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  1. I missed my flight to Manchester to see that match, had to "watch" it via Twitter. The return of Ilias looks a good thing, 6 tries ! I will catch up with No1 son to see if the introduction of Junior VaiVai made a difference. Sheffield next week will be different game though as they stuffed us in Sheffield
  2. Kheirallah at Toulouse as well, he played for France. I assume the nationality and residency qualifications are two different things
  3. I know you mention the indoor athletics in passing, but the EIS is the largest, IMO, the best indoor athletics stadium and track in the UK. My kids traveled from France to compete at the UK British Indoor champs. I know what you mean about Don Valley though, shame.
  4. What ? Go scutter class ? It's cheap booking in advance, but anyone travelling then will have a weeks notice, so the price will be considerably higher. Still, if TO do manage a final, come hell or high water I will be there.
  5. Yes, i believe you, I know that they put on a good bash. I just looked up flights and hotels for me and the Mrs (just on the off chance I hasten to add). It will cost us around €4K to go over for 4 days.
  6. It's all a bit of a farce to be honest with the RFL. During the eights last year, they decided to change the timing of the last game between Salford V TO, to mid-week. So all of us who had already booked flights/hotels and time off work got royally screwed. We can't book any flights or hotels to Canada yet... if (and it's looking like it's not a big if to be honest) that the final will be in Toronto. How can you plan to fly across the Atlantic with a weeks notice? The TWP fans would have a similar problem coming the other way. (anyway it's not a given it will be Toronto.. it could be a Leigh v Fev final, or Bradford York) It should have been held before the SL final, that way would probably guarantee a full house
  7. If York make it into the top5 then they deserve it. They do, however, have only 2 more games at home, they have Bradford, Toronto, Leigh and Featherstone to play yet. TO away at Fev last game of the season could be very interesting. That is, if TO don't screw up too much...again. Bradford had a great game, but TO just got the basics wrong.
  8. Toulouse got that Jodie Broughton chap for one game from Catalans, so does that mean they have a D/R with them ?
  9. If they sell their soles what will they put on their feet ?
  10. We shall, see. Some of the players have niggles so it will be interesting to see who actually is on the sheet come tonight. Weather is smashing though.
  11. It is going to be a very good game. If TO don't switch off like they did against Swinton then we should just shave it, we have Kheirallah back and he makes a big difference, i'm also looking forward to seeing Junior VaiVai for the 1st time. Luckily it won't be too hot either as it's an 8'o clock kick off
  12. Their current ground is a municipal ground, they don't own it. They got some extra revenue from selling beer (from the little pop-up tents at the ground). The big fixed bar next to where most of the away supporters were, was run by the ground, not TO, so they got no revenue from it. I would always try and have a word with the away supporters so that they could (by getting tanked up) support TO a bit better by not buying from the big bar.
  13. I would like to think that there is still a chance this season, probably not. However, they don't have a massive squad and as we've seen over the last few weeks, if you lose your top play makers to injury then you will struggle. The last quarter of any season throws up all sorts of interesting results. For example, last game against Fev away may be instrumental in deciding who plays at home in the play-offs. In the middle-8's last year, last game of the season and London Broncos pipped TO to 2nd so they had an extra game at home, which I think, eventually, helped get them into the miilion pound game...and look what happened then !
  14. Johno Ford and Max Puech are back this week, Gavin still has ankle issues
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