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  1. I would be amazed if the Dragons sign him due to well documented disagreements between Bernard and his father. If he goes to France it has to be Toulouse. Paul
  2. Would love to go to the Broncos but dont really know whats going on
  3. 10 teams will have to pretty much come from Australia + New Zealand. Would be interesting to know how ticket sales are going seems to be most expensive first and cheaper later. Its a really tough call this one. Paul
  4. The key really is Australia who are basically supplying 10 teams out of the 16. Years gone by Aussies travelled for the ashes tests thats history and away support outside ex pat and traveling Aussies and kiwis + a plane load of French rugby league fans will be ZERO:( Will and can it be a success YES it can if the great ENGLISH (Notice I have not said British) embrace it and I have a feeling they will (Thats England BTW that great country that has no government:) Paul
  5. Its a shame that after all the publicity that the Dr brought SRD followed by the 2 finals hasn't increased the crowds (Pre covid) I met a couple of Salford directors by chance at a lunch in Spain a couple of years ago and the situation that the Dr left the club in was not a pretty picture there still seems to be a lot of debt. I still feel sorry for John Willkinson he put his heart and soul into the club and a lovely guy to boot. P
  6. Pretty spot on TRR I am involved in non league football in Kent which is the strongest county in England for non league clubs + the North East (However they never take promotion) some of the local derbies at our level and the one above can get great crowds over the last 2 years (Pre lockdown) Herne Bay v Whitstable Town 800 Canterbury City (FA Vase tie) 1800 Chatham Town v Sheppey United 900 And these are at levels well below National Conference and Step 4 clubs like Bromley/Dover/Margate/Folkestone/Tonbridge/Ebbsfleet/Welling/ etc Tunbridge Wells who are in my clubs leagu
  7. It is however its part of the sponsorship arrangements with Sheppard Neame.
  8. My wife is from Moscow I will have a go later on today once she has consumed a few glasses of wine LOL:) P
  9. Really interesting I live in a village in Kent and there are quite a few pikie words still used by some around the village in the pub. There are some other really interesting groups in the UK like the Kale (Welsh Roma speaking Welsh Kala) today its a mixture of Welsh/English and Kala what a mixture:) Paul
  10. Really interesting I read that there is a group trying to revive the language, Cornish is starting to do really well and Manx also both due to a combination of school and music you tube etc the interesting thing about Cumbric is the amount of words still used by locals without even realising the connection that goes back to the 12th century. Paul
  11. As a side issue HM one of my hobbies is studying the history of Celtic/Gaelic languages (Welsh/Cornish/Breton Celtic and Scottish/Irish/Manx Gaelic) I have been recently looking into the history of the only other one Cumbric which is extinct however many old words are still used in Cumbria today like YAN (One) Do you ever come across this ? Paul
  12. I always felt that Barrow could have been a big club. Workington Town and Whitehaven I think work well as a championship club (As long as they are in the top division) Paul
  13. Nothing at present I am waiting to hear news. I will be back in 3 weeks and hopefully will be able to meet up with everyone with restrictions being lifted. P
  14. Many of our English clubs could learn a thing or two from both Toulouse and the Dragons in the art of public relations. Paul
  15. Most Aussies and kiwis have no problems whatsoever in living in the UK and France playing rugby league. Also most Londoners I know have never winged going up north ,however there has always been a problem the other way round it goes back years. Some though do settle well and stay around for years Shaun Edwards being one he settled well into London life. Paul
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