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  1. Given that RogersSW already has the TV rights to SL wouldn't it make sense to at least do a deal to televise the games from Lamport? A 2:00 o'clock start on a Saturday afternoon as a lead in to a 4:00 Jays game would be perfect. But then this is Rogers, who are losing their shirts over that stupid $5 billion hockey deal. (posted from my Rogers LG cellphone)
  2. Bryant apparently used his constantly - it saved him an hour's commuting time each way. He's getting the full-bore presidential treatment from the media. Far more so than Trump would get. There'd be dancing in the Street in his case.
  3. Yeah, didn't think so. If it had it would render a great deal of the discussion here moot. Or maybe not. It would certainly change the tone of the discussions.
  4. Their defeat by TWP in 2018 relegated Widnes and started all their troubles. But i think its a different situation when TWP are already there and taking the place of a heartland team. Then it becomes circle-the-wagons time.
  5. Not the fans of the team who gets relegated at the end of the season (hint, it won't be Toronto). Then we'll see the true heartland mentality put to the test. Will they let one of their go down or expand? Much depends on Sky's TV money of course, but once that fundamental change has been opened up then everything is fair game. Argyle will eat these little fish alive.
  6. Typical short-sighted self-serving small-time operator looking for the rest of SL to save him from the wave of the future. Let it go.
  7. Very likely. Sky probably thinks the presence of the new kids are going to bring in increased viewership. But they are also to be partners with SL and that means ensuring their ongoing growth. They are definitely not helping out TWP right now by taking a very short term view. Almost as if they want as much as they can now and aren't really that interested in the longer-term. I.e. a new contract for 2021 and beyond
  8. No, it's Sky bashing, not Toronto bashing. I think everyone wants to see as many games as possible aired.
  9. Toronto gets none of that money. Instead TWP have a deal that they can sell the rights to televise their games - but the catch is Sky still own those rights and want TWP to pay for that. Clearly what Sky thinks those rights are worth and TWP thinks they're worth were too far apart to reach an agreement - and I'm pretty darn sure it's Sky asking far too much considering the other costs TWP would have to bear to actually produce those games and get them on the air.
  10. So basically we're f****ed because of Sky's greed. Doesnt speak well for the ongoing relationship between Super League and Sky.
  11. 'Other things' such as an equal share of the TV money? And visiting teams paying their own travel expenses? Those kind of things?
  12. Kobe Bryant, 41, his 13-year old daughter Gianna and 7 others killed in the fiery crash of his private helicopter in Calabasas, California.
  13. Nowhere near as weird as the general obsession everyone from Leigh seems to have for Toronto.
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