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  1. Great entertainment this. Kyle Amor impressive doing the commentary aswell, think theres a career for him after playing
  2. Frees up salary cap and we should get a fee. If he wants to go no point making him stay.
  3. The design of the Leeds shirt is nice but the actual thing is just cheap tat! Ive got intouch with them because they don’t sell XS and the S is huge. Hopefully they sell the player issue shirts again because if not it will be the first time in about 25 years I haven’t bought one
  4. I think ‘Club Castleford’ or whatever it was was Oxen anyway wasn’t it?
  5. Hardaker is not and will never be a centre, Newman should have been picked
  6. If as reported the Warriors are paying part of his salary it’s a good bit of business by the Rhinos!
  7. Erm, put the game on in a decent stadium, that is fit for purpose, preferably close to a place with a larger Jamaican community and acually market it. And make the tickets easier to buy, by using the actual website where people would think they are available just for starters
  8. I said on the game thread, we shouldn’t be playing any sort of international games at stadiums such as Cas, I don’t think we should be playing SL games there either but that’s maybe a different argument, the place needs sorting out, probably demolishing to be fair. The game was also under marketed, there wasn’t even a link to buy tickets on the England RL website
  9. yes I noticed that quite a nice touch, my issue with the badge is the typography, it’s the same as before. i like the fleur de lise though, the old one was a right mess - i know from experience how badly it was drawn.
  10. Not a bad crowd here, I know its at Cas because of Turners testimonial but the MAH Jungle isn’t where these games should be played, it’s a dump and they can’t even be bothered to use the scoreboard Despite that im enjoying the game ;-)
  11. Wakefield have released a new badge/logo which is just a stripped back version of the current one, looks OK. We actually did a concept for them as part of another job, not sure if it ever got seriously looked at, obviously in my biased opinion, ours was better
  12. Got a ticket, will be interesting to see how the young kids go for the knights!
  13. Cheers I actually found that earlier but it shouldn’t be ‘difficult’ to find, why no link from the actual ERL website? Would also be a good idea to get clubs involved in selling tickets
  14. Might go to this, the lack of marketing is pretty poor, for example I go to the England RL website, I cannot for life of me find where to buy a ticket?
  15. Just on the players, it is getting bad it was very refreshing to watch the women’s GF they just seemed to get on with playing the game and not trying to ref it
  16. Think Ive got me a second SL team, Toulouse is a lovely part of the world, it will be great having them in SL!
  17. How’s that a try? She dropped it and her foot was on the line wasn’t it?
  18. It’s getting better all the time, made massive strides in the last few years
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