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  1. Sloth off The Goonies in a wig = Danny Brough Terry Duckworth - Derek Beaumont Kurt Sorensen - Lionel Richie Sean O'Loughlin - Ailsa off Home and Away Jamie Peacock - Hoggle off Labrynth Dan Sarginson - Lord Voldermort John Kear - Harry Hill Graham Steadman - Awful Tom Selleck
  2. 1.Paul Topping 2. Desmond Drummond 3.Mal Menninga 4. Kevin Iro 5. Martin Offiah 6. Garry Schofield 7. Bobbie Goulding 8. Kelvin Skerrett 9.James Lowes 10. Tim Street 11.Andy Goodway 12.Adrian Morley 13.Ellery Hanley
  3. The guy who claims to be a 60 year old lifelong fan who is going to jump ship because Mazey and co have pulled out. Absolutely bizarre
  4. Serious question...……………... Do you fancy Andy Mazey?
  5. "We" ?? What's with the constant facetious bucket comments? You've said it 4 times now. So you aren't a fan anymore then? Why? You made the point once, I don't get why a "fan" would continue to say this. Your writing style, placement and use of emojis and constant repeat rhetoric gives you up.... ……...(Awaits obligatory "keyboard warrior" jibe)
  6. If it truly was 80% like the previous board stated, why did they do one?! Just doesn't add up. Same as Mazey outright lieing that fans were chanting and abusing him at the Sheffield game. Crazy. What is it with Leythers and hyperbole.
  7. kINELL, He just can't keep his grid out the press can he!
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