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  1. my wife had to do a bit of juggling so we can go but she's managed to get a shift swap, not much notice mind is it?
  2. Same here, the loop fixtures are, if you'll pardon me, driving me loopy.
  3. While it always needs subtle re jigging the event has plenty of miles left in the tank for my money, that said for ,e the problem was at Anfield at least it lacked that "day out" feeling you get at say Cardiff or Newcastle.
  4. Oh I agree plus don't forget the two teams have the joy of meeting again at the magic weekend..
  5. I dont like the golden point concept, its not needed in a league game, but credit to Hull they deserved the win,Wigan where very poor.
  6. I think Lenegan said the profit wasn't anywhere near what had been projected, i doubt the club made a loss, but there's almost zero commercial longevity from it, all it seemed to have done was make fans stay away from the DW last season,the Millwall jolly up was another ill thought out jamboree that must have cost far more than it made haven't seen many other SL clubs trying to take games on the road, if you keep taking fans for granted then sooner or later they won't be there to take advantage of.
  7. Time to scrap it and trust the clubs to spend what they can, the sport is withering on the vine with the cap maybe its time to see if removing it will bring people in to take the sport on a level?
  8. I agree, losing yesterday will be the making of the side and the club as a whole,theyve had it a bit to easy over the last 2 years' nice setback while upsetting is good for all clubs once in a while.
  9. I didn't watch the game live and while I was watching early doors live the internet connection was horrendous so when I text my lad he sent the score through I didn't believe him to be honest. So watching the highlights TWP need a lot of work and maybe a new approach they don't play the kind of rugby that if it where my money I was pumping in I would be wanting to seen wonder if Rowley will still be there next season? Broncos will struggle badly next season and id put money on them going down, that said the taught TWP a valuable lesson that sport is hardly think they way they'd wafted through there first 2 years they hadn't really realised that maybes lesson learned though I thought Rowley was humble in defeat. Both need a ground worthy of the name,but that said a couple of SL sides could use a new ground too.
  10. The inclusion of an agent certainly opened my eyes a little more, clearly they're in for the player they represent but also its clear the clubs will if allowed to play silly buggers with players, agents are seemingly a nessacery evil.
  11. I always enjoy backchat its a solid show so im glad that moved over, rugby AM is a bit of a curates egg is better than it was so I think they know their weaknesses so lo g as its fun, ill watch it.
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