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  1. Ban comes from when he was sin bined . Bit harsh considering what the offence was .
  2. I agree all fans think their team is being disadvantaged either by penalties against or decisions made . I think what we all want is consistency if it’s a penalty in the first minute then that should follow throughout the game . As at sometimes it appears the ref picks when to award a penalty. It’s this that gets fans backs up
  3. This above is not correct it was covered in press conference after the game , he is waiting for documents.
  4. JOHN Duffy has put pen to paper on a new contract, keeping him at the Featherstone Rovers helm until at least the end of the 2020 season. so this news statement and a picture of him signing a contract was in fact fake news I assume . Or is he claiming that a clause that said dependent on finishing in top four meant he was a free agent ? If so who has been approving all these players we have bought surely the coach would have a say in this . So after the end of the season why did he not stipulate why are you asking me about players I’m not your coach ?
  5. What’s tomorrow’s bad news . ???
  6. Are there any local 7 a side leagues the rate we’re going we should enter .
  7. Well it’s something else to aim for . And the thought of watching the rovers at Wembley again . Should keep us dreaming a bit longer .
  8. Well if he goes . It’s going to be a long hard season unless we have a quick appointment. Plus who ever comes in will not have picked the team we have or have money to spend . Looks like a year of ups and downs again .
  9. I think I’ve got it now . It’s a long term business plan . That will benefit the club down the line . Thanks for the clarification
  10. I have followed this topic for the last few days . Is my understanding correct . The club have sought permission to develop the land , having got that permission they are to enter into talks with interested parties. This is to secure a long term capital investment into the club . All risk is carried by the third party . All this sounds good . I assume there will be no immediate cash available to add further playing staff , the whole program is for securing the future after the expected central funds decrease or stop . If so looks like good forward planning . I hope it works as with fev sometimes it is to good to be true . I for one wish the venture success .
  11. Now it’s option c . What does that actually mean .
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