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  1. Subscribe to it so glad when it pops through the door usually on a Tuesday for me.
  2. Heard him radio two banging on about looking at models..stop with the marketing speech talk English and admit the game at some point soon the game will shut down. as for the government I’m far from convinced they’ve done a good job with handling this,it’s here our neighbours in Europe are acting quickly ina measured way,here they bang on about following the science,well maybe they should follow it a little quicker?
  3. Id do this for certain, scrap the magic and get rid of loop fixtures to start within needs be after consulting the players maybe play through the winter months if it does drag on. Not everyone will write off the cost of a season ticket, the clubs have to be mindful most of its spectators aren't in a position to write off the cost of say a family of season tickets
  4. Just seen on sky sports app that netball is suspended so what does that leave Rugby league and tiddlywinks left? At some point someone has to pull the plug at least for a week or two?
  5. I agree, its hard but at some point this week the season will be called to a halt once its over we shall see how things look then
  6. I think there's an element of truth to that, a certain cache to owning a club I suspect and if it doesn't cost the earth all the better.
  7. The just didn't grab the crowds interest at all, the bands chosen over the last few years have been pretty good but shed seven just didn't have that killer song.
  8. Yea I’m going it’s a great event regardless of who’s playing
  9. Have to agree, the venue and city seem tailor made for each other.
  10. my wife had to do a bit of juggling so we can go but she's managed to get a shift swap, not much notice mind is it?
  11. Same here, the loop fixtures are, if you'll pardon me, driving me loopy.
  12. While it always needs subtle re jigging the event has plenty of miles left in the tank for my money, that said for ,e the problem was at Anfield at least it lacked that "day out" feeling you get at say Cardiff or Newcastle.
  13. Oh I agree plus don't forget the two teams have the joy of meeting again at the magic weekend..
  14. I dont like the golden point concept, its not needed in a league game, but credit to Hull they deserved the win,Wigan where very poor.
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