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  1. Yes all those many unpaid bills and the like,but let’s blame COVID eh?
  2. What a ridiculous thing to say its not just as simple to jump from union to league it was always going to take time for his adjustments, but no lets find someone else to blame for TWP inept ownership
  3. I agree, it is a shambles (changing the % based system didn't help, perhaps should have gone with it from the restart?) But I agree the winners should get full credit for this season but I just dont see it happening.
  4. Its pretty much what he was saying on the podcast last week,he got a little hot under the collar
  5. Like it or not they are,Caplin does usually start his weekly ramble of "Argyle has sent 17 million on TWP"which may be true yet it still went belly up. Truth is as ive said before on Davidson questioned the Wolfpack finances,that no one else did is shameful
  6. Well I think they’ve only deferred to keep this thread going
  7. Davidson has at times been the lone voice in all of this and if any of what he’s saying is true,and his track record is sound on this then frankly they can go do one
  8. This wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, its fairly clear the virus and its issues aren't going to be gone within months this could give breathing space I suppose?
  9. I find it odd that most if not all of the media, bar John Davidson wafted aside the Wolfpack's many issues and for that reason I take the any journalists views with a large pinch of salt.
  10. If as looks likely this goes on for say 5/6 months surely the best plan would be to start the season a little later and because of the 6 month delay push the World Cup to 2022,clearly there's plans a foot to do so if needed.
  11. Excellent post and it sums the problems of allowing them back in next year, its by the looks of things going to be more covid misery for at least a year or so, who knows perhaps longer..maybe shorter too but I have doubts about that, then we will just start the merry go round again and simply thats unacceptable for the sport.
  12. Im still baffled about how he didn't get the full 8 games..I dont care that he was an angel beforehand..it was totally out of order and warranted the full 8 games.
  13. Ive found I have zero interest with rugby on tv..the fake noise just irritates me but I am looking. forward to going back, whenever that may be to live games it'll be interesting to see if the love for the game is still there I hope it is.
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