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  1. From the outside you do seem to be improving week on week. I’m sure the points are just around the corner but hopefully not this weekend please… I’m not sure if I can make the trip up yet but best of luck for an entertaining game.
  2. Banana skin with a short turnaround from the bash (for both clubs). It would be classic Bradford to put Keighley to the sword, fall in love with themselves and get a spanking at Newcastle. Bradford by 12
  3. Well I enjoyed my weekend in York especially that second half A good game all round I thought although any sensible fan not on the wind up could see Bradford were much changed for the side you faced at Cougar Park and you were also missing a few. Either way it was nice to see us put a score on and keep you out in the second half which Bradford never seem to do. 1-1 in the series and onto Odsal for the decider. Best of luck until then.
  4. Easy to blame the man on his way. We did the same with John Kear. Rhys seems to be blamed for everything by the owners which is strange considering the players and contacts he seems to have brought and steering the team to a good first year back in the championship. Although maybe not good enough based on spend from the others which is their prerogative. Be careful towing the party line in case you get called a troublemaker though.
  5. As much as we have the rivalry, I’d genuinely hate ANY other team to go through the mismanagement Bradford fans have had to suffer. Sounds like Doyle is doing well for you which is good to hear but silly money was thrown at him. Imagine he’s not the only one. Currently not looking good for Keighley with this exodus. We at Bradford know better than most what owners can spin in statements and fan forum. Best of luck (apart from on the pitch against us)
  6. Echo Mr Mania’s comments. Well done Barrow. Cracking second half performance and put us to the sword. Exploited the weakness on that left edge and kept hitting it. I was really impressed with your play although I’m guessing Sammut and co played the game of the season. No idea how you are down towards the bottom if you could play like that every week. good luck for the season.
  7. Fairly good commentator but got ideas above his station. He does seem to wind people up though. That being said, doesn’t look like he was particularly wrong on the lop sided penalty count. Bradford ill discipline costs them without a doubt but fair to say they didn’t get the rub of the green. How only Patton went to the bin is baffling… but it’s Rugby League so we should expect baffling. Either way it’s all a training exercise for the rest of us while we wait for Featherstone to be promoted.
  8. Well I really enjoyed that game. Finally gave us bradford fans some entertainment. Nice to see the lads put a shift in and grind out a win that I don’t think anyone saw coming. It only shows what we can do when we want too. Hopefully the exodus does happen and we can get back to basics and get lads in that want to give it all for the full 80. Hard luck York. I thought you were ok but Bradford wanted it more. A lot of drop ball coming from pressure from both sides. Although the fact the majority of fans still blame the ref always makes me laugh. Even Ford’s comments that PP gets harshly treated by the refs, oh dear. York will be comfortably in the playoffs come the end of the year no doubt about that and you never know in a one off game.
  9. A tough choice for potential coaches. Do you take a job coaching a team playing on a horrible excuse for a pitch or one playing on a lovely carpet like surface? i personally think the Widnes job is more attractive at the moment.
  10. Had to happen. The product on offer was horrendous. Most of us left have got used to losing but one man rugby vs 12 man Halifax says it all. the players attitude is as much to blame. brave performances against Featherstone and Leigh then pathetic walking it in for 5 tackles and the same old ‘Patton to Gill (everyone) knows the drill’ vs Sheffield, barrow etc. Sad for JK. He was the right man at the time but it was time for a change. Bradford are hamstrung by the pitch but it doesn’t stop some of those fatties getting themselves in shape and bending their backs. Crossley’s attempted tackle on Gale when he had literally just come on was embarrassing.
  11. Had to happen. The product on offer was horrendous. Most of us left have got used to losing but one man rugby vs 12 man Halifax says it all. the players attitude is as much to blame. brave performances against yourselves and Leigh then pathetic walking it in for 5 tackles and the same old ‘Patton to Gill (everyone) knows the drill’ vs Sheffield, barrow etc. Sad for JK. He was the right man at the time but it was time for a change.
  12. Weird game from the ref. Bradford seemed to get some decisions until they drew the scores level and then the ref switched to give Featherstone the decisions. Happened a few times especially first half. Seemed the classic evening up the count we often see. Either way, Featherstone didn’t need a helping hand from the ref. Bradford actually had some good attacking shape and bombed a few tries in good position. Probably is we can’t afford to do that most weeks never mind against Featherstone. Agreeing with the comments about mics and making it possible to hear the calls of the ref. It’s often funny to watch a game back at home and realise the laying on you were going crazy about was actually called as surrender / dominant so the tacklers rightly had longer to clear. That ruins the fun of blaming the pantomime villan though doesn’t it haha.
