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  1. We have had an amazing season, no D/R, no full time, yet we keep defying the odds. We will give the play offs everything we have. I don't think we could survive Super League at the minute, but if we can build on what we have achieved this season, consolidate next, then who knows what we could do the season after. The key for me, is keeping most of the current squad together and adding value to that. We have individuals who would not look out of place in a S/L side surrounded by top class players, if we can hang on to them, then the way the club is structured, who knows what may happen?
  2. Even if Fev players are on bigger contracts, it doesn't necessarily make them better players. Out of curiosity, are any of the 17 who played yesterday on full time contracts?
  3. What you will see on the video is the final score. Knights 22, Featherstone 18.
  4. Never said they were angels. It is a tough, tough physical game, but why do fans only ever see one teams offences and not their own?
  5. Oh dear. Not late at all, but obviously, Fev players are coached not to tackle late or high. There were a few of those went unpunished today, but it is how the players react that makes the difference. What about the number of times Chisholm positioned himself between the York players chasing a kick and the defender to make sure the defender could not be put under pressure? Plenty of those in the first half.Today was a great game between two very good sides, and in my opinion York deserved the win. Seems likely we could now meet in the play offs, and if we do, then we are in for a treat.
  6. A team of part time players are too good for a team made up of super league D/R and loan players. It was a great game, the best team won. Get over it.
  7. Bolloxx. Chisholm was last man and laid on forever. Chisholm cost you the game today. York's attitude and teamwork got us home today, but you can't accept that, so blame the ref. You must be sweating on even getting to the play offs now.
  8. Liked how he pointed to the scoreboard when he came off. maybe he should check the final score.
  9. Chisholm, cost you the game Physio, positional play needs to be addressed. Davies. Ran about like a headless chicken after being on the wrong end of a big tackle.
  10. Listening to a few Fev fans near us, obviously the ref was to blame. Chisholm was laid on the York player so long he could have had a kip. He can do no wrong in their fans eyes, but today he cost them the game. Also a word for their physio who managed to get in the way and give York an extra set of 6. Considering how long he spent on the pitch, it's amazing he didn't get hit more often. For all that, a great game, and advert for the Championship.
  11. You may like to review this after today. No big time Charlies in the York side, just 17 blokes who give everything they have for each other..
  12. Devastating news. Puts everything into perspective. Condolences to all his family. RIP..
  13. If we play you at home early next season, it will be at Bootham Crescent.
  14. Who all went home miserable...
  15. Thanks for that HK. Obviously a tough ask, but glad the Knights never gave up, though they never would anyway.
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