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  1. Yes, although he won't be missed as much, defence he is OK, offence is a bit naff. Maybe a new coach can get his head sorted
  2. A stipulation from when they entered the English league
  3. Toulouse will be struggling unless they bring in some new players. As many commentators have said in this forum that they are too lightweight at the moment. Plenty of flair, but lacking in the basic forward play. They've lost Tyler Hepi and Dean Parata already, and another name is about to depart. Ilias Bergal after his injury at Fev will probably play no part in next season and Marion will probably not start training again until after the new year. They need a hooker and quick. A nice new ground to play at though which could bring in the union supporters for when Toulouse (15's) play away at the weekend. There were 6000 there for the Toronto match this last season.
  4. That sucks to be honest. Life's a ##### sometimes. It's not helped by the fact that having to book a ticket across the Atlantic at short notice your options are very limited. I've learnt, after many years of travelling, to always go a day early and fly direct, it's less stressful in the long run but I can truly appreciate the difficulty in having less than a week to book. Not nice for them....plus the beer in Iceland is phenomenally expensive whilst they wait for the onward flight. One sliver lining though...because Featherstone, or more accurately Reykjavik airport, is still in the EU then they can claim €600 in compensation for the delayed flight.
  5. I'm happy for her then, as if she had stood behind him she would have seen ###### all
  6. Oy ! Less of the stereotypical French bashing, show some respect to fellow RL players. This isn't the Daily Heil. Yes, some French surrendered, others were shot by the Gestapo for sedition. Next time you are in Blagnac I will show you the memorial to those French who gave their lives fighting for their families and country. Oh but, you won't be back in Stade Ernest-Argelès as next season you will be going to the nice shiny Stade Ernest-Wallon. I prefer the current ground share myself, It's rather like Leicester going from Filbert St to the "King Power" whatever it's called, it's all plastic, money, and no soul. Toulouse played really, really badly. The quick turnaround from Canada did knacker them to some degree but they admitted after the match that it was one of the worst games they have played this season (and when you include home defeats to Swinton and Bradford then that's saying something...nothing against Swinton or Bradford by the way). Nothing worked, didn't keep to the basics, they hardly completed a set in the 2nd half as they kept giving Fev the ball 5m out from the Fev goal line. Fev capitalised on TO mistakes... and they made a lot ! They need to understand what is basically a knock-out cup game, and not try and play like the Harlem Globetrotters every match. They setup wrongly and played badly. And what was it with the Fev big bloke in the crowd who wore the scream mask all match? It was over 30 degrees, he must have been dying under that. Did he do it for a bet or was he trying to hide his face for the cameras? Maybe his Mrs might have recognised him after he left the house saying... "just off out with the lads for a few beers love...see you Monday" See you guys next year.
  7. i have never understood the phrase "an educated guess", why is that different to just "a guess". Does having an education mean all your guesses are "educated"? Sill, tomorrow rolls on. Another , too close to call, match.
  8. Will is playing, back from Injury. Sad to not see Stan and Ben playing, and there is another big player who is on the list who I know won't be playing now. Going to be a tight game.
  9. Like your thinking ! Leigh to Toulouse would take around 24hrs....English roads being as unpredictable as they are, but it would take a while to get to Toronto by coach
  10. So how rich will they have to be to travel to Toronto at a weeks notice if they win ? Same for the TO fans. I've just done a search and it's about 1K for a return flight today and I can guarantee that will be more next week.
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