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  1. That's the game then. Workie very impressive at both ends of the field today. Worthy winners.
  2. Kind of what happened last week. Would expect Town to have better energy than Keighley for the full 80 minutes having had a week off.
  3. Expect home advantage to swing it in Town's favour much like I expected it to be that way for Cougars last week. I've gone for Workington by a slim margin but could see Doncaster pulling off something spectacular again if they've still got the energy.
  4. Whatever happens to Coventry Bears I'd like to think I'll still be there to cheer them on. Going back to amateur rugby wouldn't change that. And I'd expect to see Bearman there too. Both of us fuming at the injustice of it all but still loyal to the club. Were there no more Coventry Bears, I might join Bearman on a day trip to Barrow occasionally or maybe the odd game at Doncaster (next nearest to Cov?). Parents live in York so there's them too. Would stil watch SL & NRL games on Sky & CC on BBC and internationals wherever. Point I'm trynig to make is that I wouldn't adopt another club but wouldn't give up the game at all.
  5. Can't help feeling Doncaster should have won this. They have created enough chances but fluffed them when it mattered.
  6. I'm leaning slightly towards Doncaster based on what I saw on Sunday. Expecting both sides to have their chance of winning it though.
  7. Doncaster were much stronger (at this stage of season) than I was expecting. Their first half performance won it for them today. Amazing fightback by Crusaders in the second half after they looked to have given up at times.
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