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  1. I can't find any. It seems rather odd that this is such an important game and all you can do is follow it on Twitter
  2. I thought this thread was about Toulouse struggling! Are they OK now?
  3. All those Whitehaven fans having a go at the young ref yesterday, he did make mistakes, but he disallowed a contentious PJ Lima try for TO. If that stood, Whitehaven would be down...that ref deserves a Whitehaven beer next time he is up there.
  4. Good to see OAB back playing and scoring. They took him off at half time.as he isn't match fit. Dimitri Biscarros got a neck injury early on so they will have to see how he goes, Greg Richards got knocked out early too.
  5. Hamson, Dom and Jake Shorrocks are out for the season, probably Mathieu too. TO fielded the strongest side they could as they might need that same side In the semi finals.
  6. They are turning up with a team, how they do against Whitehaven is anyone's guess, I just hope they don't lose any more players before the semi-final. I will be there. Token french fan gesture of the season.
  7. Yes, once. Against the bottom club Swinton at home, June 2019. Swinton won 20-18.
  8. OAB on the team sheet for Toulouse but he's going to be a bit rusty for this game. TO missing too many players to make it a win I think.
  9. Booked it anyway, looks nice. Not sure I shall be telling Mrs Kiggy about the ghosts. She's only just getting over my skeletons in the cupboard. Just driven up from Stansted, through a monsoon. Good preparation for Saturday in the lakes.
  10. Thank you. Yes, nothing too serious thankfully. Age catches up on us way to fast. As for the match, then I have to apologise to the referee, he made the correct call. I've not had the time to watch the whole match but the highlights were clear. The camera angle was completely different to where we were and it was obvious that Ben stripped and then dropped the ball. He really didn't need to do that considering there were 3 TO players holding up the Fév guy. At 22 he still has a lot to learn ! Onwards to Whitehaven this weekend. TO actually have a team and word has it that OAB could figure in the match. We are making the journey for this one...leaving our 30 degree sunny pool for a 14 degree mizzly Cumbria...really looking forward to it. PS. any Whitehaven fans know anything about Moresby Hall Country House Hotel ? Looks half decent
  11. I will have the opportunity to watch the match again, but if you say so then I will have to apologise. Not today though, medical emergency with Mrs Kiggy at Chateau Kiggy today
  12. They might be trying a new halves combination so might be making a few changes.
  13. Not quite. He wasn't sacked due to not having the vaccine, that was a personal choice. He was caught doing something criminal, and lied to the club and his team mates. It wouldn't have mattered that a few weeks later the rules changed in France to have allowed him to play, the damage was done. The clubs principles overrode his own. No SL club were interested, hence the move to Fév who were willing to pick up his salary requirements.
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