for Catalan
  6. You won’t win with them bets so pray it’s voided.
  7. Better for us we can extend the season to December start the new one in March.
  8. Huddersfield a hot team you don’t hear that often ?
  9. People go on about big city’s but nothing would change. Newcastle is a football city even if they was in super league they be lucky to get 3k a week. Americans aren’t interested in rugby league they have been playing union for years there’s no interest. London tried tested and failed same again no interest down there. we already got one french club we don’t need another why don’t they merge like people want existing clubs to merge.
  10. Bradford no thanks they had there chance. If they want super league win promotion simple.
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