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  1. this all seems very progressive but do remember this is League and the powers that be take a dim view of that kind of thing
  2. Good to hear the game is in good shape and growing in popularity across the UK
  3. Hope Red Star Belgrade take a flyer on it...Robert turns them down he is in trouble as Putin is rumored to be a shareholder.."have some tea Mr Elstone...
  4. If the game was run in a businesslike fashion everyone currently employed by SLE and the RFL should be summarily fired for cause (incompetence) and a single new administration put in place. Rather it appears to be run along the lines of a soviet collective and we all know how well that went.
  5. Now Ottawa has pulled out for 2021 citing COVID uncertainty. Big question is whether they will be on the field in 2022 or have the investors got cold feet after watching the warm welcome and high level of support shown to the Wolfpack by the RL fraternity.
  6. I would have considered the chances of that happening more likely with two professional clubs thriving as opposed to one being given its marching papers and the other being told there is little point persevering because there's no future for the game in your home country/continent.
  7. see their badge actually says Manchester on the lower edge..was that always the case?..i forget
  8. didnt Swinton Lions actually decamp from Swinton some time ago?
  9. Recall Swinton wanting to rebrand as Manchester Lions..while I can understand the backlash from longstanding fans and the ultimate backdown a case can be made that the ownership got it..Man U might not have been the global brand they are today if they'd been for example Hulme United
  10. I just hope the "Elstone papers" ie his commissioned report on the viability of RL in Canada/North America is released publicly. I can grudgingly accept that LiVolsi's submission may not have thrilled the majority of SL owners with the decision on WP re-entry being denied based on that. However an "in depth" research document being done in 30 days by close chums of Elstone's and based in the UK in the midst of a pandemic seems implausible and smacks of "here is my conclusion now support it with facts". This has implications for the Aces, NYRL, Monte Gaddis Cleveland efforts, the CRLA and any other supporter/fan of the sport and I'd like to know if any or all of these groups were contacted in the 30 day period. I hope RL journalists demand that this document be released.
  11. Elstone announces newly formed club Lancaster Bombers sponsored by Papa Johns Pizza will be 12th participant in SL in 2021
  12. on the plus side Robbie E is set to announce Papa Johns agreeing to furnish exciting new toppings for that post game pizza party!!!
  13. well if its York LNER I will be selling the ranch and investing in flights to the UK in 2021. I was booked to fly in March for the WP-Wakey double header until the plague kiboshed all that. See the Kneets too - inoculated with lashings of John Smiths Old Brewery Bitter!
  14. and how many teams SL/Ch/L1 will be around for the 2022 season if there are no crowds allowed into stadiums next year? even if they are allowed from say May or June?...I understand the RLWC2021 organizers are looking at restricted scenarios even at this stage for Oct/Nov...
  15. Coming soon to a stadium near you..."Honey, I shrunk the game!" Smaller global footprint, lower sponsorship, smaller crowds, this is the Robert Elstone story. Free pizza for the first 50 patrons.
  16. if the BBC report is accurate and Elstone and his brain trust get their way I'd think the most worried man in RL would be Eric Perez..if they can it once they can do it twice. What a way to run a competition!
  17. Catalans now worried about completing the season and competing in 2021..what oh what will Elstone do??
  18. If he gets the GA and thinks get back on track I will be the first in line to carry LiVolsi around Lamport on my shoulders and I bet the lineup to do the next laps will be a long one.
  19. it's not a surprise that sponsorship revenue's fall as general and administrative expenses rise when you have an accountant running things..by their very nature accountants are not entrepreneurial they are in place mainly to record and process transactions related to existing business not to seek out and secure future opportunities. Elstone has said he cannot see what TWP bring to the table and so by that comment he has displayed his lack of vision. If his entire expensively put together team hasn't increased but rather significantly decreased revenue what is the point of their existence? The sport needs a Bernie Ecclestone type..like him or hate him he turned F1 into a global sport powerhouse.
  20. Hi to all my mates in York. Based on the squad announcements so far it looks like you will be very competitive in 2021. that assuming we have RL in 2021!! Strong enough to beat your nemesis Olympique? Who else will give you a run for money? pleased to hear (I'm just hoping we are even in the game next year) cheers all
  21. Impossible to encourage people who have already given up...Union is barely on the radar screen in North America and there's over 400 million people here..maybe start there??
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