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  1. But they have absolutely nothing to gain by letting a Rugby League team play on their pitch. Theyre hardly short of cash are they
  2. Same across the board with all Rugby League. Attendances in general for English RL are on the whole on average better than any time in the past 30 years for most teams. Wigan averaged about 8000 at Central Park in 96/97
  3. It is because its recorded as a podcast rather than a channel. Check this out, much the same but with a bit more daft banter... Same 3 presenters Perry, Wilkin and Flanagan but with various guests https://whippetsandflatcaps.podbean.com/
  4. Looking at the Bull RLFans forum, their fans are fed up of him and hope he doesn't get a new deal next season
  5. Hes always been a thick chav has George Flanagan. He has a long history of dodgy behaviour going back to his academy days
  6. Swinton used to play at Moor Lane. Salford City FC don't want and won't have any ties with Rugby League.
  7. Swinton previously played at Moor Lane. From what i hear Salford City FC don't want anything to do with RL. Not as if they need the extra revinue with them men in charge
  8. Joins Leigh on loan.... https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/blog/2019/08/13/kevin-brown-joins-leigh-centurions-on-loan/
  9. The RFL have diddly squat to do with it. Super League are their own entity
  11. I once saw Mickey Higham complete an interview using entirely vowels.
  12. Jesus wept! http://www.totalrl.com/swinton-launch-scathing-attack-on-rfl-after-allowing-championship-game-to-be-played-at-amateur-club/
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