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  1. YES it is uplifting and our Canadian brothers and sisters sure do know how to throw a party at a sports event. In 2007 I attended my first Grey Cup Final in Toronto the whole weekend was a fantastic experience what impressed me was the different levels of engagement budget wise over the weekend there was. * Party at the top of the CN tower with live bands (This was a corporate event LOVERBOY were the main attraction big in Canada like April Wine and Triumph but hardly anyone has heard of them elsewhere:) * Massive pre match party next to the stadium which started at lunchtime and ran for around 6/8 hours (Over 8000 in attendance) the interaction with the sponsors was fab included * Log sawing competitions sponsored by De Walt * Play with POKER STARS TV heroes (My wife had a blast she is Russian and is a mean hand at poker:) * SONY TV sponsored anyone having a picture with the GREY CUP we still have ours on the wall at home:) * Nissan sponsored a 4 x 4 driving circuit There was LIVE bands great food and the match entertainment included LENNY KRAVITZ at half time it was brilliant really opened by eyes 7 of us went including Jacques Jorda the ex French national coach with his wife very happy memories. GOOD LUCK YOU CANADIANS:) Paul
  2. Totally disagree with a proper marketing plan (1 year in advance) that would easily be achieved. * Local marketing is set up 1 year before * 2/3 persons in temporary office * Build up relations with local press radio TV * 1 year schools development The cost of staging a match like this would be in the region of £ 125000.00 (Includes players/Hotels/1 year marketing costs with staff) PEANUTS You market the hell out of it early on with premium tickets (Best seats £ 50.00 each) x 5000 = £ 250000.00 then after 6 months you put the cheap places on sale £ 20.00 adults £ 10.00 kids another £ 300000.00 Total £ 550000.00 in gate receipts alone + TV RIGHTS Don't say it cannot be done it can you can even find persons to take a punt and underwrite it . In 2005 similar thing London Broncos v Leeds Rhinos in Perpignan was underwritten for £ 80K even with a crowd of 7000 it produced around £ 170000.00 profit. Never under estimate the power of private investors in anything:) P
  3. FANTASTIC STUFF Kevin Tamati what a player and what a guy We cannot let this die NO WAY Paul
  4. For Gods sale please in the name of Mary RUGBY LEAGUE BOSSES get your act together INTERNATIONALS = MORE FANS (This is not bloody Einstein) As I have said before even ENGLAND v FRANCE in places like Portsmouth and Plymouth in June would draw 20/25000 sell out crowds. We need 2 INTERNATIONAL WINDOWS a year June November Is that asking much? Paul
  5. CFL is to me (A brit) 100 times better to watch though 3 downs is fab the receivers in CFL are really excellent I have seen some amazing plays that one would never see in the NFL. On the subject of Rugby Americans that have watched both codes always to a man prefer League simple rules fast easy to follow and enjoyable:) Paul
  6. 90% of rugby league fans care abut their club and not the game at large. Simple as that (99% on this forum the opposite:) Paul
  7. GREAT NEWS County cricket back in August and club cricket next weekend (What a ###### I went to Spain on Thursday) thinking about coming back now:) p
  8. Prades is a very interesting place its the only town left in France with a reasonable amount of Catalan speakers I will drive passed it next week on my way to Mantet for one of my mountain hikes. Once heard a couple of old men speaking Catalan in a bar in St Esteve but sadly the language has pretty much died out in French Catalonia across the border though to here Perelada (Roses area) its 100% Catalan I also remember once attending a match between Carpenters v Limoux and heard Provence spoken again by 2 old men in a bar. Bit of a hobby of mine minority languages my oldest boy studied Scottish Gaelic for fun at school in Scotland and speaks it fairly well combined with English and Russian its a weird combination:) Bernard Gaush is a fluent Catalan speaker which is a great advantage for doing business in Barcelona for the Dragons. Sorry to have gone off topic a bit Paul
  9. KENT WHITSTABLE/CANTERBURY/SEVENOAKS/TUNBRIDGE WELLS/TENTERDEN/BROADSTAIRS/DEAL/SANDWICH/BECKENHAM:) ROCHESTER (Old Town) Plenty of nice places to live in Kent and the villages especially my way are fab, I live in one called Chiddingstone and its wonderful ? Paul
  10. Croydon to be fair has improved a lot, always great for department stores when I was little 3 of them Kenards/Grants and one other the name of which escapes me:) Remembered Alders LOL:) Paul
  11. Best outcome Ian buys it in a fire sale and puts it into a trust:) Paul
  12. Sorry to hear Stay strong and celebrate the good times. P
  13. Loved the Auckland match GO YOU KIWIS:) Paul
  14. ADY SPENCER London Broncos Vice President of a Chemical company in Texas IAIN HIGGINS London Broncos Solicitor BOTH Ex Cambridge RL blues Ady played over 50 matches for London Broncos Super guys as well (Iain also played for Hunslet as a lawyer in Leeds) Paul
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