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  1. SL or nothing. No idea what would happen if they were relegated at the end of 2021 but I suspect that's the sort of thing that is being discussed. I can see a compromise whereby if they are readmitted with no points deduction and are relegated at the end of the season, LiVolsi would accept that, but starting out with a heavy handicap that practically ensures relegation would be unacceptable. Btw, has any team ever overcome such a penalty and avoided relegation?
  2. Just think. Come Friday TWP are either in or out. If they're out, people like us will be disappointed but life will go on. But if they're readmitted, some people here will go absolutely BALLISTIC! Wherever he is, I hope Parky's heart can handle a yes.
  3. I wish. SL - and NRL - are only available over here as part of an overpriced Rogers Sportsnet channel. And it isn't available at all in my cable package.
  4. So, in theory, by Friday night, TWP will be dead, this thread will have no reason to exist and will die, and everyone can go back to discussing the games and insulting each other's hometowns. Sounds boring.
  5. I have no idea how a beaver's digestive system works, but that does create a mental image of what a Beaver Muffin might be (think cow patty) and that's a real appetite killer.
  6. Beaver Tails, Harry. No such thing as a Beaver Muffin. Beaver Tails are more of an Ottawa speciality. Would make a great name for a rugby team.
  7. Most tellingly over here is that those games are streamed on Amazon. It's the way of the future.
  8. Exactly. I don't understand why so many here don't get that. You have to actually buy the house before you spend the money to fix it up. As for Harry's idea that SL reject TWP and cover its debts collectively, if SL were going to do that they'd have done it already and made repayment a condition of anybody seeking to then buy the club.
  9. You have answered your own question. LiVolsi will pay the club's debts only if he becomes the owner. Otherwise why would he? Why is this so difficult to understand?
  10. Comcast also owns NBC that airs the NFL's Sunday Night Football, the league's most highly-rated show. All the same big happy corporate family.
  11. Well said. Trouble is, many SL owners think success is surviving another season in 9th place. They see no point in changing anything because their bar for success is set so low.
  12. Every one of his questions has been dealt with multiple times in this thread alone. While I certainly sympathize - I wouldn't want to start at Page 1 to catch up - it is pretty lazy to pop up here and expect someone to catch him up. Especially when many are already bored to tears by the same old arguments. Sorry finish. Unless someone takes pity on you, you're on your own.
  13. The NFL deals in numbers that are entirely beyond GUBRATS' comprehension.
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