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  1. I could see that. Makes sense even. Except that only half the teams at all levels can survive that long. And on on a purely selfish level I'll be dead by then. Heck I'll be lucky to make to 2021
  2. Wasn't my idea - it was Dave T's above. I am pretty dubious but he seems to think it could be done so who knows?
  3. What kind of a s**t disturber are you? Coming in here trying to stir up trouble! Ban him I say, ban him!
  4. Was it yesterday or the end of the month? Just checked. The proposal went in yesterday. The final decision? Who knows.
  5. I thought hobbies were supposed to be fun. This doesnt look like much fun to me.
  6. Hard as it to believe I agree with you. I have often wondered just why Bob Hunter involved himself with TWP. Given his reputation he really could do a lot better and I doubt he drank the Argyle-flavoured KoolAid. Maybe he liked the challenge. Or was a closet RL fan all along. Given free rein I think he could have righted things but I also think Argyle was a micromanage who reserved all final decisions unto himself with ultimately disastrous results. I don't believe LiVolsi will be a hands-on owner. He will let Hunter run the show.
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