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  1. He's basically got zero recognition by the wider public in the UK. Shame, because for me he's one of the UK's best international sportsman for the last few years.
  2. Oh god! Have I just seen the end of the career for my favorite rugby player, and the best British rugby player of the modern era? I really hope not. And I hope he doesn't read this (i'm sure he won't) and I hope he pulls through in recovery. !
  3. Interestingly the serbian commentator in today's cup final just said "that's dorcols old colours - blue and yellow". That was what dorcol spiders used to play in. So are they the same team?
  4. I happened to, by accident, notice that the OZ Super Rugby started this weekend. Does anyone in Oz care about it? And why have they tried to change the rules from Union to make it more like NRL? And do we think Vunivalu is really going to leave?
  5. I find the whole thing confusing, and the decisions don't seem balanced within a match. Not a fan.
  6. I thought Greece was boycotting the whole thing? Surely this will cause a few disagreements.
  7. Thanks Langpark, Do you know who is in the top division? I heard New Belgrade and Nis were playing at the weekend, but I origional thought they were in separate divisions. What happened to the old Dorcol (Spiders?), and why have they been replaced by Dorcol Tigers?
  8. What the hell is that? Is it real? Looks like I've designed it? Is it a real sports body? Looks like it is just someone in their bedroom.
  9. What is "World Rugby League"?
  10. If you look at the map it does look like they are geographically located in pairs, or 4s. If the next team out the hat is in Portugal and the 15th is somewhere perhaps nearish northern Italy then I think I would be able to guess the draw - just the Turkish team with a bit of a long haul in that case to Moldova.
  11. Good game to watch. I have no idea how the league in Serbia works however. How many teams etc.
  12. Partisan's players must be well p&*%ed off. They thought they had won on the pitch and were celebrating.
  13. What the hell happened in the klasični today? Who won? Or was it a draw?
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