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  1. We did well out of this arrangement last season. Will be happy to see players of the caliber of Jack Ray, Harvey Whiteley and Toby Richardson coming down the motorway.
  2. Yorks Tim

    The Final

    Congratulations and best wishes for next season in the Championship. Always thought you'd do it.
  3. Aww...cheers! York for me because my first RL games were at Clarence Street. Oldham are the team that have most impressed me in games against Coventry Bears. Rhinos because of family Leeds connection.
  4. Young Player of the Year nomination
  5. Coventry Bears 22 v 20 Whitehaven RLFC - Bears squad looking good and ending season with a statement. We're due a win over them North Wales Crusaders 28 v 16 London Skolars Hunslet 22 v 18 Oldham Keighley Cougars 14 v 34 Newcastle Thunder Workington Town 22 v 28 Doncaster RLFC
  6. They were being sold by the Proper Sport online shop but the site has a security certificate warning and I can't get it to load just now. Google result
  7. Skolars go back in the lead as we near the hour mark. Good game for the neutral. I should have gone down
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