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  1. "D" - Those who say this should wear a hat with said letter on. "Robbie Burrows" Not is name is it. Neither are either of his names.
  2. Moustache. My vote - Martin Dermott. nice, neat and always trimmed. Kept it well into the 90s after taches lost their wow/cook factor. Respect. What's yours?
  4. Ahh right. Well cause YOU played well hungover I reckon Littler should just send them all the pub He should play amateur if he wants the best of both worlds
  5. Plenty of other higher level semi professionals with children manage not to be hungover. Prob someway to explain how Oldham are rock bottom of all the heartland clubs in all 3 "professional" tiers.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/nrl/article-11114779/NRL-star-Brett-Finch-pleads-guilty-sharing-child-abuse-material-sentenced-September.html
  7. Rochdale deffo. That Mazey gets all stiff for anything ex Leigh.
  8. Been watching loads of 90s Wigan lately. Andy Platt is so underrated as a great isn't he
  9. Surely Shaun Edwards would be in any greatest all time wigan XIII?!
  10. At last!!! A bit of character/passion/charisma shown from somebody!! Fed up of the generic Rugby League interview. Steve Mac with a Summerslam promo!! And you know what........ He's right.
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