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  1. Salary cap increase is urgently needed These blokes are at the top of the sport for ten years maybe The great players like peacock, sinfield , etc maybe get more
  2. Wood needs to get more bullish If union don't want to recognise contracts then the NRL could decimate the sport in Australia and New Zealand by not recognising contracts Plus he fails to understand that contracts can be specifically written to mitigate against other commercial interests
  3. Lets hope the all golds can pick some support up next year I believe they average 152 which is less than my local amature team Time to step it up
  4. 4442 was the sale crowd My mate said there was far less than that maybe 2000 Question is How can they afford charnley and solomona Is rugby union like cricket
  5. Next stop in sponsorship Condoms The sex industry ###### total joke
  6. As for widnes, my team We have stagnated with little movement in the transfer market If brown goes to Warrington as reported we get £110,000 and save his £140,000 salary so with that maybe we could get Todd carney Hansbury and Corey Thompson are class players Joe Mellor is a far better player than people realise and in our pack jack Buchanan, Gil dudson, matt Whitley and Chris Houston can hold their own against anyone But we are four class players short of having a very good team
  7. Widnes did not lose out much when Owens went to saints He is about 10 metres too slow over a100 meter track and does not have a step at all On the other hand saints have one of my favourite British players in makkison and Lomax is great also The forward pack of Douglas , walker, Walmsley and amor is excellent and I rate Richards and greenwood highly Ryan Morgan is an unknown to me so I can't comment In regan grace and Calvin Wellington against have two real class young players Matty smith is just the kicker they may need for the hard yards He sets up the back line better than anyone although a world class number 6 is required to guarantee success
  8. Currently the rhinos as a club are lacking leadership, direction and strategy. It's a great club but I'm concerned it's being allowed to slip. Funds to sign world class players don't appear to be available, the slip in form last year was not addressed, and hetherington a failure in several areas of strategic approach suggest he is way past his best When people live in the comfort zone they lose that anger and motivation It's important to secure people like Jamie jones Buchanan to long term coaching roles and perhaps a new leader for the club is a priority
  9. Leeds are now scraping the bottom of the barrell with Tyler Randall from Newcastle knights What is happening at Leeds Are they self destructing
  10. Coaches to be sacked 1 Brian McDermott 2 lee radford 3 Chris Chester 4 rick stone 5 Ian Watson 6 Dennis betts
  11. 1 Wigan 2 saints 3 Warrington 4 castleford 5 Leigh 6 widnes 7 Catalans 8 hull 9 Leeds 10 huddersfield 11 salford 12 Wakefield Grand final winners Warrington Challenge cup winners castkeford
  12. No It's because he flew back and is in discussions with Simon Moran
  13. It's totally farcical Selling a once great club and the sport as a whole down the river Saints fans will be a laughing stock
  14. It takes the focus off hetherington for repeat errors over the last year or so
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