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  1. Bargain! 9 games at The Butts Park Arena with streaming code for Our League coverage where necessary. click this
  2. ....Which would mean less chance of fans seeing games at The Butts? I'm trying to think why the bias has occured. Also notice consecutive weekends away in the Lakes!
  3. 1. Underbank Rangers for the stunning scenery and the hot beef sandwiches. 2. Barrow / Whitehaven / Workington for the stunning scenery and the posh service station stop-off. 3 York at Bootham Crescent for the childhood memories. 4. Toronto / Denver because totaly bonkers going there for games. Gagging for Ottawa next year. 5. Cru-cru-Crusaders for the Wrexham Lager. As others have said though I love all away trips. A day out from the concrete jungle, meeting some lovely people, drinking ther beer etc.
  4. More than Bear-able! Supporting a club outside the heartlands https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/more-than-bear-able-supporting-a-club-outside-the-heartlands/
  5. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/more-than-bear-able-supporting-a-club-outside-the-heartlands/ No, ths is Dave Musson. He looks nothing like @OriginalMrC
  6. Why is this only available to season ticket holders? I would have gladly forked out a few quid to watch it.
  7. Some big lads in there. Looking really strong for 2021
  8. Gets my vote too. Would be interested to know how much it would help the players with the faster-paced game.
  9. There can be half a dozen on the team coach for most games. We get more turning up to support though due to the links our players have with the Heartland - families, friends etc.
  10. I've been looking at Facebook Memories to see where I've checked-in in previous years. Has got me pining for away days with the Bears. Can't wait for the next long day out to somewhere like Barrow or Whitehaven. Happy to go along with whatever precautions and protections we need to get the show back in the road.
  11. The problem with following North American teams is the UK game times. Am I right in thinking I can watch live Korean games during the day here? Do I need to install an app for Naver.tv? What about Japanese leagues? Also does anyone go to UK games? There's a team in Birmingham but the games always seem to clash with Coventry Bears games.
  12. Went to my first baseball game when Coventry Bears played the Wolfpack. Not sure who the Blue Jays played that day and I had no idea what was going on on the field. Followed that up with a visit to Colorado Rockies when I went out for the England game in Denver. Again, I can't remember who they were playing but I started to understand the play. Last year I went over that way again and this time baseball was one of the main reasons for the trip. The destination was picked quite randomly and now I'm a fan of Winnipeg Goldeyes. They played Milwaukee Milkmen in the American Association and I
  13. Coherence. It's on Amazon Prime but you might find it elsewhere
  14. I have just watched the first two episodes of Worlds Most Wanted. Both had interesting angles on subjects I already knew the basics of. Recommend the second series of Dirty John (Netflix) to fans of true crime drama. This time it's about Betty Broderick with Amanda Peet and Christian Slater in the lead roles.
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