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  1. Tickets weren't ever issued for last seasons gamete lockdown came well before then so there really wasn't an issue with that surely, they could have gone for saints v wigan as the game for the Saturday evening but oddly they didn't.
  2. While I do feel that Ottawa would be better run than the train wreck that was TWP I do have major doubts it’ll happen mainly due to the cost of the operation. if it does gather enough traction I do wish them well but it has to learn the lessons of the shambles that was the Wolfpack
  3. Not really that was in the press release yesterday wasn't it that it was an intention to resign?
  4. Given the very busy schedule this year,assuming it all goes ahead of course I just don’t see there’s any room for such a match to happen,not wanting to burst any bubbles but that article reads to me as a bit of a hopeful fluff piece and not much more.
  5. £10,054 in the end not sure how crowdfunding works as I thought you have to reach at minimum the amount hoped for so wether it ever got paid out is for other people to know.
  6. It does but id say this even if the vaccine is rolled out in good time say by march (which is where the news was saying the lockdown would last to)things won't go back to normal quick smarted assume it'll be back to the tier system first and see from there, ok live sport can have a couple of thousand in but thats about it. Id be more wary and say June at best before we can even think about crowds being let in even with the vaccine. Its a nightmare whatever the outcome.
  7. After Johnsons latest tv appearance id be amazed if any fans see live action before may/June time at best
  8. The media throughout this have been nothing more than apologists for TWP experiment, at times its been embarrassing,it shouldn't be left to (it seems at least) one bloke to point out the issues that where plaguing them from the start maybe things could have turned out a little differently. The journalists involved I would hope take stock and have a good think at the way they've acted throughout this and perhaps remember that they're the ones who should be asking far more reaching questions that along the lines of "do I need my suntan lotion in July",maybe just maybe the alarm bells
  9. Thought this thread was dying..sadly it seems not to be the case
  10. Must admit I'm surprised he's gone thought he would see another year out to see what his options were this time next year.
  11. Yes I listened to it too he didn't hold back did he over the journalists did he?
  12. The cynic in me says Hetherington only sided with the Wolfpack because of his dislike for Elstone. But im in a cynical mood tonight
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