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  1. Justin was a handful and had a good game, Lucas showed he is more than capable at this level as well. Didn't see much of Gigot, but I thought Laguerre showed he had some potential, again, he needs to find a higher level of aggression. His brother was better in my opinion for the Catalans. (It was mentioned that they are actually twins but I can't find anything to confirm that). Keep an eye on Stefani he looks very good. I wouldn't be surprised if he signs from the Broncos to the Elite team very soon.
  2. Not a bad game. I'm not sure Catalans sweated too much though, they picked up the pace when they needed to. It was interesting Toulouse scoring first and at 14-10 with a missed conversation looked closer than it should. I thought Hankinson had a good game as did Armitage. The latter if he can find some more aggression could have an outstanding season. Joussaum's injury is a big blow as he had his best pre-season training so far. All things considered with what has happened in the last couple of weeks and having to quickly move players into different positions it was a performance that shows promise.
  3. Who is going tomorrow? I will be there with Mrs Kiggy. Let's hope we can get through tomorrow without any long term injuries...and also for the Toulouse team.
  4. Junior only got back to France recently and Latrell is coming back from surgery. Might be the same for Gadwin. Still going to be difficult to get someone in such short notice, it will take a while for anyone to fit into the team
  5. Paul Marcon, but he's had a bad time of trying to get back to full fitness. No Junior on the list or Latrell. Got to go with what you've got.
  6. They've been looking at a prop for some time now
  7. No, if you know the man then you would understand.
  8. The rules about unvaxxed players have only recently been tightened in France. So, yes, unfortunately it has come at a very late stage. He and the club had no alternative.
  9. Anywhere north of Palais du Justice, up through the area called Carmes and onto Capitol. Lots of nice little bistro/bars, and as it's a big Uni city it's full of bright young things having a chill time. No1 son lives just around the corner from the Black Lion at Palais du Justice (the tram from the airport has a stop directly outside), No3 son just off of Capitol around the corner from the George and Dragon. Both areas super nice. Cafés around the actual Place du Capitol nice to sit in and watch the world go by but a tad on the expensive side (there's always McD though!) . There are some great little "curry" houses as well around and about, all you can eat buffet meals for 15€, very basic but good food.
  10. In reality, it is really no change to the situation when they were in the Championship, even so, changing the rules as late as that is not acceptable. Having to find close to 300K, still, to fund the travelling teams is no mean feat.
  11. I am led to believe they had to review their spending on players as they had the rules changed late in the season so that they now have to pay the costs of the travelling team.
  12. No, he was doing other stuff as well. This means he has to drop the other stuff if he wants to make a go of it. TO are happy that he has set his mind and effort on SL otherwise if they had any doubts he wouldn't have been kept on.
  13. Max Peuch has signed on a 2 year deal, he has decided to commit to full time rugby which is good news for TO. I hope he can step up to be SL ready in the pre-season
  14. Which is what Leeds were offering I believe. So TO get a year to see if he can cope with Super League and he won't be a bench warmer for a UK team.
  15. Great physical presence but didn't have a good attitude
  16. If he stays at TO then he will be coached by Remi. But it is a big "if" at the moment.
  17. There are some still to re-sign unfortunately. There are a couple of other SL sides sniffing around a couple of TO players, I would hate to see them go after being part of this successful team but that's the nature of the beast when it comes to bigger clubs and more success.
  18. Do you think the partnership with Toulouse may have had an impact in this decision ?
  19. Cedric has already publicly said they will not be spending up to the cap.
  20. Maybe Sir Kevin could change the title to something like "Toulouse almost likely to sign to new signings but who knows, maybe, but let's comment anyway as it helps pass the time until the fixtures are out and we have something else to discuss other than the corrupt RFL and SKY money". Better?
  21. They are about to announce. They already signed before the final, but it depended on them winning the final. This thread is discussing the possibility and whataboutabe of what Toulouse will do to help cement a position in the SL, join in, have some fun.
  22. Another one with very dodgy knees He will fit in well
  23. https://www.facebook.com/ToulouseOlympiqueXIII/videos/6777889805584580/ Harrison has decided to stay for one more year. At 36 that is very brave
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