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  1. My opinion (For what it's worth) no amount of tampering can make the CC top of the pops again. It's had its day and better to put the grand old lady to rest rather than to continue to embarrass ourselves. One major winner overall amongst the premier clubs and that's the SL grand final. The fans vote with their feet and apart from the odd reasonable attendance the overall support for the CC is low. RL needs to get over it and move on the days of the game being propped up by the revenues generated from the final + a fag company have long gone. Time to move on
  2. Great win by the Giants one more and they can look forward to playing at a half empty Wembley.
  3. I doubt if they will bother next year better to get that 500K back unless it's been spent:(((
  4. This year has been fantastic for brands advertising at SL matches Optty/Mastercard /Bulldog Skincare/Wendys Restaurants/Duracell to name but a few. Over 40 new clients for us to RL this year + RL commercial have done a fantastic job attacting the german beer company and retaining Betfred who have been a fantastic sponsor. I would add that having an exclusive betting partner also stops the game being infested (Like football) with betting companies. France v England in Toulouse totally sold out with sponsors. Clubs doing a great job to with local sponsors. All in all a great year so far.
  5. Personally speaking loved the middle 8,s when the Broncos were in the championship it was like being in SL for part of the season without the thrashings:)
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