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  1. Can't imagine the BBC paid a fortune for the UK rights either The time difference must be a huge factor when it comes to the success, or otherwise, of international RL, or the NRL in the UK for that matter I like a bit of NFL I do, but I can have a beer and wind down with it on a Sunday night. Many a time I've followed an NFL season quite closely but not bothered with the Superbowl live because it can go on until 3-4am. I've never followed the NRL because I hate mornings and don't want to watch sport at that time In fact, I've probably watched more Masters tournaments than I have British Opens. No wonder the BBC resolutely holds on to whatever Masters coverage they have left. Even the other game struggles with this. As someone who doesn't seek out news of RU, the only way I know England are doing well in the ongoing WC is because of the odd sports bulletin I catch on the radio. If it was taking place in France, I reckon I'd be being bombarded with "Rugby's Coming Home", or some other drivel, on every media platform.
  2. Reminder that this promotion is Bachelor's only, penalising those of us who can't afford a premium mushy pea
  3. I think it's 100% artificial. It spends most of its time under the grass pitch (a hybrid itself), so I can't see how a hybrid could work But surely you could play on an artificial pitch anyway? I'd definitely go to MW if it was at Spurs, although it would be far too big
  4. I think the small seats thing is just an obsession among the few inveterates who post on here. It's not a thing in the real world and and I've never heard an LUFC fan complain about it. No way would any LUFC fan swap the experience of LS11 for LS6 because the seats are delightfully big! Seat size is way behind value, atmosphere, camaraderie, passion, noise and spectacle I'd have thought £22 is expensive for a child to watch a game of Rugby League, few northern football fans would stand for that to be honest, and £36 is pretty expensive for an adult.
  5. Probably because it's new and there isn't much competition. Saints is slightly better for me because the entire stadium has a roof and good sightlines (20% of Headingley is a shallow hill after all) and is of a similar basic/value build as the "south stand" (I wish they'd change the name) and the North Stand general access area. Warrington also has a larger number of covered places and, being enclosed, can generate a racket. The facilities and concourses are similar at all 3 (not talking corporate, I wouldn't know or care) Hull and Wigan are bigger and better than Headingley to be fair, but for obvious reasons. Neither are ideal for the smallish crowds though and should have some provision for standing, given the seats are largely unreserved anyway Headingley being hemmed in by roads gives it an interesting shape in parts, a bit like the old Dell at Southampton, otherwise it would just be a pretty cheap and basic kind of Millwalll build. Thank God the Carnegie stand has a bit of character with the overhang But let's face it, none of these grounds are turning any heads outside of RL circles
  6. It's equally understandable why thousands and thousands of them are empty. Hetherington didn't get away with charging what he wanted and had to climb down on some of the prices, but they're still objectively steep given there's almost no demand for matchday seating, so something's clearly not working It's a shame because Leeds United tickets haven't made general sale since Christmas and Leeds RL could have captured some of that market that can't get football tickets. But I don't think anybody who is used to a place like Elland Road has been recently is going to be too impressed with paying £22 for a kid to sit in a half empty stand with a dreary and depressing atmosphere
  7. Not allocated, but there are plenty spare. £36 behind the goals (£30 in the wings) and £32 along either sideline (thankfully only one block now charges the mental £37 they thought they could charge!). £20/£22/£24 for kid's seats Bear in mind there's a booking fee, or a matchday tax if you pay on the day, so you can add a couple of quid onto those prices
  8. I'd be surprised if there were that many in. They could have easily accommodated the few sat in the Carnegie Upper in the many, many empty seats in the North Stand and "South Stand". The atmosphere has been killed stone-dead too. The classic SS used to be a bearpit against Wigan, now it's a tiny knot of people and the band and you can barely hear them (they try their best though, bless 'em). It's more like Huddersfield than Leeds and the ###### up Friday night crowd have ###### off Still, the corporate facilities are great so I hear. And so they should be if they've been subsidised by charging people £37 to watch a game of RL in a deathly silent, sparsely populated stadium.
  9. If I'm to nitpick, I felt it kind of undercut the drama of the drop goal shootout that took place in the last 5 mins or so. I suppose because it no longer becomes 1 in 3 shot at victory, but 50/50 Did they toss a coin to decide who kicked off? I can't remember but I think they did I wonder if they ever thought of simply extending the game by a maximum of 10 mins, rather than having a restart
  10. That's not too bad. What are the tour operators charging?
  11. So how much would such a trip cost? Barebones, what's flights, tickets, accomodation internal travel, food and water? What are the package prices? I'm not asking in an antagonistic, argumentative way, I'm just genuinely interested
  12. I'm sure the players wages are guaranteed
  13. Is that how it works? Surely the players are guaranteed their fee before any profits are divvied out? Even so, if they're getting $20k x 3 and there's 20 players, that's only about £600k ($=£0.53). Maybe about £1m including all staff and all costs??? 150k tickets at £25 a head average would generate £3.75m, less the costs of hiring stadiums etc. Then there's TV and a little bit of merchandise Seems too easy I'm probably missing stuff out!
  14. People from where? Not knocking your post and I admire the enthusiasm, just curious about your theory I can see neutral RLfans going purely because of the venue, but surely anyone else drawn purely because of the venue could pretty easily go and watch FC Barcelona? I can definitely see mates, partners and family of RL fans tagging along because of the stadium and city though
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