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  1. Could the Broncos go into the schools around the area where they play and give out free tickets. Just to try and get the ground full for Thursday. Or perhaps the BARLA clubs down in dat der london
  2. I’d love Baker & Kelly to do a football show either on the radio or tv. Or even both.
  3. I think HKR will be the ones who are worrying, i just can’t see Leeds going down and their pts difference is a lot better than Rovers. Saints play London a week before the SF’s so that’s another two points to London’s total.
  4. I’d sack McNamara they have gone backwards from last year with some poor signings. Matty Smith being one of them and id guess he’s getting a decent payday.
  5. Catalans could do with a Matty Smith type player to guide them around the field, and his death defying little chips into the corner that are easily caught.
  6. Wow i suppose a lot of clubs charge those prices for sitting down, they do look expensive. I think i’ll be standing.
  7. It does look a really good stadium, well three parts of it. So for away fans it doesn’t really matter how pretty & nice the other three stands are, and perhaps for some Leeds fans as well who stand at the scoreboard end. Do Leeds allocate a seating section for away fans. I might be tempted if it wasn’t too expensive, but i could see it being £27 which isn’t cheap if there is someone like me on a poor-ish wage.
  8. Brexit was you a remain or a leave. Do you follow football who is your team if so. Are you pro or ANTI British Monarchy. Do you find Mrs Brown’s Boys funny ? If so then why ?. What type of music do you like.
  9. The only thing that i think let’s saints down at times is the tactical kicking game. The grabbers they do always bounce up nicely for the opponents, so they can make a break. Luckily last night it was only Huddersfield. They could still be playing now and they wouldn’t have scored a try, they spent more time throwing the ball into touch. I believe they had Long saying a few words before the game. I missed that bit but the people i stand with said he got a great reception. He was a brilliant RL player for Saints, as for his off the field behaviour that is a different matter. Do i wish him well in the rugger......erm no comment.
  10. I can’t believe i missed Love Island for this poor game. Don’t tell me who has been evicted, but i hope it’s Garth & Ann. Saints scored some nice tries but Fartown were poor, ###### poor. It felt like a preseason friendly, although i don’t bother wasting money on those type of games but i imagine this what it felt like. Walmsley makes a big difference when he plays, but as usual Coote was involved in everything.
  11. I believe they are going to play the 1895 cup final during HT for the main game as a bit of entertainment for the fans. The match will be played touchline to touchline.
  12. I’m looking forward to seeing Lee Gaskell he has become a really good player.
  13. Shocking when i die im going to have a DJ and he’ll have to play all Thomas Tallis tunes.
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