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  1. I've had my run ins with Andy Mazey in the past as a Swinton fan but must give credit to him with regards the players you are bringing in. You will be right up there and I wish you all the best next season.
  2. Hi guys I live in the Manchester area and have heard Toronto train locally. Has anyone got any ideas when and where they train? Cheers
  3. I was at the match the team did really well considering the pitch, slightly better than the pitch at Heywood Road against Warrington. We were camped in their half the first half and we should have won by alot more but slight rustiness due to the cancelled Rochdale game. When called upon the defence were outstanding and Butt at fullback was quality. To nil any team is a great achievement. ?
  4. As a Swinton fan at the game yesterday I was disappointed with what I saw of Haven yesterday, there was little imagination just run it down the middle and hope for the best. First half you barely got out of your half and lucky to go in only 6 nil down at half time. I thought the pitch was a leveller in your favour and on a dry pitch it would have been a much easier win. Again Swinton have been written off just how we like it but minus Matty Ashton we're the same team that did well 2nd half of the season. I wish Haven all the best nice away day and the fans were great.
  5. You'll have to ask your Board they'll confirm it.
  6. One of your Board members confirmed it.
  7. Unfortunately alot of Boards view Rugby Club's as businesses. Yes Rochdale have a much larger population and some good building blocks in place. Like a stadium they rarely get to play in, but they get far lower attendances by ourselves who have played outside of the town for pushing 30 years.
  8. You had agreed a friendly and supposedly couldn't play at Spotland even though the weather was far worse the week previous and there was a football match the day before. Swinton offered an alternative venue and they were told they didn't want to play. I was looking forward to the game and it would've been a good test.
  9. Why agree to a friendly that you had no intention of playing. I love the arrogance stating we don't care about Swinton it's all about the Hornets. Thanks for messing up our pre-season much appreciated!
  10. I have been told off numerous parties that Swinton offered an alternative venue and Rochdale still didn't want to play. Very strange ?
  11. Is Paisley still with you guys I was gutted when he left Swinton?
  12. Harold your not daft, Rampant Lion is not a Swinton fan i'm sure you'll figure it out on good time. Give it time and you will be recieving threats of Court action.
  13. You would only be privy to that info if you were part of the previous Board ?
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