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  1. I am a long way from being describe as younger, mate. But thanks. I didn't mean round them up and kill them, o should have been a bit more sensational tbh. What I meant was I assumed these were old boomers moaning and that inevitably they would die of old age at some point and younger people with more progressive attitudes replacing them in the world. I fully accept I might be wrong it might have been a load of millennial women moaning. When people moaned at your OH in the past did you say "fair enough, apologies for offending you, we'll leave" or did you think they were pricks and a
  2. Where the f in England was this!! Hopefully you visited some parochial backwater which will inevitably have their attitudes changed by old people with sad views dying out.
  3. Just keep playing and improving for the next couple of years. Hes very young. I suspect he'll get his chance for quite a few caps.
  4. No, opposite clearly. I'm Hodgson's biggest fan and, although he has had a poor season this far by his high standards, he is still my first choice hooker by a long way. I appreciate I am in the minority on this forum where most seem to hold Roby in god like status and seem to see hogson as a slow one trick pony who takes an age to pass, which I just don't see watching every Canberra game for the past couple of seasons (but far from every Super League game). But that's why we like these "pick you england team" threads, right. I'm currently having a debate outside this forum where we
  5. I must admit chaps, in that game I remember there was a little spell where Burgess looked really good. I cant remember when in the match it was but I do remember a patch in that match where he seemed to be involved in everything down the middle. Hed still walk into my england team, despite me thinking hes had not his best season so far.
  6. Has he? Really? I dunno. Hes been alright, far from poor. But I wouldn't say hes been one of their best in an okay team. I think Whitehead has been the best performing of the NRL Brit forwards over the first part of the season (although different player to burgess)
  7. I'd agree. I'd still have the later three on my England team though.
  8. Going by that game, england would do well to keep within 30 points of NSW let alone Australia. Worrying!
  9. I appreciate a lot of SL lovers over NRL will take umbrage with this side, but looks pretty alright to me. But you have to pick William's in the halfs, surely!
  10. No, arguably Partizan are better this year. But after those two theres a big gap to Dorcol, then another big gap to Nis, New Belgrade and Souths. That's the top division (sort of, it's a bit complicated) but even with just the 6 teams theres some impressive blowout scores, one in the three figures if I remember right. But Red Star do face serious competition and I suspect they might not win the championship this year.
  11. Particularly as the hype and marketing was all pretty lame. One of the main social media videos was just that rib curtis guy in a gym, stepping off some weights, and saying how great it was going to be. The club logos were mainly poor. The website rubbish and mainly illegible. And the statements being made about details on various podcasts by the main organisers confusing, at best. If that was their shot at bringing money in that vital for it to go ahead, it really does come across as wing and a prayer stuff Has anyone heard how chasing g kangaroos or Rugby League in the Americas p
  12. My word, you really are well travelled, Groundhopper!. Interested to get your thoughts on Droitwich, I mean Worcester, Jaguars if you catch them at all versus the others on the Western League you've seen. Think the Jags may struggle this year.
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