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  1. Yep. Completeley. And i'll gloat like mad when im proved right
  2. There are multiple internet posts from players, staff and even board members complimenting the fans on their support and behaviour in the last game. Believe me, this is all very weird. Hand on heart i think its Mazey making a powerplay.
  3. Absolutely bang on. I attended the Sheffield games and there were no such threats or gestures during the game at all. Utter utter lies. Not for the first time either
  4. I was at the Sheffield game and he recieved no such threats during the game. There were a couple of chants of "You can shover your Manchester up you ######" but that is as far as it went, nobody was pointing or gesturing either. It was all very dignified to be honest. Utter,utter lies this article. He has done this to drum up more support for himself. He won't sell the club, this is a move just to get rid of the disenters. I bet any thing he'll ride back in like the white knight claiming he saved the club again.
  5. I have yeah? Don't think its the end of the world. I've seen and done a lot worse myself
  6. Losing coach of each Sky game has to do the post match interview in a curly wig.
  7. Rugby League fans are the biggest set of sanctimonious do-gooders in sport. Players arrested for poor behaviour constantly. At least a few drug bans a year. Crowd trouble. Yet still make out to be morally superior to other sports. A fat lad gets drunk after working at his teams stadium for the last time ever, sends a daft video where he swears once to his pals. Some grass leaks it and you all lose your ###### and want him hung drawn and quartered. Get a grip.
  8. Forgot about that! Utterly ridiculous tinpottery!!!!!
  9. How about stopping dissent by the ref carrying a ping pong bat. If a player gets shown any dissent the referee is the allowed to smack theplayer on the bottom 3 times. If said player refuses - straight red card. Each team will be allowed 1 dog each on the pitch for the final 5 minutes of each game. All props should have a mandatory tache. Magic Weekend should have a theme. With players playing in fancy dress.
  10. Seen the video. Much to do about nothing to be honest. Ain't half some bad, pathetic grasses here! Get a grip, it was sent in a private group. Yous really want a man to lose his livelehood over this? Christ
  11. Is Mick bi-polar? This isn't a joke by the way, pretty sure he is
  12. See post my above this^ I think i probably know a lot more about the ins and out of this subject than you. Me being one of the fans that won't be attending Manchester Lions games any longer.
  13. As a Swinton fan, i have followed all this closely. The board had a secret meeting with "select fans" - mainly Mazeys brownnosing mates. Suddenly this gets leaked in The Sun. Being a member of numerous fan sites and seeing the chairmans reaction on twiiter and answers to any sort of compromise (Mancherster SL) being one, i think its pretty much a given that the club willl be Manchester Lions next season. This may not mean much to fans of other clubs, but i think you can understand the frustration of current fans who after nearly 3 decades of not playing in the town, the name Swinton - being the only identity left to the club/town. Their/Our club/town.
  14. We'll they'll have 500 or so fans to find in merely a few months. Hope the board can cover this loss as i doubt just having a team called "Manchester" will attract the numbers that quick, do you?
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