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  1. He was on a 2 year deal
  2. Oh there definitely is certain people or a certain person that wants the Club to fail without a doubt.
  3. I tell you what if it does work out after we've been had rammed down our throat the Club is dead in the water and it's never going to work i'll be laughing my knackers off!
  4. People want you to be worried and frightened, we were never given the chance to make a decision due to the handling of the change by the previous Board.
  5. Ste Wild said ignore the rumours and troublecausers, if they have signed a contract surely thats the end of it unless we recieve a decent offer?
  6. Have a great day Mr Mazey you have answered exactly as I was suspecting. Case closed your just missing the laughing emoji.
  7. I have to be honest Rampant Lion and Gandalf sound very much like ex Board members. The abuse that was being claimed will have been on a tiny scale considering the enormity of the plans that were proposed. I heard a few chants which were to be expected but the fans were great. Everyone was blamed for the demise of the previous Board, the fans, Supporters Trust, Mayor and Pride Builder. If the Board try again else where stay off social media and accept the criticism that comes with Sport and fans having their say.
  8. Is this the 80 Percent of the select handpicked supporters chosen to attend. Even the ones that went said it was a 50/50 split so the 80 Percent was garbage. The so called troublemakers were leaving after the Sheffield game which makes the decision to walk away even stranger.
  9. God you sound just like our ex Chairman what are we supposed to do just give up.
  10. The Board were never going to get a 100 percent support with the name changed and it was embarrassing how badly it was handled by the previous Board The way they blamed the Supporters Trust as well as various other parties was shameful. There's more to them walking away than meets the eye in my opinion. Time to move on and unite and stop finger pointing.
  11. How does that work if they've signed a contract?
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