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  1. Season picks up sometime and continues on as if nothing has happened. Rather unlikely I think.
  2. Yes but which ones? I'm relying on those with more knowledge of the game over there to have a better idea which clubs have their financial houses in order so that they can weather the storm and who will be blown away. Oh, and no assuming that there will be gov't help. I really doubt that will be forthcoming.
  3. Say the 2020 season is cancelled entirely. Sky agrees to air games in 2021 but will not pay anyone for the cancelled 2020 games. Who will be left in 2021? I am referring to the game at the professional level. I am assuming most League1 and semi-pro Championship clubs will revert to amateur status, reorganise at that level and carry on, but how many of the current full-time pro teams will be forced to join them there and how many will be left in a reorganised Super League?
  4. According to TWP CEO Bob Hunter SL is meeting today to discuss plans for the rest of the year. Included are not having relegation should the season resume. He also said that due to travel restrictions TWP might be obliged to play all their games in the UK. He admits it is not ideal but TWP will do whatever is necessary for the survival of the game.
  5. Fill the stands up with all those cardboard cutouts MoK accused TWP of using.
  6. This would be a far more controversial topic in the main board. Much more entertaining too. And we could all use some entertaining nowadays.
  7. Median wage would be better. A couple of well-paid players (or one SBW) can really pull up the average.
  8. Perhaps but without knowing what wages are in that part of the world you really can't do a proper comparison. BUT it's certainly not enough to get talented British semipros to go full-time and definitely not enough to attract the interest of any North American lads.
  9. If such talent was indeed there then why aren't they currently playing in the UK? Could it be none there are good enough for SL and no better than the players currently employed in Championship/L1?
  10. In all the Big Four North American sports revenues are split close to 50/50 between owners and players. In the UK the closest example would be Premier League. What kind of split do they have? Do they even have a split?
  11. Moot discussion (but then what else do we have?) but not all of the current SL clubs will make it to 2021. Maybe a couple of the current clubs will be forced to merge, or will simply go broke. 2021 will bring a radical restructuring to a great deal of the sporting world where only the strongest (the richest) survive.
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