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  1. He was going to play in America, but that fell through. Physically he is immense, but he is difficult to deal with. Maybe he needs more time to mature.
  2. I'm surprised Killer is in the list. He is getting a bit long in the tooth for this, but maybe there is enough left for one grand hurrah
  3. It's always at their expense. They would have been paying for Widnes to travel to Toulouse so it makes no difference.
  4. I believe the Widnes game is going ahead, but TO will be travelling to the UK for it
  5. Toulouse are already stretched as their injury list got longer this week. Building a team of experienced players also means that they are no spring chickens !
  6. I think that it is because London are full time, the RFL have said only full time need to fulfil their away fixtures in Toulouse
  7. There are different rules for Elite teams for the travel corridors, TO are considered Elite in France so fall into the same bracket as UK teams e.g. Champion League/Europa league games
  8. Curfew is at 7 but it's irrelevant pretty much as all you need is a bit of paper to say you are travelling outside of those hours for a justifiable reason. As TO are sorting out all the travelling from UK -> Blagnac -> Ground -> Blagnac -> UK in a plane/bus bubble, I don't think the curfew would be an issue anyway. My view is that this is tactical, having a lot of top players missing, thinking they would get hammered (no reason to believe in themselves though!) , they thought this was one they could miss
  9. He sounds a tad miffed... "TO are playing in England 15 times this season, we're not complaining, there is no possible reason why London can't come to Toulouse once"
  10. Very nicely surprised with the TO win today, I had them down as one of the 5 games they would lose this season. Not a draw dropping match to watch but a win is a win in the end. The pack and tackling were immense, I hope they can get some players back quickly in the week off and push on
  11. Apparently no. Can't touch the Elite 1 teams squads during the current Elite season.
  12. Yes, that threw a big spanner in the works...they are not happy bunnies i'm led to believe.
  13. There is a friendly between Catalans and Toulouse on the 13th as well
  14. Stan Robin has dropped out - no idea why at the moment
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