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  1. Perhaps the sport needs a patron who actually lives in the country...I like Harry and admire his service to the country but cannot see him doing much to promote RL from LA..
  2. well the 400,000 quid a year man really proved to be value for money..heaven help RL
  3. There could a be a transatlantic link up, Challenge cup, World Club challenge could be expanded for example. and as the Wolfpack adventure demonstrated if you make the game day experience attractive the crowds will come. I think a crossborder league would do quite well. Arrows RU gets L1 and Ch size crowds plus a TV contract, I think an ARL would beat their numbers.
  4. Really struck home with the news today of TOXIII signing Andrew Dixon the last one of our originals...thanks to all the RL clubs who came here and partied with us..we will miss everyone of you. Good luck here on in..
  5. Given the absence of any real code animosity think a semi pro league like MLR would work over here but it cannot be just Canada, we are a smallish population i.e. just over half the population of the UK. And we are too spread out - Vancouver BC to Halifax NS is 6000miles/3600 miles so we have to include the USA. That also allows us to tap into their huge(sports) venture capitalist market. All it needs is a couple of deep pocketed rugby fanatics like Argyle and perhaps that's the way Perez should have sold him the WP venture. It pains me to say as a proud expat but we must forget chasing RFL and SL..it's proven to be a dead end, they don't want expansion. I'd hope the Arrows, NYRL, Cleveland and yes TWP can reconstitute as the genesis of an Americas Rugby League. I've said it before put a RU game in a field next to a RL game and invite 5000 NFL/CFL fans in to watch and not only would they be sold but I bet the split at the end would be RL 3500 and RU 1500 spectators..League is that much more attractive a spectacle.
  6. Hey I'd love nothing else but I'm convinced the only way we will get the Pack back is if someone loaded takes a punt on establishing an Americas Rugby League or if the NRL rescues SLE from itself and reorganizes the entire shebang. The current leadership couldn't run a ten house paper route.
  7. I'm convinced Elstone is simply making it up as he goes along.
  8. I just hope Leigh clean the clocks of a number of teams in 2021 and I call on WP alumni to do the business and send someone deserving down to the Championship..Leeds Catalans and Saints get a bye..
  9. Now Elstone and his crack marketing team can get back to closing that big Dandelion & Burdock sponsorship for 2021. Apparently testing has proven it complements Tuna Pizza perfectly with the projectile vomiting decreasing significantly
  10. elstones master plan to grow the game taking shape now. Rest of the world buying ordnance survey maps to plot the global footprint of RL
  11. 2019 final was closer to 12000. trust me I was there
  12. With the WP out then logically the contender the Pack beat in the MPG should be offered the place..hello Fev! (Remember they did beat Toulouse in a hard campaign) but given the Machiavellian machinations of Elstoned we are given this contrived decision where the weighting is not disclosed. It's just typical of the way this game is run - like a banana republic.
  13. For obvious reasons I don't have my preferred horse in the race..love to see the Knights in because it's my old hometown but what I'm really looking forward to is the absolute balderdash Elstone comes out with when the announcement is made. A guy with no idea or vision on how to grow the game babbling on about how team X's inclusion will help to do just that.
  14. I have a heavy heart but will always love the GG...I'm hoping the Kneets get in but with Elstone hell bent on shrinking the game you never know how his next act will go..
  15. on the tarmac at Ringways with the engines running so Elstone can get out of town fast before he is lynched...fueled for the long flight to Oz to pick up Vlandys cheque..
  16. I'm in for an ARL - 12 team Americas Rugby League; Vancouver Toronto Ottawa Montreal and perhaps Halifax NS (just to confuse the flatcappers who will arrive in Nova Scotia after a 5 hour flight and wonder why the air is salty) as well as Chicago Cleveland Boston (more befuddled FC's!) Philadelphia and New York plus Jamaica and a Latin Heat. Allow players from anywhere, a USD 3 million salary cap. Should work nicely!!
  17. This is awful, what a great guy..chatted with me for ages when he was over here with the Knights in 2019. This bl**dy Covid. RIP Geoff.
  18. I'm an expat Yorkshireman but been here since my teens. Played Rugby Union at boarding school in Carlisle until coming to Canada. I like RU but fell back in love with RL since the arrival of the Pack. The big attraction for me was the storied teams that I recall hearing about from my Grandad ..Bradford (Northern) and York (Wasps) and Batley Bulldogs coming to Lamport. My kids couldnt understand why I was moved to near tears when my hometown Knights ran out on the field. Dunno if I will get my mojo back with the Arrows taking on NOLA Gold..guess we will have to see......
  19. When he made his one fact finding trip (he didnt bother making the effort to come to the Ch GF 2019 like the Rhinos boss) he was effusive about the experience but soon changed his tune perhaps anticipating which way the wind was blowing but that is why I take issue with his leadership or rather lack of it. If he believed NA expansion had a future a proper leader should convince wafflers of the potential not simply go along with the crowd.
  20. wonder if Elstone's crack team of investigators are being primed for another go if Catalans cannot make it to the starting gate in 2021...get Google up on the laptops..tip - France is on the other side of the ditch...
  21. forgot g) whether El Stoned likes the cut of your jib = weighting factor 90%
  22. Batley and their fans are a class act. After Roger T learned I was Bradford born he brought me a Gallant Youth club shirt with my name on it and gave it to me at the friday night meet n greet that the Wolfpack put on for visiting fans. Luckily I had got him a Wolfpack golf shirt so the ale did flow that night..will never forget the mates I made over the 3 years we were in the league.
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