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  1. the need for one is pretty obvious. Seems clear the RFL are burying their heads in the sand, and waiting for Xmas to blow over and then the start of new season to take everyone's focus. It all stinks. let's admit it as a sport, own it, learn from it and move on. Sadly for the fans, I can foresee this current guise falling into the same traps as the last one
  2. decent bit in 4020 on the crisis at the bulls, and what's unfolded there.
  3. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A0593e0d7-f129-47a7-b243-ed2a675ed64b This looks pretty positive, U16s beatin England's U16s, 900 boys playing and 23 players signed to SL academies. If you put them together with the likes of Grace, Flower, Williams and Kear and a few heritage players that might pop up - in a few years Wales could be v competitive
  4. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/trailblazer-wally-the-black-flash-mcarthur-was-denied-stardom-because-he-was-indigenous/news-story/11af164d9c5f8606ab57721d921fcde6
  5. I reckon you're right. Here's a back of a fag packet group of players who could do it IMHO. Some won't because of nice salaries/family etc. Walmsley, Thompson, Makinson, Grace, Lomax, Fages, Knowles, Connor, Taylor, Shaul, Watts, Trueman, McMeeken, Garcia, Julien, McGillvary, Leeming, Watkins, Walker, Johnstone.
  6. The Mole also said they were interested in SBW. The Dogs are skint, so make of that what you will. Worth taking with a pinch of salt. I remember reading somewhere that Thompson's dad is a multi millionaire, so I guess chasing dollars is not his priority. If he did try his hand in the NRL, you'd think Nathan Brown would have had a quiet word - Same with Theo Fages who is rumoured to be on the move... Although, if I was the Dragons I'd try and get Thompson in as as a replacement for Jammer or (if convicted/banned) JDB.
  7. Seems like more of a powerplay by NRL given recent developments v RLIF. I agree it should be RLIF announced and run, but if NRL can get you on TV, sponsors etc I guess that works. NRL is recognisable, nobody has heard of RLIF! https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/arrogant-aussies-arlc-s-apathy-towards-rlif-shake-up-raises-questions-20190414-p51e0q.html They announced it on Fox, who presumably get the rights as a sop for axing the Auckland 9s.
  8. So Round 6. Sam and Bateman on 6 points in Dally M reckoning. Munster leads with 11. Dragons v Manly Widdop still out but Graham plays. Jordan Pereira who put his hand up for England has been going great on the wing. Souths v Bulldogs Sam now captain after GI retirement, twins both in as is Campbell Graham. Canberra v Brisbane All four Poms slated to play. Sutton been really impressive, still waiting for Whitehead to explode into action. Bateman and Hodgson been great. Roosters v Storm Radley fills in at 9 again, Hall expected back Rd 8. Q Cup Devils - Herbie Farnworth is second in points chart after scoring four tries and kicking goals. Next cab off the rank if Brisbane go a man down in the backs? Cutters - Alex Gerrard has been playing, Lloyd White not in this weekend - unsure why. Capras - Luke George scored just once so far this season. Bottom of the table
  9. and he had Ponga in his back pocket the week before last.
  10. Just had a look at the last couple of tests of England v France. We bang on about the Kangaroos not doing enough to expand international RL, but England are even bigger culprits. I have long been an advocate of playing the French mid-season in France. I don't think you would need the NRL guys for two reasons, 1) it makes the game more competitive, 2) it gives aspirant England players a chance to stake a claim against those Aussie players. Over the last ten years or so, here are the games v France (excluding WC, but including 2012 international series and 2009 Four Nations). 2008, France 12–66 England, Stade Jean-Bouin, Paris 7,600 2009, England 34–12 France, Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster 11,529 2010, England 60–6 France, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh 7,951 2011, France 18–32 England, Parc des Sports, Avignon 16,866 2012 England 44–6 France, Craven Park, Hull 7,173 2012 England 48–4 France, Salford City Stadium, Salford 7,921 2015 England 84–4 France, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh 8,380 2016 France 6–40 England Parc des Sports, Avignon 14,276 2018 England 44-6 France, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh 5,144 As we can see crowds (taken from Wiki - so excuse inaccuracies) and results are more respectable on the whole when played in France. Personally, if you're not going to include the English NRL players which as mentioned gives you a more even game you could hold it whenever and not in the NRL's international break. My preference would be around Bastille Day and maybe if it gains good traction you could double up and play one in England on or around St George's Day. The French get out and support their national team in whatever sport - see the Palanques interview you mentioned. France would hold their own and surely get better with this back-of-a-fag packet side I've put together. Kherillah, Yaha, Gigot, Miloudi, Escare, Fages, Albert, Navarette, Pelissier, Bousquet, Julien, Garcia, Baitieri. Interchange: Robin, Simon, Goudemand, Nzoungou. Other possible inclusions: Springer, Barthau, Belmas, Marguerite, Cardace, Dezaria, Ader, Duport.
  11. Pangai with a dog shot on Cronk last night. Think the comparisons with Taumalolo are overblown personally. JT was way ahead of him at that age and had already won a Dally M. Think Broncos are looking really shaky. Boyd looks half the player and their halves are erratic. No organisation https://twitter.com/NRLonNine/status/1113735860665573376
  12. And he goes up against Cam on Friday! Should be a cracker
  13. ROUND 2 TEAMS Brisbane v Melbourne Herbie Farnworth - at Norths Devils in Q Cup, lost last weekend. Canberra v Melbourne John Bateman - named at 13, 2 Dally M points Josh Hodgson - starts at 9, 3 Dally M points Ryan Sutton - on the bench, only did 15 mins last weekend Elliot Whitehead - starts at second row Souths v Dragons This one could get ugly!! George Burgess - still banned Sam Burgess - starts at second row after a good game v Roosters Tom Burgess - starts at prop, has had concussion Graham - starts at prop in a scratch Dragons side Widdop at No 1. McGregor under pressure to move him back to No6 Roosters v Manly Ryan Hall - still not fit Victor Radley - starts at 13 Trent Hodkinson - demoted to reserve grade Wests v Warriors Chris McQueen - named in the 21. doubt he'll play
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