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  1. There is also the point about match suspensions as well, which doesn't help the teams. The Bradford match coughed up a lot for the Disciplinary bods. Eloi and Dimitri copped 1 match bans, although I think Eloi has an injury anyway. I do have a question about bans in general. The Bradford lad Jorge Taufua got cited twice and got two bans, a 1 match and a 2 match. Does that mean 3-matches overall, or does the 1-match ban run concurrently with the 2-match ban?
  2. We were on our way back from Nice to the Pyrénées and stuck in the traffic heading towards Spain. We managed to pick up the BBC Radio Cumbria (many thanks for the commentary guys!). 1st half was awful, 2nd half got a little better as I think Farmer gave them a shellacking at half time. Anyway, it helped while away the time on the A9 carpark in +30degree heat.
  3. I think Doro just happened to be the next talked too. The ref had had enough and said next ones off. Probably minor and wrong place at wrong time. Too many stoppages for me in the game, too many niggles going on and the play stopped. TO were grateful for the sin bins as they scored both tries with players off the pitch. I don't think they would have done as well otherwise. Probably the last one I will go to for a while, No1 son has moved on and there isn't as much pull to do the 6hr drive round trip now especially with it on the telly.
  4. General question about who is allowed on the pitch other than players. I know there are medics, and water carriers have blue tops. Who has the green shirt? Bald, chubby bloke from Bradford spent more time on the pitch than some of the TO forwards. Just wondering what job he has?
  5. According to the couple of Bradford fans in the bar behind me Bradford were playing against 14 today. You can't please some people can you! The hip drop against Shorrocks was dreadful. A couple of Bradford players celebrating when he got carried off was a bit distasteful. Some awful off the ball hits as well so I think on balance the two yellow cards were merited. Nice to see Ryan Rivett nail the touchline conversion later on in Shorrocks' place though. Good job he did. TO unlucky to get the draw but the way Bradford have been playing recently I would take that result. Bradford players out on the feet at the end so it was a tough game for both sides. Good job it was a cool day too.
  6. That no1 would have Robin Brochon a run for his money!
  7. I dropped my mum off at Carcassonne airport this afternoon. And my word a RL love in! Bumped into Justine Sangaré on his way back to the UK (he's having a great time at Leeds by the way, still coming to terms with the accent though), my word, he's a big lad now! Gone from a podgy youngster to a beast of a man! Who should walk in? Rémy Casty and the U19s on the way to the match tomorrow. Rather funny watching the skinny youngsters next to the man mountain. He was that small...probably...at one time.
  8. With all these cameras, does this mean the TO v Fev match will have a video ref? That'll be a first!
  9. We get what we can. You wait all week for some free stuff and then it all comes along at the same time RL,Athletics, cricket, football
  10. Why is everyone moaning? It's free sport on the TV! You could always switch to the Cricket, or God forbid, the football.
  11. Having been to a lot of TO matches it won't be 1500 as the left stand is open. Maybe hit 3500 but let's wait and see
  12. Ryan Cox The TO team is beginning to look a bit thin now, PJ Lima has been called up as well as Lambert and Max
  13. Don't worry, you're allowed one complete brain fart per season gratuit. To be honest I didn't see that coming either.
  14. Only managed to catch up on Twitter, not the best medium to be honest, but sounds like a niggly match. A few bins etc. nilling Batley at home though is a good result. According to the TO twitter feed someone got put on report for biting, not sure how to read it, either Pélissier bit thé No13 or he got bitten. Nothing on the Batley twitter feed (that needs some work though...it's a bit basic)
  15. I did the maths a while back when I was flying from Luxembourg to Manchester to catch the TO games. You also have to add in cost of car higher, which seems to have got very expensive now. Plus cost of car parking when you leave your car at the airport for the weekend. (and if you are self employed, missing two days earnings every couple of weeks). I reckoned it would have been around 12kEUR for the season for all matches, which after tax/cotisations, works out you have to earn about 22KEUR just to afford your hobby. I was lucky, flights were cheap then, and my brother lives about 20mins from Manchester Airport so I had no accommodation costs. I don't go anymore as it is even more hassle getting to Manchester airport from where we live as the only direct flight is from Carcassonne, 2 1/2 hours away.
  16. I think those links work sometimes, not kosher most of the time. I just get a load of porn links when I try them. But If they work then go for it.
  17. I guess just try it and see. It's not too bad a picture, and you do get a commentary, but it can be a bit "glitchy"
  18. It's blocked during the live match. The replay is free to watch. Find someone with a VPN
  19. @League Express Just to be clear , the TO v Doncaster match is 18h00 France time. It is 17h00 UK time
  20. Didn't they lose that good Leeds lad just before the game as well?
  21. Well done Fax. When will TO learn a SL mentality! 30 nil up at half time and still managed to almost blow it.
  22. Welcome to my world! Although it's normally Monday morning when I find out which part of IT has been faffing about over the weekend
  23. Sums Gigot up really. He can be a Jekyll and Hyde character. On form he wins you matches, but equally he has his mad moments and screws things up for the team.
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