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  1. Complete and utter rubbish who is making these decisions ? P
  2. I wonder what the Harlequins old boys thought of his stylish tattoo on his neck maybe its caught on
  3. The reality is there are around 150000 rugby league fans who watch matches on a regular basis. To have a successful World Cup the game needs to engage thousands of potential new fans, using the word NORTHERN just underlines the stereotype opinion that many outside of the rugby league heartlands have about Rugby League. Sorry that poem was awful and should not have been released its a total turn off for anyone outside of the rugby league community. P
  4. Whoever allowed this should be FIRED total disaster of a PR job lets just alienate 90% of the UK before we start DEPRESSING Paul
  5. I loved it! I too was surprised they chose to say "northern game" but I don't think it overshadowed the rest of the video. Whoever allowed this should be fired total disaster of a PR job AWFUL:( I thought much of it was quite generic and I would have preferred it without the phrase "a Northern game".
  6. Nice to see Jason Robinson on SKY came across well but needs to get a bit of coaching YOU KNOW LOL More than your average premiership footballer:) Beckham used to hold the record but YOU KNOW Jason could have beaten him tonight:) YOU KNOW P
  7. GOOD LED system easy to dress up it will be fine Paul
  8. The NRL has been brilliant this season and with all due respect to some great SL matches we are nowhere near them. WORLD CUP Australia Tonga New Zealand Samoa England Fiji Paul
  9. 21 years at MAPLE LEAF and before that CEO ROGERS CENTRE thats been 2 serious positions why on earth he is hanging on at the TW only he knows. Paul
  10. Actually I am a fan of the world service as it plays a role albeit smaller now with the internet . RADIO 1/2 though have to be closed ASAP licence payers money should NOT be used to compete unfairly against commercial radio.
  11. Back to the BBC I personally think that if we can get more internationals (A minimum of 4/5 a year) along with the CC then having 12/15 matches on FTA would be fantastic for the sport and they seem to do a very good job:) With regards to other things dont get me started with all the licence payers money that the BBC wastes for instance on RADIO 1/2 which should be culled. Paul
  12. Its a migrant crises if you live in KENT (We are in the front line) for all the cuts made in social services P
  13. If i was a betting man I would bet on TW being allowed back in next season with matches played in the UK until Canada opens up again and then back in Toronto in 2022. Then a 14 team SL also in 2022 P
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