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  1. Terrific win, especially after the first 20 minutes when we hadn't turned up. The team will get a lot of confidence from that result, and hopefully a decent home draw in the next round.
  2. I noticed on the Knights website, the home game against London on March 8th is showing to be played at Bootham Crescent. There must be big doubts now about the double header. Massive loss to the Knights if we cannot host that, I doubt BC could cope with a SL fixture as well as ours.
  3. We could, and probably should have won. But Toulouse are a very good side with threats all over the park. It is small margins that win these games and tonight the rub of the green was with Toulouse. Not many teams will win there, thay are a class act. Matty Marsh was the best player on the park tonight, he was outstanding.
  4. Livening up in pub o clock.
  5. Skybet give York a 10 points start on the handicap, 9/4 to win outright.
  6. I've watched sport for more than 60 years, and never take too much notice of pre season 'friendlies', as most teams use them to try out various systems, players etc., and have relatively little bearing on what will happen during the season. Having said that, it is disappointing to have players sent off, and if any players are suspended, then I believe this will kick in the week after the disciplinary hearing and players will be available for Toulouse, but will miss the following week, when we play Bradford. Funnily enough when Josh Johnson scored at Odsal two seasons ago, Kear was up in arms because Josh had been sent off the week before and in his opinion should not have been playing. Doubt he'll moan if Connor is banned now. Also is Kear moaning about the game finishing early, after all didn't he suggest the hooter went early when the Knights won at Bootham Crescent last season?
  7. I don't expect this lad will play much this season, but obviously, the Knights are building for the future, and getting good young players in now is a step in the right direction. Good luck Harry, welcome to the Knights.
  8. We play Fax, 5.15 on the Saturday.
  9. When I was a lad and watched City there was a tunnel at the back of the pop stand, and both sets of supporters used it to change ends at half time. Never a problem then, but it wouldn't happen now.
  10. The schedule has today's losers as playing next Saturday, guess that gives today's winners an extra day off. Having said that, Toronto and Toulouse tend to play on Saturday's, so maybe things could change. Either way, we are at home. Thought Toulouse looked very impressive today, but the Knights stuck to the task well on a very hot day.
  11. This amazing season continues today in France. Good luck to the Knights in Toulouse, we are all behind you.
  12. One player who won't be at Bradford is Calllum Bustin. Apparently he has switched codes and signed for Yorkshire Carnegie.
  13. Interesting odds for the outright winners of the Championship. Toronto 2/5 Leigh 4/1 Toulouse 6/1 Featherstone 12/1 York 20/1 Considering we will still be in the with a shout after this weekend, and one of Leigh or Featherstone won't, it seems strange we are complete outsiders, and Leigh are second favourites in front of Toulouse. Apart from anything else, if Leigh win tomorrow, they will not get another home game for the rest of the play offs.
  14. After all the whinging of Bradford fans about D/R, guess what they are doing next season? Going to announce D/R with a S/L club shortly apparently.
  15. Not sure Ryan is a big loss. His defence is weak, he'll get a rough ride in SL, (if Rovers stay up).
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