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  1. See Batley have tweetwd that the bash fixtures are out at 10am.
  2. That tunnel I understand has been condemned plus Sky will be commenting from there aswell I guess. Word to Fev fans. Go to the loo before you enter the ground. The away toilets are award winning from all Football fans who visit Bootham Crescent.
  3. Where's the best place that sells John Smiths for Steve?
  4. Week 1 1. 2nd v 3rd 2. 4th v 5th Week 2 3. Toronto v winner of 1 4. Loser of 1 v winner of 2 Week 3 5. Loser of 3 v winner of 4 Week 4 6. Winner of 3 v winner of 5
  5. Robert is there a radio station which boardcast the games that we can listen too over in the UK at all?
  6. A bounce down try is not a close call. Child give them everything. No wonder he dropped from Super League.
  7. Widnes v Dewsbury Knights v Batley Leigh v Barrow Donny v Sheffield
  8. That's the route where looking at but coming from Selby depending on if Hull trains run diverting to St Pancras.
  9. The next round mid-week with the semi's on the same weekend as the cup semi's?
  10. Tafkat


    York Brewery is now owned by Black Sheep.
  11. If he thinks BC is narrow what would he have made of the old HS pitch!
  12. Any idea when the tickets will arrive from the RFL Gav?
  13. Guessing that Skybet put the championship games up on the day as it's only showing Toulouse v Toronto with Toulouse getting a 10 point start.
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