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  1. I merely agreed with you and you resort to insults. Real class MoK.
  2. Who have lots of other sports - and other things in general - to occupy them. Publicly squabbling with the local RU lads would accomplish little. And both groups have the same objective - getting rugby balls in the hands of kids more used to playing with baseballs and basketballs and soccer balls and footballs and hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks and tennis rackets and golf clubs... when they aren't out running and swimming and bicycling. Or increasingly just sitting at home in front of a video screen 'playing' at being an athlete.
  3. Once I would have dismissed any concerns Argyle had with local RU as irrelevant. Union here is strictly a beer league. Or rather it was. The arrival of MLR and the Toronto Arrows means they have to be taken seriously and Argyle cannot afford to alienate them. Personally I'd far sooner watch RL than RU but RU is the more established game. Even though more people would watch a single TWP game than all the ORU games combined for the week. But the Arrows have the full support and backing of MLR. Most of the time it seems Argyle is going it alone with little to no support from SL.
  4. Not enough fans going to games or buying swag. Got to try something to interest new fans or the game will die. Why is this so difficult to understand?
  5. So all the NBA players and MLS players and MLB players, not to mention the lacrosse and even RU players who come from in and around Toronto don't really exist? Be a heck of a shock to their families.
  6. Uhm, that would be a change of criteria. But your point about going round in circles stands.
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