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  1. We've done really well with this arrangement. These are all good players and Richard Squires is just the man we needed after Tsangy left for the Broncos.
  2. Top man. Hope to see him back playing for Coventry when we get going again.
  3. Expect to see Coventry Bears playing when we get going again. Don't know if other clubs in League 1 are in a similar position. Coventry Bears Club Update: Corona Virus
  4. Most of the Coen Brothers' films are brilliant. You may already have seen Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou? (similar to Buster Scruggs in a way) or No Country For Old Men. My favourite of theirs, which I think you'll like, is Miller's Crossing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coen_brothers_filmography
  5. Fantastic. My one post on Facebook today was to share the RFL link and suggest it was a good introduction to TGG for those not familiar and with a prompt to please sign up and name Coventry Bears as your favourite other team. Now I'm hoping nobody bothered *sulks
  6. Game of two halves at Barrow. Shame Raiders had the run of the pitch in the first half. Coventry much improved after the interval. Signs that we're starting to click
  7. Excuse me, there were at least 4 away fans there today. And you would get better crowds at this time of year if you had a roof on the stadium. Had full sympathy for the players and handling errors because I was struggling to update the Bears Twitter feed with frozen fingers ?
  8. Bears have assembled another decent squad after losing some key players to Workington, Crusaders etc. Today's 17 included a loan from Keighley and 3xDR from Dewsbury. We started and ended the game with some howlers but generally refused to be bullied by a Thunder side containing some giants. Some better decisions going forward might have seen us score more points too. Having said that, Newcastle were predictably very strong and, had their kicker brought his kicking boots, it would have been a wider margin at the final whistle. General feeling is that Bears will do alright this season.
  9. Coventry Bears 16 v 14 Newcastle Thunder (you would have laughed last year anorl) Doncaster 22 v 26 Barrow Raiders London Skolars 14 v 26 North Wales Crusaders West Wales Raiders 6 v 46 Hunslet Workington Town 26 v 24 Keighley Cougars
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