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  1. no Miller or Penky and only 18 named.
  2. can we have a full list of signings for 2019 and it pinned to top as previous years thanks.
  3. It would be good if we could get a statement from the club regarding what players have left the club and what are injured and when expected to return.
  4. vic


  5. Referee L. Staveley Touch Judge 1 A. Williams Touch Judge 2 T. Arnold Reserve Referee A. Marsh REFEREE IS FROM BRADFORD.
  6. I thought it was Moi Moi rumbling into Town
  7. Looks like the only Hock we are getting this christmas comes in a bottle not in rugby boots.
  8. if it is a big big signing would it not be better announcing now which might create more season ticket sales and goods from pop up shop.It makes good business sense.
  9. What has happened to the announcements regarding new signings? is there going to be any ? its gone very quiet regarding this.
  10. vic

    Town website

    the town website is down why?
  11. they were on there earlier this evening just Howarth left on.
  12. they were here tonight but two names have been removed just Howarth left on so looks like he has signed back on.
  13. look on town website at players list Howarth, Mossop , and phillips listed.
  14. vic

    Town website

    good changes to website well done. Strange it shows 3 players , Howarth, Phillips, and Mossop still as town players.
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