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  1. I enjoyed my afternoon at Fev.yesterday, and one thing that crossed my mind should the season continue was if crowds are restricted to 500 in any one place, then open all four sides of the ground to increase the capacity and limit the numbers allowed in each area. Plenty of room to spread the crowd about.
  2. Not sure how accurate these figures are HK, but I reckon transferring yesterdays game to Fev cost us, and Rochdale a few quid. Attendance given in LE was 400, which would be around 500 less than we could have expected at BC. That equates to c. £6,000, which even after expenses, would have meant a couple of thousand pounds to both clubs. Would have been very handy over the coming weeks.
  3. The performance, and result was just what the Knights needed to get some confidence back. Some good tries, and much more solid defending. One other highlight was the sin binning of a Rochdale player, and the tannoy blaring out, 'Hit the road Jack' as he walked off. Not sure the Hornets player appreciated it, but it amused us.
  4. Following todays announcement regarding the availability of Bootham Crescent this week, there must now be a great concern over the ground being available for next weeks double header unless there is a dramatic improvement with regard to Coronavirus. What should have been a highlight in the fixture calendar that would have seen massive publicity and revenue for the Knights, now looks like being a damp squib through absolutely no fault of the club. Would it be an idea to reverse the two league games against Featherstone and play the double header at their ground Coronavirus permitting? Wh
  5. The York v. Rochdale cup tie will now be played at Fev tomorrow afternoon.
  6. I have seen that York City have refused the Knights permission to use the ground, though cannot confirm that is the reason. How ironic the match is against Rochdale!!!
  7. Butterworth should be available now, doesn't matter to Uddersfield if he is cup tied after tonight.
  8. Just announced the double header will go ahead at Bootham Crescent. At least we now know.
  9. I wouldn't bank on the Wolfpack game being played at BC. It is an old stadium with poor and limited facilities hardly suitable for a Super League fixture, and I'd guess Sky will be looking for an alternative ground. It is a very sad state of affairs, but at least it is not the fault of the Knights.
  10. York have 2 points start on the handicap coupon this week. Odds of 11/10 against to win outright.
  11. Terrific win, especially after the first 20 minutes when we hadn't turned up. The team will get a lot of confidence from that result, and hopefully a decent home draw in the next round.
  12. I noticed on the Knights website, the home game against London on March 8th is showing to be played at Bootham Crescent. There must be big doubts now about the double header. Massive loss to the Knights if we cannot host that, I doubt BC could cope with a SL fixture as well as ours.
  13. We could, and probably should have won. But Toulouse are a very good side with threats all over the park. It is small margins that win these games and tonight the rub of the green was with Toulouse. Not many teams will win there, thay are a class act. Matty Marsh was the best player on the park tonight, he was outstanding.
  14. Livening up in pub o clock.
  15. Skybet give York a 10 points start on the handicap, 9/4 to win outright.
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