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  1. Given that it appears there will be few players left and an iffy stadium situation the debts are all that's left. Even the club's proud name is pretty much gone now.
  2. More fuel for the fire: According to a paper that cannot be mentioned here, after the MPG game a Fev fan - presumeably very drunk - challenged Brian McDermott to a fight. Said fan didn't like losing to a team coached by a man who flat out stated Featherstone didn't belong in Super League.
  3. Ahhh, is that concept too difficult for you to understand? Just read the whole post again slowly, you'll figure it out.
  4. Back in the days of the old 6-team NHL, those clubs had extensive amateur farm systems. Each club scouted and signed promising young hockey players to contracts and moved them to one of their junior development teams – essentially academies – who played in leagues and competed for their own national championship. When the NHL doubled in size a universal draft was instituted. But most of those junior teams and leagues continued to exist, just without the direct ownership of the NHL team. Rights fees were negotiated with the NHL so that the junior club was essentially paid for any drafted player who signed with an NHL team. Between that and the money they make from attendance and local sponsorships – the national TV deal is a pittance – junior hockey has continued to thrive. I don’t know if such a system would work in the UK. In fact I doubt it – attendance in junior hockey in Canada rivals that of the Championship/League 1 which is why I have always thought them comparable – but it’s something to look at.
  5. Nobody plays a game they've never heard of, let alone seen. Without people paying to see those games, clubs are going to go under. Without those the game will be nothing but a bunch of amateurs running around on a field for the amusement of family and friends.
  6. And 5 years ago 99.9% of the local populace didn't know rugby league existed. Now 1000s turn out for games and TWP have been all over the local media.
  7. The CFL's problems are in the 3 biggest cities however.
  8. Yet you, however, seem to have no problem appearing parochial and insular. Because of course you are. Not to mention arrogant, convinced that all those RL media people you listen to are either scared or wrong and you and you alone are right. I believe a quote from Winston Churchill sums you up nicely: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”
  9. All threads must mention Toronto. It's a forum rule. Seriously though, what was the attendance?
  10. TIWIT

    #5 or #6?

    Tonight on the last Prime Time Sports show ever the panel were discussing Pinball Clemens return to run the Argonauts and whether he could turn that sinking ship around. The consensus was no, and they agreed that in the city's sport's hierarchy the Argos have already been eclipsed by the Wolfpack. I'm not sure the Wolfpack are quite there yet, but I can see it happening if a) they're competitive in Super League, and b) they get more TV exposure. Addendum: just watched a bit of the Argo game on now. Big, empty stadium. Announced crowd of 10,368.
  11. Has Sky released their ratings for last Saturday's game yet? Good game, perfect weather, great crowd, but the only important thing is: did anybody watch it?
  12. Rogers has the Canadian rights to Super League, but that doesn't mean they are obliged to air every game. Kind of like Sky and the Championship. Sky has the rights, but unless someone pays them to broadcast the games, they don't.
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