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  1. At least they dont pay extortianate rates for somebody elses football stadium
  2. All this is great. But a bloke in the toilet told me its warringtons year next year
  3. Foodbanks are now being referred to as community hubs..... Its much more friendly on the ear. Crisis....... What crisis
  4. I have tried to buy tickets today 4 infact as i decided to treat some family I cant seem to get any tickets
  5. Because wigan, saints and warrington sign up all the best talent so leigh, salford, swinton need to create effective opportuities
  6. What of leigh and salford have a combined acadamy It makes sense to me, and maybe allow swinton in on the act to enable a gateway to league 1 and the championship also
  7. The championship grows in stature every year. I have been 13 widnes games this year and ive really enjoyed it. Im especially looking forward to going to keighley in 2023. So this league has its own merit, with a lot of quality players
  8. A lot of rugby league fans are defeated before they even enter the room
  9. Salford have done very well yes. Blease, king, rowley, haggery have been outstanding
  10. I think the sky contract has positives and negatives I would argue that clubs like leeds, wigan, saints and hull lose 4000 per game in actual attendance figures due to sky You coould be looking at a lost revenue of £80,000 to £100,000 due to people not physically attending That is per game
  11. Mick gledhill is an entertainer and character. And maybe an oddball But long may we have oddballs in our sport
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