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  1. When does Fox Memorial start? Hopefully streamed in 2021
  2. Just noticed that the NZ U20s competition running through March and April will be on Watch NRL; just appear under the "Shows" tab. I wonder if other stuff is going to appear. Any chance of the NZ National comp being off too? Does anyone know of what else they might show - presumably anything Fox have the rights to?
  3. Scariest Haka I've ever seen. The Indigenous war cry was brilliant too.
  4. I'm not so sure. Or in fact sure at all, how many teams are in the Serbian League (I'm certainly not 50% sure even). There's Red Kangaroos too (albeit they are a junior Red Start team I think) So, I'm still massively confused about about it and have been for a while TBH. I only thought there were 4 teams in the first division. I've just read on some Facebook post the owner of Red Start saying there are 8 teams. But I just can't find any detailed info. It's a shame as I've got quiet into it through lockdown. I guess if this is on a new, subscription, platform my following might wain (
  5. I think all their movements towards this are in the right direction now. I think the game against GB was a good example of how far they've now come. I won't be surprised when they are 4th , perhaps even 3rd, in a decade's time.
  6. With the NRL season about to start, is there a full list anywhere of the brits in? I've kind of forgotten whose over there and where.
  7. To help increase the geographical spread across the UK, which not change from just "Rugby League" to "National Rugby League"?
  8. So, I'm sitting here trying to do some work with Watch NRL classic games on in the background. It's 1974 Ashes final test which i've never seen before. Australia win btw (apologies spoliers if anyone else is watching too) The other week they showed the final test in the 1990 tour. Just before that I also watched an anzac test from the 1990s, and a world cup semi final, both of which the Ozzies watched. I appreciate that Aussie victories are a lot more easy to final when you search the archives, but I do remember GB and NZ winning the odd match against them... I think? did they ? at s
  9. I only really watch WatchNRL these days, i.e. no SuperLeague. Looking forward to watching some live avec un beer though! Whenever that may be.
  10. London started as part of a football club (as did Cardiff and Carlisle at about the same time RIP), then went stand alone, then part of an Australian league team, then stand alone, then part of union setup, then stand alone. That must be a record
  11. I'd love this to be live streamed this year!
  12. Apparently there was some tax dodge in Italy at the time. My favorite was Craig Green who gave up international rugby onion after their 87 Worlds Cup - openly admitting that it was becasue they didn't pay him enough; then signed the next week for Benneton! The whole thing back then was such a joke. Taking the advice of another poster that this should be on the other forum if we continued to talk about kick and clap (although he did mention ping-pong, which I assume could also be a reference to Onion (ping pong of the aerial variety)) thought I'd throw in some other sports... I read r
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