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  1. Your cup game against Sheffield will be played at the Keepmoat stadium Sun 15th March 2pm kick off. https://t.co/TTLBaR0jdD?amp=1
  2. Plucky, dogged and brave will be the words spoken, but thats enough about the Bulls.
  3. Danny Bridge just butchered a certain 4 points at the end of the first half to further extend a deserved lead for Oldham. Haven have been poor.
  4. Haven v Oldham. Now I know where my subbuteo lights went.
  5. They did and Thornhill were much the better side.
  6. Enjoyable game in bad conditions. Full credit to Newcastle with a man down for most of the game and showing why they are one of the favourites for promotion.
  7. Reece Dean involved in both gauging allegations if I'm not mistaken.
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