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  1. So what the Rfl are saying there is no evidence , also we have the offended person running in the opposite direction to the accused with his back turned , no one else on the touch line hears anything or comes forward to support the allegations. Yet the Rfl support the charge and ban the player . Surly they must have to explain their findings and thought process that went into the judgment. As I think someone has mentioned if this finding is based on no evidence it could lead to all sorts of unfounded allegations against players . I would love to read the report but this will have to be the appeal , but knowing our standing in these matters it will probably see an increase in the matches .
  2. We roll on it’s great been a fev supporter always something happening.
  3. Bad decision if it’s true ,
  4. I’m sure if you ask the Rfl they will accommodate
  5. Total tragedy my heartfelt thoughts are with his poor family . R.I.p fellow capper .
  6. 1 halton 2 jones 3 welham ( those hand offs )
  7. As well as discussing the club’s plans, a panel, made up of Chairman Mark Campbell, CEO Martin Vickers, Head Coach James Webster, as well as nu brown, Dance Chisholm and Craig Hall will be questioned by Rugby AM’s Alex Simmons about the season so far and that memorable Wembley week. Who’s the new signing
  8. I echo the above , what a fantastic attitude to the integrity of the game , regardless of the result your club has shown utter professionalism in this difficult situation, as a rugby fan I applaud you .
  9. 1 davies 2 Hall 3 Doyle , for a young lads second appearance to play at that level catching high bombs under pressure scoring tries that still needs scoring when he got the ball . If he was in a super league team they would be calling him a future international. Well played.
  10. Yes I agree but they could be staff or trainers not necessarily players . They will have a big enough squad of players to cope with any losses , I hope
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