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  1. I could see that. Makes sense even. Except that only half the teams at all levels can survive that long. And on on a purely selfish level I'll be dead by then. Heck I'll be lucky to make to 2021
  2. Wasn't my idea - it was Dave T's above. I am pretty dubious but he seems to think it could be done so who knows?
  3. What kind of a s**t disturber are you? Coming in here trying to stir up trouble! Ban him I say, ban him!
  4. Was it yesterday or the end of the month? Just checked. The proposal went in yesterday. The final decision? Who knows.
  5. I thought hobbies were supposed to be fun. This doesnt look like much fun to me.
  6. Hard as it to believe I agree with you. I have often wondered just why Bob Hunter involved himself with TWP. Given his reputation he really could do a lot better and I doubt he drank the Argyle-flavoured KoolAid. Maybe he liked the challenge. Or was a closet RL fan all along. Given free rein I think he could have righted things but I also think Argyle was a micromanage who reserved all final decisions unto himself with ultimately disastrous results. I don't believe LiVolsi will be a hands-on owner. He will let Hunter run the show.
  7. I just hope we're the Pack and not a fox being chased by ravenous SL hounds.
  8. Thanks. I've been here so long now I'm even starting to like the food.
  9. Well I don't have Covid - sometimes I wish I did - but I hope you both recover soon with few consequences.
  10. You are essentially correct and I pretty much agree. Perhaps I shoudnt have combined the two because as you note they are two different issues. But I'm stuck in a hospital bed so what else can I do for fun but argue?
  11. I find it difficult to reconcile this with what you say to Robin next., which I pretty much agree with. But it is Argyle who is morally - and probably legally - obligated to pay his employees. LiVolsi has no obligation - they aren't his employees. Yet. But he wants them to Be and is willing to pay them and them and other legit creditors, but only under certain conditions that will also allow him to make money, which will allow him to continue to pay 'his' players, just as he does with all the employees of his other successful companies.
  12. Don't have to. Do you want TWP readmitted or not? Argyle is irrelevant. He's gone, just like his money and his reputation.
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