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  1. I don't think anyone in RL has enough money to get Rogers to budge on this. Besides, that's what BMO is for.
  2. My apologies then - I inferred something that you did not imply. But yes, I am a Canadian, and we find there is a lot of hostility here towards us and our team, so we can be pretty defensive. I generally agree with you - there is already a large gap in the Championship between the top teams and the bottom, and by and large the top teams are fully professional and the bottom semi-pro. I have always advocated that be the dividing point between the two leagues, and any new clubs either be slotted into the professional league or the semi-pro one, depending on their structure. But a single large league encompassing Toronto at one extreme and West Wales at the other is simply not viable.
  3. Where's the hostility coming from? But we're talking about merging the Championship and League 1 into one, and there are full-time professional teams in the former, and perhaps more "cuckoo" teams in the latter in the near future. It's like men vs. boys, and generally not very competitive.
  4. TIWIT

    Off week

    Any idea what the players do for the next couple of weeks. Do they return to England or do they stay in Toronto? Maybe bring their families over for a summer holiday?
  5. You'd still have a mixture of full-time professional teams and part-time semi-pro operations. That doesn't work so well.
  6. I have also left your post intact because, to quote you, it's complete nonsense. Super League owners have been working for years to build up Toulouse for eventual entry into their competition? Well, if they have, they've certainly managed to keep it a secret. Of course, given how unsuccessful it's been, maybe that's a good thing. You seem to think this is a fine idea to give a new club time to build itself up. Which is quite true. So why aren't you willing to cut TWP the same slack? Perhaps even more time, since they are starting out in a place with no history of rugby league and no infrastructure. The promotion of TWP into Super League will mean the replacement of an English club, which has always seemed to be your greatest fear, as you fear it will be the wedge that leads to the decline of the game in England. Well, Toulouse is just as foreign. Just much more likely to be demoted again at the end of their first season than TWP would be. I'm afraid your latest post exposes your, well, I shan't say the word, but it begins with an hy and ends with a sy. I'm sure a smart man like you can figure it out.
  7. This must've been a pretty dull place before the Wolfpack came along.
  8. Good grief man, your much touted claim from Lenegan is from over seven years ago! Ancient history as far as the game is concerned! A lot has changed since then, not the least of it being the existence of the Wolfpack and their successful expansion of the game into North America. Toulouse has had lots of chances to earn their way into Super League but their on-field performance hasn't earned them promotion and now SL suddenly desperately wants them? If I didn't know better I'd think SL is afraid of David Argyle lest he drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!
  9. You're right, it's gone. Not moved, removed. Very strange. Wonder why?
  10. Good point. And had it even been firmly established that they were going to start in League 1. Maybe those clubs, already facing an uncertain future, didn't want the added expense of coming to Canada and would prefer Ottawa start in the Championship.
  11. For the first time in FOREVER I actually agree with you. No point in starting a project when you know it's just going to lead to a dead-end.
  12. This was a very long time ago. And what was the playground is now a little open area with swings, slides etc. between the parking lot and the portables. Still paved though.
  13. Hey, when I was a kid, the yard of one of the schools we played against was just lines painted on asphalt. And this wasn't just basketball, it was also soccer and softball. Needless to say, it was quite the homefield advantage for them.
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