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  1. Not forgetting that one of the top,top world stars of the game got jailed for rape last week(Hayne)
  2. Far more cases of drug and domestic abuse in Rugby League. Bare in mind there are also 92 full time professional football teams in England. Compared to 12 in Rugby League. Get your head out of your @r5e pal
  3. Yep. The absolute trash supporters that are ok with and defend this type of behaviour are responsible too. RL has zero moral highground compared to most other sports
  4. He admitted to punching his wife in the face. ####. End of
  5. Perhaps try gay porn if that's the type of thing you enjoy seeing.
  6. Up the jumper time. "Outfit" for team Smarts Any more.....
  7. Leigh announced in a very short and to the point post that Adam Walker has had his contract terminated and is no longer affiliated with the club. The posts were then deleted just an hour later which was weird. He been a naughty boy again?
  8. I played in an u11s match which we won 2-0 once. 2 drop goals. Both Danny Tickle no less!
  9. Sloth off The Goonies in a wig = Danny Brough Terry Duckworth - Derek Beaumont Kurt Sorensen - Lionel Richie Sean O'Loughlin - Ailsa off Home and Away Jamie Peacock - Hoggle off Labrynth Dan Sarginson - Lord Voldermort John Kear - Harry Hill Graham Steadman - Awful Tom Selleck
  10. 1.Paul Topping 2. Desmond Drummond 3.Mal Menninga 4. Kevin Iro 5. Martin Offiah 6. Garry Schofield 7. Bobbie Goulding 8. Kelvin Skerrett 9.James Lowes 10. Tim Street 11.Andy Goodway 12.Adrian Morley 13.Ellery Hanley
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