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  1. I'll buy a sub in a heartbeat.but we'd better get Covid cleared up looks like a few road trips all over the continent for me in 2022..
  2. He's sitting in a cellar somewhere totally bewildered and trying to phone his "research" team!
  3. If it gets going (in Toronto) I will certainly buy season tickets and I think the majority of the gang that used to go to TWP games with me will also join the party. I'd say regular crowds of 5-6000 are possible. And upwards from that at playoff and special event games..like when we invite UK L1 and Championship teams over. Oh and Rhinos, Saints and Catalans - you know those clubs whose owners know the earth is round.
  4. The best bit to come is when they announce Elstone as the new commissioner..
  5. really impressed by the Knights..they are gonna be a handful for every team short of the top half of SL.
  6. well done guys YCK gonna be a force to be reckoned with this year
  7. Got my YCK shirt on..thanks Deano!
  8. Watching live from Toronto..Up the Kneets!!!!
  9. Agree they play like the Pack did..but you beat us at BC so hope you can repeat..and then clobber Fev both times..do that and you are in SL 2022. whether you want to be in with that nest of viper is another question!
  10. after having seen Toulouse play Catalans how do you think the Knights will do against them. I saw quite a bit of it and they were great in first 40m. they've been your nemesis in past years..
  11. Good luck to the Knights as they kickoff their 2021 campaign. Wish we were still in CH (in any comp actually!) and I could look fwd to a) coming to see LNER Stadium b) all you lunatics coming here..anyhow enjoy it and if you get into SL make sure its permanent and kick out one of the stick in the muds!
  12. Elstone as an "unfortunate unable to defend himself".. well that's an interesting take on his situation.. he certainly had no problem piling in on TWP when they were down. And what should be a strategic priority if not growing the game in fertile ground..I would have thought that was priority 1
  13. If TWP were a basket case then seems they were in good company https://shura.shu.ac.uk/11664/3/Plumley Staring into the abyss.pdf
  14. What does it say about the business acumen of the CEO when he encourages his BOD to throw away a foothold in the biggest sports market in the world that was essentially gifted to the corporation? It says he is out of his depth. What does it say about the judgment of the BOD who put him in there? They are bad judges of character mebbe?
  15. Carlo LiVolsi has rented Lamport stadium and David Argyle will pop out of a cake
  16. lucky sods..new stadium and oh..a RL team to go with it! hope some games are on our league.
  17. I've been in Canada since i was a teenager and now in my mid 60's but as I always tell people my head may be in Canada but my heart is in (the north of) England. Moral of the story - never forget your roots but adapt and adopt to your current surroundings. Rugby League needs to do the same..we may have the best game on earth with the fittest and most skilled athletes and I believe we do but if we don't sell this aspect on to the new generations in new surroundings it will wither and die. What this has to do with a new TV deal thats for you local consumers to decide..I'm just missing seeing it live over here.
  18. "This is not happening..there is no hope for RL in North America it's fake news!" - Robert Elstone
  19. Being a stocky little so&so at 12 playing on an under 13's team scoring 3 try's in first game, coach thinking I was too good and moving me to under 15's never scoring again all year and getting knocked out into the bargain!
  20. If the team was somehow reconstituted I am confident that 9000 plus would rock up at Lamport stadium first game back and continue for as long as they are there. I'd be a season ticket holder and I know dozens who would sign up.
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