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  1. Is there any update on this at all? Are there still negotiations ongoing, or was it killed off. Hoping the former as I have £99 in my pocket I would be desperate to spend on this subscription if it was signed.
  2. Legend. Always comes across as a nice bloke, down to earth. And never seen him have a bad game for England.
  3. But how great is it. ? They've been battering away at each other in Serbia for 20 years playing community rugby league, and over the past decade they've built on what they've got and promoted expansion to other neighboring countries. Its just amazing to see.
  4. Could we put some sort of Mario cart style power ups on the pitch that allowed players to sprint faster, or perhaps allowed them to fire shells or banana skins at the opposition's full back?
  5. There needs to be something to even this division up for sure. It's easy to see why old clubs nearer the vast number of community and academy players do better than those that arent in a semi pro division. You can also, not quiet but almost, draw a circle round the most densly populated league player pools and just order the table based on distance from that at the start of the season, rather than play any matches. I'm not going to lie, it's actually put me off driving to the game the other week when other commitments meant it would have been a bit tight to get there in time, knowing the result beforehand.
  6. It is now I heard it as wild speculation a few weeks back now the raiders haveva large hole there next year. He's so good the nrl clubs must be sniffing around. In less troubled times I suspect there would be wild speculation he'd be going to union! Thank god that door's closed.
  7. I'm struggling to see how young would make a great centre. Someone even talked about him wanting to full back I'm sure at some point. He'd have to change his game so much he'd lose a lot surely
  8. Kendal Koalas have just been announced in Franchise Rugby League
  9. I'm just struggling to work out the angle for making money out of this.
  10. Another great day in rugby league administration
  11. What does it mean when someone's profile name has a blue hand next to it. Ive seen it before but never understood what it was for.
  12. I suspect if we only allowed women to post on threads re women's rugby league, or at least limited the number of men posting on the women's game to fewer than ppsts by men, this thread would be very much shorter. Or perhaps with less pedantic willy waving.
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