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  1. I thought today was a great advert for rugby league. A big crowd saw a compelling game that once again went to the wire, and the atmosphere inside BC was electric. Without exception, every Bradford fan I spoke to after the game agreed it was a fantastic afternoon, and wished the Knights well for the rest of the season. They were disappointed their team had lost, but I didn't hear one of them blaming the ref., accepting that it was their own mistakes which had cost them the game. I thought they were exactly what RL fans should be, sporting and enjoying the occasion What a shame, John Kear has taken the gloss off the game with his comments in the T and A.
  2. Must have changed since the start of the season then. 22 full time out of a squad of 37. that is 22 more full time than most teams in the Championship. Anyway, hoping for another good game against you, and a big crowd and great atmosphere.
  3. For what it's worth Wolford, the pitch is the same size for both teams. You sound like Virat Kohli moaning about the size of the boundaries when England played India in the World Cup.
  4. Listen to Mr Kear on your own Bulls TV. According to him, it is a bigger game for Bradford than it is for the Knights. Just another game for us against a club with a bigger budget, and a bigger squad, most of who are full time. We've had that all season and we are still second in the league. We are waiting, bring on Sunday.
  5. This weeks officials:- YORK CITY KNIGHTS V BRADFORD BULLS Sunday 21st July Bootham Crescent | KO : 15:00 Referee G. Dolan Touch Judge 1 E. Mccarthy Touch Judge 2 T. Crashley Reserve Referee J. Butcher M Com P. Hewitt Time Keeper D. Mitchell I think he had the gig at Odsal earlier this season.
  6. Got to agree with Fordy, today was a point gained. A tough game, and a draw was probably a fair result. We have just taken 3 points from 2 difficult away games, I'll settle for that.
  7. Batley get 10 points start with Skybet. Knights 1/3 to win outright.
  8. Worth pointing out to anybody wanting to park near Bootham Crescent to catch the coach to Batley today. York City have a home game kicking off at 2.00, so parking around the ground may be more restricted than usual.
  9. Oakes has been very good in the last couple of games, but, if he has gone back then that is the nature of loans. We can cover him ok.
  10. The Press is shocking. Gone downhill very rapidly over the last few years. Lazy journalists who read twitter, listen to local radio, and watch Look North hoping to pick some local news up. When they do publish an article, they never follow it up.
  11. Officials for Sunday. Super League ref gets the gig. BATLEY BULLDOGS V YORK CITY KNIGHTS Sunday 14th July The Fox's Biscuit Stadium | KO : 15:00 Referee S. Mikalauskas Touch Judge 1 S. Houghton Touch Judge 2 G. Jones Reserve Referee G. Melling M Com B. Lilley Time Keeper D. Milburn
  12. He came on the 18th June, so should be ok for this week. Hopefully Hull will be happy to extend the loan. Let us hope so.
  13. We have got a difficult last 7 games, 5 against teams in the top 8, but our destiny is in our own hands, we are not relying on other teams dropping points. We keep upsetting the odds, we finish in a play off place.
  14. Conor McGrath who played on loan for the Knights earlier this season has now joined Dewsbury for a month. Interestingly he has signed a 1 year contract for Fax for next season.
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