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  1. Proudly watching Ash Barty win Wimbledon and I notice Sally Bolton on my TV.
    I knew she became the CEO back in 2019, but all I could think about was the amazing job she did for the 2013 RLWC. It goes to show that when the sport can attract quality administrators, we get quality output and a strong financial result. 

    My question for you all, who else has rugby league been fortunate to have from an administration perspective?

    I know he divided people, but Richard Lewis was outstanding IMO and I wish he stayed for longer. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, steavis said:

    Because everyone involved wants more OUT of it. The IRL had a report targeting wealthy countries because they want someone out of it. Going to Cuba or Brazil etc is almost purely altruistic.

    Brazil is a wealthy country. It just has a large gap between rich and poor. 
    Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Greece for me. 
    Plenty to get you started. 

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  3. 29 minutes ago, Tex Evans Thigh said:

    What Mascord has reported is pretty much on the money, reported to him as almost verbatim from the league meeting by the look of it. The thing is a farce and that they’re tweeting out stuff about sponsors and announcements is irresponsible and pathetic. 

    Investors have gone, some teams haven’t been paid and unless there is some miracle in the few weeks there won’t be an official season this year (clubs may try and put some friendlies on for local lads to salvage something). Talk of getting investors for 2022 but the league is tarnished now.

    Beyond disappointing for those of us at club level who have been working tirelessly to get this off the ground and ready to go, the import players who put their lives on hold and the local players training hard for it. Only to be told it was BS. The conversation at training last night was horrible.

    There have been a few red flags behind the scenes and the clubs have had to push them for transparency. Thank god they did before people started moving families over etc. 

    Peak Rugby League, pretty much the final straw for me. The sport is a joke.

    Terrible. You’re from Atlanta?

  4. 21 hours ago, GUBRATS said:

    You mean how they get away with being offside ?

    Personally I don’t think the referee makes them wait for the ball to clear the ruck before they start moving up. BUT, these teams do move up together, whether they’re offside or not. 
    I love Salford, but watching the game last week it was a real problem in defence where first defender (usually Mossop) from the ruck did not move up at all. They conceding 10m every time and it made it tough to win the battle for field position. You’re then starting your sets too deep in your own half. It’s so bloody frustrating to watch and is really down to fitness - both physical and mental. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    just so I'm clear on the rational...

    if someone calls me an English XXXXX it's not racist.

    but if someone calls me an Anglo Saxon XXXX its racist...

    either way to me both are offensive depending upon the context...

    According to the British census, the racial group would be White British. 
    That’s not to say that the references you make are not offensive, they’re just not racist. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    That time of the month again for your League One South idea? It would be tantamount to murdering those clubs that aren’t in the north. 

    To help with travel they could play all/some south team (depending on league size) twice and the north teams once to assist with travel whilst not reducing the season length.

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  7. 48 minutes ago, Oldbear said:

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it. I wonder if they jumped the gun thinking that they would be back in SL and gave notice to Ealing prior to the SL decision, then once they found out that they were not in it was too late to rescind it? Surely even the Broncos couldn’t make that big a mistake, or could they?

    It has been said that Ealing was up for renegotiation and the price was going to substantially increase.

    Ideal situation would be a great stadium for game day for 1st team, and a second field that all teams can train on + academy can play on.  

  8. 10 hours ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    Problem I have is that I was getting used to Ealing (And enjoying it) at Championship level its a perfect venue and even SL it was OK (Compared to Wakefield and Castleford which are appalling) at least Ealing is clean tidy with good bar and food outlets it had a rugby club feel to it.

    Maybe as I get older thats what I seem to be looking for, which is why I enjoy going to Rugby League in France:) only large stadium I enjoy going to nowadays is Toulouse 2/3 times a year and thats mainly because their VIP is fantastic and that I know pretty much everyone there so good for a chinwag:) 



    Yes I prefer intimate grounds with a good bar and the ability to stand pitch side too, but this typically only works for 1k to 2k crowds. 

    I haven’t been to Trailfinders but some on here have commented that when it hits 2k the viewing experience is quite poor. 

    It’s a tough one, but I support the decision if it aligns with a strategic attempt to gain promotion.

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  9. 2 hours ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    The Broncos should have stayed at Ealing Wimbledon holds no interest for me sitting in a stadium with 7000 empty seats no thanks.



    Paul I usually agree with you, but here I will disagree. 

    Having watched matches at the Gold Coast’s CBus super Stadium and Parramatta’s Bankwest Stadium with approx 5k fans and 15k empty seats, I can confirm there is a) atmosphere, and b) facilities to attract casual fans.

    Looking at Plough Lane it looks like a mini CBUS or Bankwest. You’ll be surprised at how well such a boutique stadium holds the noise and allows for great viewing. 

    Trailfinders needs upgrades that will never be forthcoming due to the residential area it’s in. May aswell move now to a great stadium and build things up IMO. Just don’t like JM run the marketing of the club...

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