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  1. Yet you, however, seem to have no problem appearing parochial and insular. Because of course you are. Not to mention arrogant, convinced that all those RL media people you listen to are either scared or wrong and you and you alone are right. I believe a quote from Winston Churchill sums you up nicely: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”
  2. All threads must mention Toronto. It's a forum rule. Seriously though, what was the attendance?
  3. TIWIT

    #5 or #6?

    Tonight on the last Prime Time Sports show ever the panel were discussing Pinball Clemens return to run the Argonauts and whether he could turn that sinking ship around. The consensus was no, and they agreed that in the city's sport's hierarchy the Argos have already been eclipsed by the Wolfpack. I'm not sure the Wolfpack are quite there yet, but I can see it happening if a) they're competitive in Super League, and b) they get more TV exposure. Addendum: just watched a bit of the Argo game on now. Big, empty stadium. Announced crowd of 10,368.
  4. Has Sky released their ratings for last Saturday's game yet? Good game, perfect weather, great crowd, but the only important thing is: did anybody watch it?
  5. Rogers has the Canadian rights to Super League, but that doesn't mean they are obliged to air every game. Kind of like Sky and the Championship. Sky has the rights, but unless someone pays them to broadcast the games, they don't.
  6. Were I a casual sports fan looking for something to watch on a Saturday night and came across a listing for Super League Grand Final: Liverpool vs. Manchester I would be far more inclined to watch than Super League Grand Final: St. Helens vs. Salford.
  7. I'm surprised they didn't require TWP to continue to pay for a Championship Match of the Week as well. Or that and a League 1 game as well and then just settle for the formet as a negotiation tactic.
  8. There's not as much posting here as in the Championship forum. Toronto has more posts than the next 2 clubs - Warrington and Hull FC - combined!
  9. I find it more important to know if my speedometer is in kilometres or miles.
  10. Thanks for the reminder. I was working yesterday and didn't hear it until now - after today's show actually. You can tell Brunt is a fan, he always has been. Blair is a bit more jaded, but he's always been a bit of a curmudgeon. From what Hunter said, I got the impression TWP are on a sort of 'probation' with SL. Like, "prove you're worthy of joining us and then we'll make you a full member". Which I take to mean: bring us money. As in increasing Sky's ratings so that their TV contract will increase. If that happens then TWP will be welcomed - and get their share of the money. And it's not a coincidence that Hunter had the trophy with him in the head office of Rogers Communicatio. As an MLSE exec this would not have been an unfamiliar place to him, but showing off a trophy always opens doors. And Rogers already airs Super League, albeit on their most expensive of their 7 channels.
  11. Geez, I'm not that old. Besides, there is ample proof out there that age does not equal wisdom.
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