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  1. Game swung when Rhino's got away with pulling Andrades hair as she broke clear, then Rhino's went the full length almost to score a try. Outstanding effort from the girls, roll on next season.
  2. If finances allow, I'd like to see Washy on the coaching side. His experience would be invaluable.
  3. The Knights are slight favourites at 8/11 to win today. Bradford have a 2 points start on the handicap.
  4. We've got Jack Smith officially on Sunday, doubt he'll let Brough influence him.
  5. Either of last weeks wingers, probably Pez from a defensive angle. If Dixon is fit, then bring him back as well.
  6. Would be good, but Rhino's have a game on Monday as well so may be reluctant to let him return.
  7. It is a very big IF, but IF the Knights win their last 4 games, (assuming we don't go to Toulouse), we will end up with a win ratio of 50%, and while we need one or two other results to go our way, we could still finish 6th. All is not lost yet.
  8. Corey has been recalled by the Rhinos to cover their injury situation and is in their squad to play Huddersfield.
  9. Who said Ronan was leaving?
  10. Ferres was lucky not to get a card for his elbow in the tackle in the first half., he could still be in trouble from the review panel. In my opinion he is a liability in an outstanding Rovers side. In the second half, they had too much speed for the Knights. In fairness to the Knights, they never gave up, and had only 11 fit players for the last half hour. O'Hagan, Brining, Spears and Cuthbertson were off the pitch, and Marsh and Johnson were playing on one leg apiece.
  11. Knights get 20 points start on the handicap today. They are 11/2 to win outright.
  12. I thought O'Hagan got better as the game went on. Marsh seemed to be looking after him as playmaker in the first half, but if he can stay fit, he will be outstanding. O'Connell had a massive game today, but in my opinion, the game swung our way when the teams ran out for the second half. Tim Spears led them out, and he cajoled and encouraged them like the leader he is, and the response was immediate. As for the referee, had the game been at Clarence Street, there would not have been a cushion left in the main stand when he walked off.
  13. WIdnes have a 10 points start on the handicap coupon. Knights are 1/3 to win outright.
  14. In fairness this was when there were no spectators, and to fit in with the Our League commitments to show every game. Doubt the clubs had much choice.
  15. While the sentiments offered by John Flatman regarding this loan are to be applauded, it does beg the question why couldn't Sheffield use the loan system to ensure our game went ahead on Sunday? It is a difficult time for every club, but we are not so flush with players we can loan them out and risk them getting injured. Wonder if Bradford asked to loan Sam Scott?
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