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  1. The only way forward for our great game is a total re-brand which personally i expect to happen within the next 3 years. NRL EUROPE Here we come:) Paul
  2. Fages seems to have no interest in playing for France injury or no injury i predicted at the start of the season that regardless he would not appear in the WC for them. Just watch Joe Chan fly he will be sensational after a couple of seasons at the Storm the next SBW his ability to unload in the tackle is superb and will only get better. Paul PS/Remember them when they first came over in 2006 we used to call their club car the Chan Van with all the little rascals in it:)
  3. Any idea of what the crowd looks like only around the 3rd SLGF i have missed as here in Spain at present. Paul
  4. Are Samoa on paper better than England YES Can England beat Samoa on the day YES Its going to be the best World Cup ever:) New Zealand though unstoppable:) Australia not at the races. Paul
  5. This is further down the road than people think:) Paul
  6. The correct choice he 100% deserves it. Any chance he has any England connections :)))) I will have a look at Ancestry tonight:)))))) Paul
  7. If this comes off and from what i have seen it will, then hats of to Nigel Wood. Paul
  8. Its New Zealand for me will be fantastic for the game there as well:) Paul
  9. Its going to be interesting to see how the crowd holds up after last years disappointing attendance (28000) hopefully back up to 70000 again:) Leeds should take i guess at least 20000 Saints fans most be bored with all their success. GOOD LUCK to both teams and fingers crossed for a classic. Paul
  10. Problem Harry is that there were very few players available Paul
  11. Its not free the tickets are paid for with one free beer and it will be for students only. Nothing wrong with that as the corporates pay decent money we spend 1500 a match for the VIP at the Dragons (6 persons) and around 500 at Toulouse for 4 and are happy to pay it as many corporates are. P
  12. Didn't really go into that much as i am more interested in the commercial side, however they did mention that several players have signed new deals including Guy Armitage who i was not aware spent much of his childhood growing up in Nice. Paul
  13. Hello Fellow Lovers of League:) For those that are interested. I spent yesterday up in Toulouse and had a nice lunch with the commercial team main points that came out of it. * Confirmed will be full time next season * Will make 100% effort to get back up to SL and sign the players needed to keep them there next time * Disappointed with the season but learned much to be positive about * Confident that crowds will grow next season to average of 5000 + on the back of locals like a winning team new promotions etc * Big push marketing wise on social media (Already very impressive) special deal for students with one free beer on entry band entertainment etc (Suggested deal with bus company to run them back to and from campus) * Local sponsorship doing really well and expected to increase by around 30% next season All good stuff WELL DONE TOULOUSE:) Cheers Paul PS/Damm good lunch went easy as a 2 and half hour drive back home:)
  14. Whatever its going to be a great season can't wait to start to go to matches:) Paul
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