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  1. Watched the final at North Shields today Super game that needed golden point to split the teams with Edinburgh winning 38 34 As others have said good things going on the North East, with a girls cup final on first and the day hosted by Whitley Bay RL and excellently organised, although I may have bought too many of their home made cakes. There was also a game between a North East select and Bolton Mets which was also close With Newcastle RL taking an active interest in events, this is undoubtedly the area showing the bast potential including youth development at the moment The fixture did not show in RL express. I accept deadlines are tight and no doubt no release from RL Is the maim factor
  2. I was told there was 300 at Keighley Albion for their ladies cup tie Although not as good as the Cas attendance it is another impressive figure Maybe the ladies game at Wembley next year and put it on first
  3. No, I actually live about 20 miles from Coventry I have been twice, firstly just after the football club left the league and I fancied the trip and did the journey each direction overnight on National Express. I think Hyde United were the visitors. Probably 1977 or 1978 I also drove with up a car full of Tamworth fans for the football but I went to Kells for a 2pm start and got to the football at half time. One all when I arrived and Tamworth scored four in second half Have also been to Borough Park a couple of timed
  4. Is the team bus going up and back in a day for this If so, are supporters welcome, I know they have been for a couple of games this season. Really fancy a visit to a ground I have only done for football
  5. Do you have Ian Golden’s book a Welsh Crusade this is an excellent book that covers the period, if you are looking for the history of that period. This is on eBay now he has published others including the history of Cardiff Rugby and although for a later period has just released one repeating all articles he wrote for 40 20 and RL World I think he posted details on here about that which was produced for charity and be contactable
  6. Only having four teams is I agree terrible anywhere but especially in Hull but as the alternative would be to close it down, this cannot be better. At least at present 26 lads or more are playing every week. We have to look at how to build on what we have, eleven a side, tournaments, home and away friendlies against sides in the Yorkshire men’s who have been let down with plenty of notice, there are NCL A sides who could play with trialists etc Goole and Moorends may be interested in A team friendlies. Lets try and get three or four good sides who can play the others three times, play 3 friendlies and enter national and Yorkshire cups and play maybe 14 fixtures I do however accept I have never tried to run an RL team, collect subs pay bills and ring round Saturday morning trying to find players, nor would I consider doing so I cannot believe there are no 60 players in Humberside who would play given an interesting fixture list. Certainly one season or the other needs to be fixed, two groups of three teams playing in different seasons is a solution only RL could come up with Good luck to those trying to make something of this
  7. Took myself to Cardiff, nice venue at Glamorgan Wanderers and about 70 in attendance which wasn’t bad with RU double header in the city Torfaen looked a decent side and Cardiff never gave up. Will be interesting to see Torfaen at All Golds in two weeks time Overall a good start for the league and whilst surprised about Hemel, the fact is they are a new team on the field and there are many positives there with multiple junior games taking place. It should also be remembered London Chargers have the best in the area for some time Small acorns so far but this does have the potential to be the basis for what the South needs, slow growth
  8. Well for the hype about Rangers being championship material, I am told they can’t get a team out today to travel as far as Salford to play Langworthy May well be a good reason but would not be accepted in NCL let alone higher
  9. Took in the game yesterday and very impressed with the set up Even accepting the facilities were already in place, there are few in the amateur game with a bar, tea bat, stand and covered terracing as well as a tannoy and all were in use Plenty of enthusiasm and I estimated the attendance to be about 150. there was also a presence around the ground, posters and boarding suggesting the club were part of the set up, rather than a barely welcomed tenant They seemed to have only played higher division teams so far and been close so hopefully first win should be soon. Interesting that the biggest cheer of the day was for the hardest tackle not the first try As it is a subject elsewhere nice to see a programme although if this matters to a visitor, suggest they check as may be a one off Both games to date have been I note low scoring Certainly a place I will revisit and only 5 mins walk from the station is an attraction, although waiting for a friend on the station, I noticed the line to Castleford has only two trains a day and a inconvenient times Programme refers to this being first match in the town since Broughton Rangers in the Challenge cup but I have been told by two people of Scarborough and Hull A teams games at the ground May well see them again at Queensbury next week as I see they are still playing at Halifax RU and not seen RL there
  10. had an email from NCP today advising they have found evidence of payment at the time with an incomplete reg number They have agreed to waive the penalty charge The power of the forum to my rescue
  11. I think non issuers are Hull KR, Bradford where the prog is an insert in the local newspaper, Rochdale who do a monthly magazine, Newcastle and I would guess West Wales as nothing last year Toulouse do little more than a sheet and I have seen Toronto progs on ebay so they must issue The NCL has been pretty much 100% and I have only failed at Crosfields who when I asked apologised and found me an old one and Ovenden who gave a different excuse to everyone and I think only produced occasionally I doubt more than about five or six clubs produce at a lower level, with Cumbria the most likely. Welsh clubs were always frequent issuers but there was nothing at Bridgend when I visited last year. Nottingham always do a decent issue
  12. I think this is quite hard to understand for an RL supporter who follows one team, the programme is a miniscule part of the day out However as my moniker indicates I am trying to visit as many grounds as possible, before the amateur ones vanish, as they almost have in Hull. I also do this in football and the hobby is much more common in that sport The day out is about the sport of course, but also viewing the town and in some case the local pubs, sights etc. the programme is part of the day for many enthusiasts. There is a debate on the football site between people who wont go without a programme and those who ridicule the idea The hobby is expensive and there are multiple options of where to watch rugby. The original poster chooses to go to a match with a programme and if KR don't do one, he will spend his cash on a match where they meet his requirements. He is not walking away from the sport because of no programme just choosing where he will enjoy I must admit to being in the middle, I was delighted to get 2 progs at challenge cup ties over the weekend, especially at grounds where there was none when I visited before but at the level I watch, 98% of clubs don't issue so it will never be important PS Apologies to the original poster for speaking for him if I am incorrect
  13. I was at both Bentley and North Herts Crusaders Both produced what I believe was their first ever prog
  14. Thanks for the replies However my main problem is that an initial letter was either not sent, not received or just possibly filed under junk Either way I appear to be out of time for an appeal although I will try If they say no then I am back to accepting this or ending up with considerable costs. That is my present conundrum
  15. I am looking for opinions advise from those who have better knowledge than me iI have driven over 30 years without one until now and am not sure if to fight it as costs will build I parked in an NCP car park for between two and three hours with work The machine required the car reg and I typed this in and realised I was wrong after just the first but having typed AV16 not AU16. I went to delete and the ticker printed with just the four digits. Having paid with the only cash I had and this was £3, I returned to the car and wrote the full correct reg on the ticket Three weeks later a parking ticker went to the lease company and they forwarded this, advising they had provided my details and to take no action until I heard from NCP. The incident was late November and the ticket was issued on Nov 3. this was supported by photos of the registration taken when the car entered and left so no one would have seen the ticker Hearing nothing I did not chase and received the ticket yesterday advising that I had not paid the discount for early payment was passed and I should either pay or hear from a debt collection agency. There is of course no address, phone or email I can either pay £100 as I did make a small initial error or find an address for NCP and write and explain, advising I had not received any opportunity to comment and that I would like to appeal do noting tell them to take me to court but not use a debt collection agency as they should not add costs to a ,matter being taken by them to court I don't feel happy with the first option, not just because of the cost. the second is unlikely to lead anywhere the third is probably stupid let them take me to the small claims court I favour four but if a debt collection agency and even the small claims court is involved, I could hot heavy costs that I would struggle with Any advice. I accept there is no actual correct answer
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