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  1. I can see this is effectively a duplicate thread, so no problems combining this with an earlier on if you wish, mods.
  2. I think the main problem for me is that she seems to be the "figurehead" for both the RFU and the RFL. As soon as I see a picture of her in a Workington top I'll change my mind, but until then, and based on the fact that all the PR photos I've seen are purely Union related, I suspect she doesn't even know there are two different sports.
  3. Really? in WC year? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60218576
  4. Ditto. Great way to spend a Monday evening in front of the projector. Great coverage from Premier!
  5. Did Ottawa pay money for their licence? If so that must have been a nice little windfall.
  6. Two of the new clubs in the West of England league last season couldn't make it to the end of the season, but are now in the SCL.
  7. Don't remember him at Leigh (age), but what a player at the Wire. He was one of those players that you found yourself standing up and shouting watching Grandstand whenever he had the ball in his hands; always felt something was going to happen. Didn't realise how many GB caps he got, nor that he had a stint at Barrow too!. Fantastic, exciting, rapid, hard winger from the golden era I remember. Sad news indeed. RIP Des.
  8. Isn't it acknowledged that if a game is on TV the attendances are generally better? Do we know who the presenters are yet? Hopefully not George Riley.
  9. Oh god! Sorry to hear that. I saw the western line up and was, as a supporter, obviously over the moon! Sounds like it will be a waste of time getting excited.
  10. Salary cap issues, I heard. "Grey robot seen shopping in Hull." Etc.
  11. I believe techno is seen as quite cool again with the hipsters. So on the back of that, perhaps, instead Sky could commission some challenging, new, industral work by, say, Surgeon or maybe Sandwell District. I think seeing Barrie and Terry raving at half time to some really hard 4 to the floor would work. It would also help any expansion effort for a Berlin team.
  12. Ah, wounder. I'm cheap and have only subscribed to the Player version. Despite not being irish at all I like a bit of hurling. And I don't mean what happens round the bins outside wetherspoons.
  13. Chromecasts cost less than 20 quid if struggling with normal smart TV casts. I have mine set up to a projector and cast pretty much all the sport I watch to that.
  14. Don't think you can get the GAA in the UK, but hopefully wring with that.
  15. 60 quod for the year when I signed up... but to be fair they have other stuff on there that I'd be buying to watch too.. so for me a bargain. I did email them and suggested they should explore other League to compliment e.g. the European nations or French or Serbian, or some ncl like they used to put on. I'm not sure I would pay the non-discount rate of 12 quid a month for one championship game a week.
  16. Surely they aren't spending their full cap? And I keep being told they are more flush than most teams. I'm not sure how true that second sentence is though.
  17. Now the above is an interesting point. Why don't they do a duel registration agreement with Skolars or similar, park them in London and pick them for away games?
  18. Yes, started last weekend on the beeb. Great game and an fantastic fight back from the Army. Think Midland Hurracaines are on the bbc in the next round.
  19. 7 30 programe starts, schedue sets. Kick off 745 I think? I have to drop my daughter off at 7 30 so I'll be watching in the car unfortunately !
  20. I can now confirm, Premier Sports schedule updated as of this morning. 7 30 Jan 31st. Premier Sports 1. York v Fev.
  21. The French would see themselves as a free country too. And ever since we voted they have more power to take back any control they wish. I think you are right in what you say about advantage, but that means we are pitting French courts against the super league administration and I suspect I know who will win. If we were really keen to level up the advantage I think we could kick them out or make them decamp to England ( in which case I guess they would choose to leave) which personally I think would be unfair on them, rather than your point that it is currently unfair on the English teams, particularly as this is a decision made by a French Premier trying to make populist speeches on the run up to an election. I don't think there's an easy, fair, binary answer to this one. But I'm in the "it's a pandemic, it's hopefully getting towards the end, let's suck it up for this year and let the French play" camp.
  22. A sixth of super league are based in a different country. 5 sixths are based here. The only way this works is to accept both sets of rules; and the French government are entitled to do what they want. The alternative is Super League insists Catalans and Toulouse base themselves in Wigan and Leeds for the season, as the NRL have done with the Warriors.
  23. Monday 31st January. Premier Sports 1: 7pm Trans World Sports Premier Sports 2: 7.20 pm. Top 14 Highlights. Freesports: 8:30. European Tour Rally. La Liga TV: 6pm Clasic Match Repeat Barce V Athletic. From their own listings.... just saying (or rather causing trouble )
  24. Interestingly I have Premier subscription and on the App, under schedule, for Mon 31st Jan they have a full listing for all 4 of their channels and no Rugby League to be seen.
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