  13. Much more effort from Bradford tonight which was nice to see but only proves why the fans are up in arms at the moment. All fine showing up against yourselves and Leigh when they can’t be bothered vs the rest of the league. Ironically, Bradford looked good when throwing the ball around. As we’ve done everytime we do that. Kear will have been having a heart attack watching the players actually test their arms!! Featherstones quality showed out and was always likely the case. In the end it’s just the waiting game for Featherstone vs Leigh. My money is still firmly on Featherstone
  14. Yes a very good signing for the championship. Fair enough he’s dropped off a bit but he still scored warrington’s only try in a grand final a few years ago. Hopefully three genuine halfs in the Bradford ranks next year.
  15. Yes unnecessary from Brown and I think he might find himself staying at home rather than playing in Toulouse. That could have been costly for Batley had the ref spotted it and could have undone all of Batley’s deserved hard work. Im saving the recording to watch back later when I’m ready to stomach the passenger speed Bradford attack. A shame to end the Bradford season on 4 losses in a row but playoffs was the aim and that was achieved. Good luck Batley and I hope you get a good game out in France and keep the score line more respectable than we would have.
  16. Well done Batley. Well worth the victory. I’ve said a few times but Bradford were just happy to make the playoffs which is a shame as we have ended our season with a whimper but good luck Batley. See you again next year
  17. Looks like I was right with this. Congratulations Batley. The best team won on the day. Good luck in the next round and we will see you again next year
  18. I’d say batley and I’d make them favourites too. Bradford are in horrible form and I’ve said for a while they are happy to have made the playoffs and mentally checked out. Plus home advantage should see Batley home as winners
  19. After watching Bradford play (or attempt to play) Toulouse recently I can say Toulouse are basically the best championship side i have seen. The attack is flowing and sharp but the defence is just so impressive and they rarely look stretched. They 100% deserve their shot at super league and I think they will worry the Salford, Wakefield etc (no offence to them) But the job isn’t done and they have to win the playoffs where Featherstone will want to take that spot
  20. Based on the current form and result this seems the most likely. I’m not sure on the Halifax Batley result but I could very easily see Whitehaven winning and they would deserve their place in the playoffs
  21. Halifax play Batley so they can’t both lose this weekend. Bradford look like they are happy to have made the playoffs so I expect a haven win next week as one team is bang in form and up for the fight and the other is in rest mode. I’ve seen comments about how exciting the Widnes v Bradford game was and yes the atmosphere was good with the game in the balance but make no mistake it was a game with over 30 errors between the sides. It was only exciting as both sides couldn’t keep hold of the footy or threw it forward. If either team could have respected the ball they would likely have put 30-40 points on the other
  22. Agree with Gazza there. Standard talk to big up signings although I do think Jordan is a fantastic keep for us. Plus of course he will peddle the super league line. The club constantly say this to assist marketing and engaging fans that we are aspiring for super league. Most of us fans are much more realistic though. I remember Gledhill posting stories about an amazing signing and how fans would be very impressed as we’d really opened the cheque book… up rocks Richie Mathers out of retirement!! PS - I like the comment ‘never rated Lilley’ now he’s confirmed to be staying at Bradford. Much like our section of supporters who think Pickersgill is not good enough now he’s very likely off to you haha
  23. I thought you guys had a thread on Brandon Pickersgill but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe I dreamt it. Either way, he picked up a very bad looking injury yesterday vs Toulouse. Looked to be his spine/back. He Looked devastated on the floor and was taken off by stretcher and went straight to hospital.
  24. Brilliant game of rugby league to watch (although I’m clearly biased). I wish Bradford would stop inviting teams back into games from silly errors but still a great performance and result for Bradford. Sorry to say, as nice as the rivalry is, it’s nicer to do the double over you although good luck for the rest of the season. Bradford have had injuries problems all year but are getting players back at the right time. Brough is still so classy even at his age. PS - Always like trips to York as a city and enjoyed the trip again today. Very smart stadium and would love if Bradford could copy and print the same over into odsal but I think I’ll be standing a few decades longer waiting for that.
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