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  1. Will stick with my prediction from before the start of the play-offs and expect Doncaster to win this on the basis that they've been practising for a few years and should get it right this time. Six points ahead in the final minutes then a drop goal to seal it.
  2. Are you still confident of Swinton winning the final? If Doncaster play like that again it might turn out to be their year at last.
  3. Do we know why these play-off games are not being shown on Our League? They were last year for a fiver each?
  4. The Twitter feeds suggested Doncaster paid for ill discipline today. Swinton scored from a few penallties. Something they need to address before the next game?
  5. You're right but, despite never having my team participate, I do find it a thrilling part of the season. They're usually cracking games.
  6. Next week's games? Sorry, I've left my spreadsheet at home
  7. That's what I'm thinking. Both Doncaster and Oldham know how to win play-off games.
  8. North Wales Crusaders 22 v 24 Swinton Lions Doncaster 28 v 18 London Skolars Midlands Hurricanes 38 v 6 Cornwall Oldham 22 v 16 Hunslet Rochdale Hornets 22 v 28 Keighley Cougars
  9. Presumably that applies to all teams at this stage of the season.
  10. Hunslet 16 v 36 Doncaster London Skolars 24 v 28 Midlands Hurricanes Keighley Cougars 26 v 24 North Wales Crusaders Rochdale Hornets 32 v 6 West Wales Raiders Swinton Lions 28 v 16 Oldham
  11. I was there and it was a game where (a depleted, as we may have already said) Midlands side needed to buckle down and do the right things to overcome the (similarly depleted) hosts. Not going to say owt about the ref who was apparently making his debut in this code. In a game where there is always some biff, it might have been better to have a more experienced offical though. Hurricanes got the job done but took their time to settle down. Some credit due to the late additions to the squad who showed up well.
  12. Sorry to hear that mate but glad to report that I scored a pint on both wings at the Stebonheath ground today. While there is always a degree of aggression on the field, and it's a rivalry we both indulge in, you can't fault the West/South Wales hospitality.
  13. Am I right to presume tickets are not sold in advance for West Wales games? Cash / card on the turnstile?
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