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  1. Could you provide my unequivocal quote that it was for the whole game please? And learn to spell, it makes your argument stronger. And if you are one of those people who just love bullying people into submission then you can off. I've had enough of people like you.
  2. Not applying the rules correctly. I have no idea what was presented so I can't comment.
  3. And I say again, 8 of 10 decisions they put before the panel were upheld, which is 80%, they are only allowed to put 10 points to the panel. No where do I say it is 80% of his decisions for the whole game, neither 80% of the total of his decisions against Toulouse in the whole game. You can't extrapolate to include the whole game, as 8 decisions from 10 is a small subset of the total.
  4. No absolutely not, each club has a right to reply....so to speak. After each match they can raise questions/points that they want clarifying. They get an answer. From whom I don't know, "the Referee panel" is as close as I can describe it. I'm sorry if that is not the correct term. It's not a lie or fabrication, just accept that sometimes, someone, knows more than you.
  5. Yes, 80% of his calls against TO were wrong, backed up by the Referee panel
  6. I can guarantee that Saints will field a close to full team next week, last run out before the play offs.
  7. TO don't begrudge paying for the part-time teams - it has aways been so... it's the (SL) full time teams that they think should pay their own way.
  8. I think that European teams should be encouraged to "bring" as much as they can to SL Europe. Stronger teams outside of the UK, coupled with a growing fan base can only be good for all teams. If you have to rely on NRL players to boost your chances of promotion to said SL (Leigh, Toulouse, etc), then the local pool of players is getting shallower. Why not promote the game in other rugby playing countries such as France, Italy, Georgia etc. It would only make the player pool stronger. Otherwise we get the same old same old merry-go-round of players shifting from team to team each season.
  9. Oh, I think you could find a better word than childish. That's not the feeling in the camp.
  10. Yes, very disappointing about the TV deal, Catalans have the same problem convincing the powers that be that it is a good idea. It has cost them an absolutely huge amount of money to get this far, it really does depends on a generous benefactor to go further. It's a shame as that, as ever, it boils down to money.
  11. If they do manage to get into top position next season, and it's a huge "if" considering they may not even compete, let's hope they can convince the SL teams to pay for their own travel. The extra 300k would be better spent on recruitment.
  12. Yes, exactly, a Marion sin bin for eff all which turned the match. Another "what's the point trying when this happens". Still, plenty of people quite happy to see the back of them. Let's hope they are back to poke the M62 tiger.
  13. It was broken earlier than that to be honest. They reached the "what's the point" point a while ago
  14. Gigot with COVID. Irrespective of the Trinity match I think this will be an easy win for Catalan and TO will have to regroup for the next season.
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