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  1. Yes, a big ask as many have very young families as well. My own personal "hunch" considering the prolongation of the lockdown, is that this season will be scrapped in the next few weeks. Let us hope that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone
  2. If (and when) it does restart, the two French sides will have to remain in the UK for the rest of the season. Finding a new "home" ground will be a challenge but it would be better than all the travelling required. Obviously, home advantage of the new Stade Toulousaine ground would be lost but a small price to play for getting the league completed.
  3. For Toulouse games, I can't comment on what the costs of the stadium are, i.e. rent , but for the team, the 2 full time trainers are on the Govt 80% Furlough scheme, and there is no security at the games other than the ticket guys, and they won't be needed. Medical staff is the worry for me (the physios are self employed) as if a player is seriously injured how long would they have to wait for proper medical support?
  4. My guess is that the server is down, too many connections. Maybe someone is watching this thread and will reboot it before the end of the game. I can't find it on any of the normal streaming sites.
  5. Can't login either. It kicked me out as soon as the game started and asked me to sign in again but says they are incorrect details. Phone is still logged in but terrible buffering
  6. Not spoken to Sylvain yet, but I will let you know what he thinks when I have
  7. I've not read all the posts on this thread so forgive me if i'm repeating something elsewhere. It's not just the abuse the refs get in front of their family, for me it's equally bad when the fans abuse the opposition players. Case in point 1st game of this season. TO v York, there was some ###### from York yelling at a player that he hoped he died from this Virus thing, 10yards from where the WAGS and their kids were sat. This players girlfriend was sat with her 2 yr old on her lap and could hear every word. It's not nice... but other than calling them out on it, it won't stop them. Maybe showing him up in front of his mates would help, but it would have to be her doing it and not me to make it effective. The sport has to heal itself, it's the same as with the racists etc. unless the other supporters call them out , they will just think it's normal and carry on. I'm tempted to video some of the abuse and send it to the appropriate club CEO, but targeting individuals seems petty to me. I'm loathe to get someone banned for life following a sport they love.
  8. I agree, Stan Robin... when fit...is pretty good. You missed the try at 1:45 as well. I need to understand this Obstruction/Crossing rule more as it seems fairly arbitrary sometimes. (which is funny as French for the referee is l'arbitre....masculine noun, so not sure what happens when you have a female referee). I think the yellow card was for something other than dissent, but I will have a word with the lad...can't be getting sin-binned in the bigger matches...no offence to Batley.
  9. I'm with you on that one, if they have an academy then they should be asked to play one from there rather than using a load of DR players. Nice to see the young lad Pezet from the Toulouse academy step up into the first team and score a try.
  10. I am in the fortunate position to be able to watch the whole match on video so I get to analyse (very forensically) each match in detail. To be honest, there are some bizarre decisions i.e. WTF!!! but others tend to be a lot more subtle and borderline. The outcome of which is very much on which side you are supporting. In the *live* moment something that looks obvious on later reflection looks less so. Bitching about the result won't change it. 2pts to TO is what gets marked up. Dewsbury, Widnes and London Broncos next up, which are a much bigger challenge. Then Leigh and Fev to look forward to. Some cracking games coming up.
  11. No1 Son is at the match doing the stats for TO, he is spitting bullets. 3 Tries ruled out, the referee is having a mare of a match (from a TO point of view)
  12. They use RyanAir now which isn't perfect. Flybe has FlyGone sadly as I used it all the time from Luxembourg to Manchester to watch the Toulouse away games
  13. kiggy


    Just a heads up.... no charge for the ladies on the day !
  14. Thanks for that. Could they change an "invite" to be full members ? Are there any substantial benefits of being a full member of the RFL? I'm thinking TV money and such stuff.
  15. Oh, then how do TO get to bypass the rules? Just wondering as I don't know how. Toronto also were allowed to bypass the cup last year but I guess now that they are in the SL they have to play.
  16. I think all the clubs have the option to not be part of the cup. If it was compulsory then Toulouse would have to participate but it's not and they don't want the extra time/expense travelling over to the UK. Personally as a TO supporter I would like to see them in the cup as it's the only "potential" opportunity to come up against the SL teams
  17. me too. I was really looking forward to watching this one as well
  18. At least you can get it to work, all i get is the spinning blue wheel of nothingness with the occasional clip of a Bronco player jogging back after a try
  19. kiggy


    Straw clutching i'm afraid. He misses the next 2 matches, Sheffield and Whitehaven (no disrespect to Whitehaven, but Cumbria in February is not a place I would want to be....unless it's Goats Crag and climbing). For example, Dane Chisholm has a 3 match (pre-season warm up twattishness) ban, but still played and scored twice last week, his ban starts this weekend, and if you take away his 2 tries and 6 kicks, the result might have been a lot closer.
  20. kiggy


    16 degrees forcast today
  21. kiggy


    If you are in the City, you can get the L1 bus for about 2€, get off at the Sept Deniers stop
  22. Goodness me ! Where on earth did you come up with those numbers? Is that a thinly veiled wind up? The Squad was 23 (24 this year, but 2 are from the Broncos). If you want to include the Broncos then I guess you might get close to 38 but only Lima was considered good enough. The irony in being known as a full time club is that the management (4 people of which 2 are part time) even Sylvain Houles is only part time....he has a farm to run. There is a married couple who come in to provide meals to the players, and they do all the kit washing, but they are volunteers. My son was working for free as the fitness conditioner/stats guru whilst studying for his Masters. Con Mika is back, and Winterstein gets his 1st run out. If they play the VaiVai's then yes, your guys are up against the big boys this weekend. But.... this is a step up, this is where Oldham wants to be. You earned promotion last season for being the best in League 1, this is where the hard work starts and where the glory awaits. I still have family in and around Oldham (and up in Dobcross) so it's still a special place for me. Je te souhaite bonne chance, mes amis
  23. I hope the list of missing players does not put you guys off too much. It's super hard for the proper part timers and I can fully appreciate the effort they put in. For those coming over this weekend, both team and fans, I hope you enjoy the city, sun and welcome.
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