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  1. For me either of the wins against Widnes last season. We were coming of a difficult Easter and loss to Fev in both results but it was the nature of how we ground out the wins against Super League standard players was excellent
  2. Rugby League season might be suspended at the moment but using online technology Harrogate York Knights have a special treat for all. A Q and A with former player Trevor Krause. With him being in the land of Aus this will take place from 11am on Saturday 18 April. Further details to follow
  3. https://www.yckstore.co.uk/souvenirs I have already purchased £21 worth of virtual pints and tries which is what I would usually spend as a season ticket holder on a match day. Its a great way to gift a virtual pint, say thanks to a mate or have a bit of fun
  4. If you are of a York persuasion you can buy your virtual pints etc from https://www.yckstore.co.uk/souvenirs we have been trying to spend where possible what we usually would on a match day as a season ticket holder
  5. I know they have a bigger budget and more committed broadcaster but why doesn't the super league have cross bar cam and corner pole cam. I know not the most of pressing matters but definitely helps referees with calls and adds to the coverage too
  6. One way i suppose is by buying merchandise where possible through the clubs. At the moment our club (York) haven't advised on any other method but would hope they would engage with fans if they were struggling. Being part-time I am hoping that we will be ok as alot of the players wont be paid playing bonuses etc and being part-time helps the burden. It wont be easy and will be only get harder the more the weeks pass by. Not sure if covered by insurance or not
  7. I certainly see it affecting the City more than the Knights with them being full time and having an academy. I imagine the City wage bill to be quite high in context especially with no gate money
  8. To be fair if contracts are of similar we should be fine. It will be interesting to see as the weeks go by how if affects but hopefully everyone is ok and NRL is still on
  9. Draw suspended according to RFL - Sensible decision to be fair
  10. Draw is on for Challenge cup tonight and if they still want it 1895 tomorrow
  11. Its a bit vague on exact amounts as they get a base rate then if they play a lump sum which is often - £200-300 per match either way if the season stops we will still have to cover the base amount which could mean temporary cash flow issues or borrowing
  12. I have based it on average pay of a part-time championship player of £5000 per year (no playing bonuses) Fordy being on £30,000 per year (cant be far off) and a bit extra to cover coaches, trainers and office staff. We rely on volunteers alot and if not playing wouldn't have match day costs such associated with stadium use, granted we wouldnt have income. Based on 23 part time players and 1 full time staff how much do you think it would be a week based on above
  13. Yeah true if the players are playing in front of crowds but if they dont play we will still have staffing costs and the outlay across a 23 man squad plus a full time coach has to be a fair amount although not as much as the full time teams out there
  14. I imagine when they invited Cineworld into the complex they would have said we need to open by x date otherwise fines etc
  15. If the season is cancelled which is could well be, how much would a weekly costs be to run the club without matches. I suppose we are in a good position that we are part time and no reserves. We have 23 part time contracted players not sure how contracts are, if its a base rate then play and tries bonuses. 2 years ago base average for a championship player was £100 per week plus bonuses. So easily £2300 maybe more We have Fordy full time who must be on approx £500 per week? We then have Chris Spurr as a part time coach and office staff. So realistically we could be looking at a base wage bill of £4000 a week. I don't know if this would be mutually adjusted as the players could work more instead of play rugby. It could be devastating for clubs otherwise. If this goes on until end of contracts in October ish. We could have a base wage bill of £120,000
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