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  1. Any news on the move from South to North Birmingham?
  2. So, seeing that set out, that's a really good team! I hadn't really thought or appreciated how sting and balanced the kiwis would look!. We look god too. And Samoa. And all the other European nations look interesting. Starting to get a bit excited
  3. French RL I the 80s was basically a disaster for the sport. Le Pontet were I think trying to do a Wigan and eventually go fully pro, but they were a bit too uppity for the establishment, and there was huge anger at multiple referring and federation decisions, the rhetoric was all about a grand conspiracy, and so the owners packed up and found a warm welcome over in Union. It's difficult to even work out if the club still exists. The records indicate they rebranded as Pontet Avignon Rugby Club Vaucluse, and this club is now playing in the depths of the Union federal set up, federal 3. However on this clubs website the history section shows they've always been a union club. It's a shame the history of le pontet seems to be forgotten somewhat.
  4. I really don't see the issue with demarcation of SoO and te international game. Why shouldn't Hastings, or even Dom Young, be able to play for both NSW and England if they fit the rules fir both (and are good enough - purely hypothetical). Ditto NSW and NZ or Samoa (which for the latter we already allow)
  5. Who was squeezed under the Rooster's salary cap.
  6. I thought I was a nerd until a few weeks ago when I popped round my mates house who I've known for 20 odd years and he came out as a HAM radio nut. Completely took it to a new level for the next 2 hours telling me all about call signs and Romanian monastries. He only stopped when I informed I didn't give a 5hit and he needed to, please, stop!
  7. This is by far my favourite thread on this forum. I check in every couple of weeks all through the summer and get a warm content feeling. Keep up the great posts everyone.
  8. Ah of course, it's Jerome Guisset. Should have realised with the marvelous French/Lancashire/Aussie accent.
  9. I think it is the current fascination with having a ball playing 13. I'm still confused about this. Surely there have always been loads of 13s with great hands, and lots that are more about bashing it up the middle. Ball playing 13s are not a ne thing (although maybe they were out of fashion for 5, 10 years) But the oz media seems fixated with the idea that every team now needs a 13 that can act as a half back, so maybe the raiders have been spooked into putting Whitehead there? Do you remember when they put him at 7 a few years ago for a match? He was dreadful. I'm with you; he's a class second row and always has been. Leave him there.
  10. I did exactly the same. Left wife and kids at home, and took four donoughts home as a bribe . I'll message you next home game I plan to get to.
  11. I was there too mate! Did you try the doughnuts; my god! Swinton looked pretty good I thought. Got to be one of the favorites to go up.
  12. Midlands 6, Swinton 24 at present with mids with one in the bin. Oh, Midlands just scored again! Fightback starts here! At the game.
  13. And Hull FC who had their own code, and played a number of soccer matches too.
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