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  1. At this point in time most pro clubs sign amateur players on terms and conditions contracts by which they cant play for their amateur club.After an agreement between the RFL and NCL that contract is been replaced by a amateur contract by which if the player is not selected by the pro club he if so wishes is free to play for his amateur club without restriction.
  2. Yes it was their going with thirteen teams in division three so every division will now have twenty four fixtures.
  3. Sad to see Salford City Roosters leave the NCL, the people I really feel for are Alfrieda and Don Kindon and of late Ken Roberts who have for years worked tireless to keep the club going.Sadly it is the players to blame we now live in a social media world where the players are linked by snap chat groups and once one player cries off others think if he cant be a***d why should I bother and before you know it you don't have enough players to travel.
  4. Remember the game now Ken and I have no doubt you will have the team sheet for the game also.
  5. Don't remember that game Kenneth but when it comes to stats your the man.Totally agree both clubs have healthy respect for each other.
  6. Watched the Oldham St Annes v Hunslet Warriors game yesterday and the Warriors kicked a forty/twenty.the referee said all though there was nothing wrong with kick he could not award it as there were no official touch judges just wondering if this as happened to any other teams?
  7. The game was played at Mount Pleasant there first home game in the NCL we played them a few weeks back a twenty minutes walk from there to the pitch less than 100 there the majority at our side of the ground.
  8. We played there a couple of weeks ago and people were still looking for parking spaces 15 minutes after kick off.how Batley meet the minimum NCL standards is beyond me.
  9. Just been browsing the NCL website and came across the disciplinary section,and it reads the last meeting was on the 11 of June 2018 is this correct?if so there must be one hell of a back log or don't they put them on their website any longer.
  10. Gateshead Storm traveled to Hunslet Warriors last week in a 17 seater minibus and brought their own after match beer with them.
  11. Marauder you are quick to go to print regarding NCL teams not turning up to play at your ground,but your record of playing away to NCL teams is not all that great either.
  12. The Warriors are playing at your place George on the 2nd of March George.
  13. Hunslet Warriors v Oulton Raiders 2.00 KO Warrior Park
  14. East Leeds were knocked out by Cockermouth Titans in a previous round
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